The Zodiac twelve is a villainous team and enemy to the Offbeats.


Despite the name there are actually thirteen members although they encourage the myth that there are only twelve members. Draco acts as the leader but is secretly being controlled by the criminal mastermind Zhuang Shen. This fact is even kept a secret from the other eleven members. The Zodiac Twelve began when Zhuang began hiring mercenaries. He offered the large sums of money if he could experiment on them, promising them that it would give them amazing abilities that could further their careers. This along with the money, convinced them to go for it. The experiments did indeed make them stronger but also mutated them, making them more animalistic in both appearance and nature. Once it was done Zhuang suggested to Draco that he tell the others that they should team up and become super-villains and Draco agreed, but was told by Zhuang the he could not tell the others that he had told him to do so. He rounded them up and told them of "his" plan. They all agreed that it was a good plan and that with their combined might no on could possibly stop them. However the Offbeats, who had been visiting Asia after a recent Godzilla related incidence (they had decided to travel across Asia before they left) saw them attempting to rob a bank and fought them. The battle did not go well however, and the Offbeats were beaten. Angered by their loss they tracked down the Zodiac twelve and demanded a rematch. The Twelve were confident that they could beat them again and agreed. However the Offbeats had come up with a plan to split the Twelve up and beat them individually. Not being incredibly strong on their own, they got beaten senseless. Zhuang was not discouraged however and persuaded Draco to motivate the others and agreed to fund the team and give them weaponry.



  • Originally it was going to be a superhero team but the Offbeats really need a bigger rogue’s gallery, I mean seriously have you seen it?
  • Notice the order in which they're placed? It goes Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig.
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