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This unique metal-alloy was created by Sagnik and his team, while working at Scope Industries. It was noted for it's gravity negating and anti-corrosion properties as well as the strange ability to interact with astral beings.


Gravity Defiance: Zirconium X can allow the wielder to control their personal gravity with respect to their localized area for a short amount of time, allowing them to either partially or completely overcome the effects of gravity. This results in either weight reduction, which increases their speed and gives them the ability to jump longer distances or at best, outright levitation.

Anti-corrosion: Meghanto remarked by saying, "the damn thing just won't oxidize" despite being an expert on acid and acidic substances; thus proving how potent it's anti-corrosion properties are. When integrated into his suit, Sagnik remained unaffected after having acid spilled on him, as it only produces a little fumes before vanishing.

Spectral Interaction: What makes this metal unique is, this allowed Sagnik to interact with ghosts and even poltergeists and using this, he was not only able to touch them but also land blows that caused them great discomfort. Sagnik was also able to interact with Sukanya's astral form, as evident by him high-fiving her; despite her form existing in a different plane than the mortal one. As noted by one ghost, Zirconium X's property is almost magical.

Lightweight: It is stated to be about 45% the weight of steel and as such, is much lighter and does not slow down the wielder. This makes it perfect for armor and weapon construction.

Toxicity: Apparently, Cambions are extremely vulnerable to this alloy and it can cause them to experience nausea, muscle weakness and dizziness with just a minute of exposure. It is one of the few materials that can bypass their magical-resistance and pierce their dense skin. As such, it has been fashioned into a bullet form by Sagnik, in order to deal with Cambions. It can also seemingly bypass the durability of Succubi and poison them. Although, it is unknown if it would work on pure bred or high-tier demons.


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While fighting Belphegor, one of the princes of Hell, Sagnik in his Zirconium X Armor seemed to cause him way more damage than he did in his normal Spectre suit. Though, it is unconfirmed, it is possible that it maybe due to toxic nature of Zirconium X when it comes to demons.

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