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The Living Dynamo




40' 0" (Maximum), Variable




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No corporeal body

Purveyor of destruction



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Zzzax was the product of an accident that occurred at a Roxxon Corporation nuclear power plant when a group of heavily armed terrorists attempted to shut down the power for New York City. The explosion that their stray gunfire caused started a chain reaction in the atomic reactor, creating a psionically charged electromagnetic field of humanoid form. As the electromagnetic form grew, it incinerated those people who stood in its way, absorbing the electro-psionic fields generated by their brains, and thus acquired a human intelligence. As it began to think and become aware of its surroundings, it developed rudimentary speech and named itself Zzzax in imitation of the electrostatic "crackle" it made when it moved. As it killed more human beings, it grew more intelligent; consequently it began a campaign of murder and destruction in order to increase its intelligence further. Zzzax clashed with both the Hulk and Hawkeye. Zzzax short-circuited and its constituent field dissipated when Hawkeye shot an arrow attached to a long conducting wire through Zzzax into the East River.

The Physics of Zzzax

Zzzax was an "electromagnetic intelligence," a psionically-charged electromagnetic field which had a humanoid form and which was capable of crude human level intelligence and superhuman strength. Zzzax generally appeared as a gargantuan mass of electrical "sparks" in humanoid form. It was highly luminescent, whitish-yellow in color, and gave off the smell of ozone. Zzzax could hover or fly in the air.

Zzzax could fire extraordinarily powerful blasts of electricity. Zzzax's tremendously high voltage enabled it to incinerate matter which lied in its path. Zzzax's superhuman strength enabled him to battle the Hulk nearly to a standstill. Zzzax incinerated whole city blocks in minutes. Zzzax burned the Hulk's skin to a slight degree. At its most powerful, Zzzax was forty feet tall and carried a voltage of several hundred thousand volts that could be almost totally expended over a twenty minute period.

Zzzax subsisted by drawing all available electromagnetic fields into its own. Those electromagnetic fields housed by human brains, when absorbed, added to Zzzax's level of stored psionic energy, making it more intelligent. For an unknown reason Zzzax found this absorption of electrical/psionic energy from human brains pleasurable, and therefore undertook the murder of human beings for their psionic energy whenever possible, In absorbing this psionic energy from a human victim, Zzzax would incinerate the victim's body, Zzzax was seemingly unable to absorb psionic energy from its recurring adversary, the Hulk. However, Zzzax could take control of the electrical/psionic impulses in the Hulk's nervous system, and thereby control the activities of the Hulk's muscles.

Zzzax's own thoughts and behavior could be influenced by strong desires on the part of the human beings whose psionic energy it had consumed.

Powers and Abilities


Electricity Physiology: Zzzax is a creature of pure electricity (or to be more precise a psionically charged electromagnetic field in humanoid form). It can generate electricity (usually in the form of lightning bolts), manipulate nearby electrical fields, and fly. Zzzax absorbs electricity from the human brain to survive; this usually kills its victims, and usually gives Zzzax temporary personality traits similar to those of the person it has absorbed. Only his foe the Hulk has proven immune to this ability.

Although Zzzax is a being composed of energy, what passes as its corporeal form is able to lift matter as a normal humanoid body (as though it had hands, muscles, and a skeletal structure). Zzzax possesses the ability to lift in excess of 100 tons or more based on its level of energy it has absorbed at the time. Zzzax has nearly limitless stamina and durability due to the quasi-physical nature of its body. It is capable of hovering its body in the air, but it does not achieve a velocity any faster than that of an ordinary human of its size who was running or walking at the same speed on level ground.

When the energy that composes Zzzax's quasi-physical body is dispersed or nullified it somehow always reforms itself. Zzzax is extremely difficult to restrain or damage.


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Class 100


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