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Real Name
Zuras du Paris
Current Alias

Daughter of Athena, Lady Exodus, Black Queen



Hell's Circle; Formerly High Evolutionary

Bennet du Paris (Father,genetic donor), Azura (Mother, Genetic donor), Unknown Paternal Grandparents (Deceased), Zuras (Maternal Grandfather), Cybele (Maternal Grandmother), Deborah Ritter (Maternal Half Sister), Donald Ritter (Maternal Half Brother), Joey Elliot (Maternal Adoptive Brother), Titanian Extended Family (Maternal Family Relatives), High Evolutionary (Creator)


Base Of Operations
Hellfire Club Hollywood Mansion, Los Angeles, California; Formerly Wundagore Mountain






Unusual Features
Eyes lack pupils and glow when using powers, red skin, dark red markings beneath eyes


Marital Status

Adventurer; Formerly Street performer


Eternal/Mutant Hybrid created from the genetic material of Exodus and Azura

Place of Birth


First appearance



Quote1 A new order is on the rise and I'll be it's queen with or without the Hell's Circle. Quote2
-- Zuras du Paris

Early Life

Of those in the Hell's Circle, Zuras hardly what one could call much of a childhood. In fact, she is very much like her leader Carey in that she was created from the genetic material of Bennet du Paris, the famous mutant terrorist Exodus, and an Eternal by the name of Azura. Both of her "parents" had at some point opposed the High Evolutionary in their lifetime and due to their extraordinary levels of power the High Evolutionary obtained their DNA at some point in the hopes of creating a perfect specimen with Eternal and Mutant heritage.

But her creation took a few tries where the High Evolutionary had to destroy her a few times when flaws or imperfections showed in her development. After five tries it finally worked and for over a year Zuras was artificially aged and fed knowledge as she developed. So where she was technically supposed to only be one year old she now had the body and mind of a seven year old girl. This was the start of Zuras' long time of training and teaching to become what the High Evolutionary hoped was one of his perfect specimens. But it was clear from early on that already the young Eternal/Mutant hybrid inherited many of her mother's Eternal superhuman physiology when it came to combat training and overall athleticism.

Much of her time though was spent with Zuras teaching herself when it came to her studies academically and socially. Her natural child curiosity along with the seemingly endless resources her creator had at his disposal allowed her to learn and mature quickly over the next ten years. As she got older Zuras became an exceptional fighter and athlete and began to slowly develop into her own person, albeit not the kind of person her creator was hoping for. Once the High Evolutionary began to discover that Zuras was now venturing into the world outside Wundagore Mountain and seeking knowledge of the outside world altogether he began to realize the depth of her change.

Zuras began to have a darker, twisted personality when she reached her teen years to the point she became somewhat vain and viewed herself above certain life forms, namely the High Evolutionary's New Men and humans when realizing she had abilities they could only wish to have. With this view she even began to find remaining in the labs under the mountain were well below her. At sixteen she broke free of the High Evolutionary's watch and began her own journey to see the world, finding a quick taste for the richer things in life or anything dealing with luxury and quickly catching the eye of many men. Using her looks and powers to get what she wanted, Zuras lived a decently comfortable life but never truly stayed tied down.

Darkness finds the dark Hearted

Her activities though quickly caught the eye and attention of Carey Gallio, the recently self-proclaimed Black King. Intrigued and interested in Zuras, primarily because of her unique appearance, it wasn't long before she was approached by the man on her seventeenth birthday. She was the first one he talked to about his new Hell's Circle and asked her to join as his right hand woman, possibly even his new Black Queen to which she agreed. But their meeting brought more then a simple exchange of becoming a team and was actually an almost immediate attraction between the two.

Following her recruitment, Zuras spent the last few months helping to seek out and convince others to join their cause starting with some old foes: the X-men. But it has been this young hybrid woman who has thus far been the most instrumental in convincing the members to truly join them leading to her and Carey sharing the job with one of them pitching the idea and the other following to seal the deal.


Due to her unique genetic heritage, Zuras is a Eternal with mutant genes which has resulted in the following abilities that are physical and psionic in nature:

  • Superhuman Strength:From her Eternal heritage by that of her genetic mother, Zuras gained strength exceeding far beyond any mortal human. Her highest she can lift without any aid is 2 tons while taking her Heat Pill Variant allows her to lift 8 tons without strain.
  • Superhuman Durability:Due to her Eternal heritage Zuras is incredibly durable, with her musculature and body tissue being denser and stronger then a normal human. Unlike her mother however, Zuras is like most superhumanly durable beings in that she can withstand powerful impact forces or hits from superhumanly strong individuals with mild discomfort. Low caliber bullets and knives are also known to not affect her.
  • Superhuman Reflexes:Zuras' inherited the Eternal's superhuman reflexes where her reaction time is far beyond any human. This allows her to react to certain actions at almost blinding speeds, even high caliber gun fire if she is aware of them.
  • Superhuman Agility:From her Eternal heritage, Zuras's agility, balance, and bodily coordination are above the average human. This allows her to walk narrow ways without concern and perform complex acrobatic maneuvers that most would take years to do.
  • Psionic Vampirism:From her father, Zuras inherited being able to absorb and siphon psionic energy off beings through physical contact. This serves as her primary sustenance to being able to live while also increasing her psionic abilities.
  • Telepathic Tracking:Zuras is able to locate and track the unique brainwaves of those around her, being able to decipher if one is mutant, human, or something else based on there brainwave patterns.
  • Telepathic Information Absorption:Through mental transference, Zuras is capable of storing and processing through information at a quick pace which combined with her eidetic memory makes for an exceptional use of gathering intel.
  • Teleportation:Zuras is capable psionically of opening a dimensional rift from one place to another and transporting others along with her. In order to do an accurate teleport she must know the place in question and be able to imagine it otherwise this teleportation would be a "blind" teleport. But like that of her mother the use of this ability severely drains her and requires her to recharge.


  • Master Hand-to-Hand combatant:Under the watchful eye of the High Evolutionary, Zuras has been extensively trained in armed and unarmed combat.
  • Master Swordswoman/Spearwoman:Zuras has also been extensively trained in the use of swords and spears, showing significant enough skill to best many of the High Evolutionary's best body guards.
  • Eidetic Memory:Zuras has shown she has a photographic memory, allowing her to recall things she has seen for a short time or only studied once.

Strength level

Zuras is capable of lifting 2 tons without strain, but can enhance this to 8 tons when taking her Heat Pill Variant.


  • With the use of her teleportation, Zuras must rest after one or two teleports normally requiring a few hours before she can find the strength to teleport again.
  • As a psionic vampire, Zuras must rely on the psionic energies of victims for sustenance aside from food or water, otherwise she will begin to weaken and possibly die.
  • Zuras is also still capable of being harmed by conventional means like any normal human.



  • Heat Pill Variant:Zuras has a stash of Heat Pills modified by the High Evolutionary in which enhance her current abilities two-fold and serve as a healing and relaxing agent when Zuras is distressed and/or severely injured. Though this variant isn't addictive it does leave Zuras heavily exhausted and suffering the side effects of the Heat withdrawals.

Transportation: Her teleportation or Carey's, Hell's Circle Jeeps
Weapons: Swords,spears


  • Zuras is an offspring idea of the immortal mutant Exodus and Eternal Azura/Thena.


  • Zuras is by chance named after her late Maternal Grandfather
  • Zuras was the first member Carey approached to join his Hell's Circle team, giving her the title of his right hand woman and has considered taking the Black Queen title.
  • Chronologically, Zuras is technically the youngest of the Hell's Circle but physically and mentally is one of the oldest members.

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