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Real Name
Zarda Shelton
Current Alias
Warrior Woman

Princess Power, Claire Debussy, Power Princess, Political Princess, Amazonian Sisters (with Thundra)


Squadron Supreme; formerly the Allied Forces of Liberty and Unity (defunct): Fantastic Force
(co-founder; defunct)

Shelton Royal Family: Eunomia Shelton (mother), Thundra (half-sister); Isaac Stark (former lover; deceased), Salacia (former fling; deceased), Zor-Ran (love interest)


Base Of Operations
Mobile across Cosmopolis, New Troy; Utopia Isle, Squadron City; Squadron Satellite; Crystal Palace






Adventurer, superhero for hire, ambassador of Utopia

Centuries of study and life experience


First appearance

Modern Comics: Squadron Supreme
Vol 1 1


Quote1 Yes, this desolate and utterly-chaotic world has and will probably always be unfair... But as fate have entangled us in this grim moment, I only realized that we don't have to be like the rest of the world... To this day, we can finally make a greater difference, for a better tomorrow... Quote2
-- Warrior Woman

Early Years

Zarda Shelton was the eldest daughter of Majestrix Eunomia Shelton, a descendant of the Kree-Celestial hybrid Ouranos, making her a royal princess born from the denizens of the isolated, constitutional monarchic Utopia Island that were very peaceful and took on the name of Utopians after building what they considered a perfect society free of poverty, injustice, sexual discrimination, war, and crime. Their peaceful society lasted for thousands of years, until a young and innocent Zarda, who was in still her adolescence, realized that the very "utopian" society her forefathers have been envisioning was nothing but a hopeless illusion, when their existence was discovered and visited by the Confederate Conquerors during the late 1860s. Despite offering peace and union with their welcoming hospitality for the next two months, the Utopians failed to realize how different the rest of the world have grown and developed into a darker and far more menacing state, as the conquerors proceeded to cause an unforgettably diabolical trace on their peaceful island, inflicting everything that their society was against since the founding of Utopian Island. From stealing their most valuable resources to sexually assaulting the women and children, the Utopians knew that their existence would be all over once they get exposed to the larger world in the worst way imaginable.

As response to the Confederate's abusive treatment and invasive approach, the heartbroken Utopians decided to fight fire with fire by unleashing their carnage on the foreign colonizers as they slayed most of them with their highly-advanced weaponry, much to Zarda's horror to witness the blood and brutality of it all right before her very eyes. The Utopians shed the blood of their first enemies for the first time without an ounce of regret, as their hatred and distrust toward the outer world had emerged, slowly developing such mentality into the minds of future generation Utopians, something that Zarda feared would happen especially after seeing her younger sister Thundra as an example. The Utopians were merciless, sparing no life among the foreign travelers, despite Zarda and a few others seeing that some of them were mostly innocent and didn't even participate during the rest of their sinister comrades' act of crime, assault, thievery, and slaughter, publicly executing mostly of them at the island's capital.

A Future Divided

Seeing that his people have become no different than the diabolical outsiders due to their tyrannical response, the young Zarda was disillusioned with everything that has been taught to her by everyone she knew, seeing both her family as hypocrites after the constitutional Council of Utopia was effectively converted into the authoritative Royal Council, thus transitioning Utopian Island into absolute monarchy. Secretly inspecting each the Confederate's five sailing ships with the assistance of her servants, she discovered a few paraphernalia which caught their interest: a political map of the world, a learning book containing several languages, and a few bundle of newspapers which portrayed several events going on in the western world, both its wars and wonders, finding out that the colonizing foreigners were actually soldiers who participated in ongoing the American Wars until they found Utopia.

However, Zarda also discovered that other nations also sought to achieve freedom, liberty, peace and prosperity through more united and democratic means. Inspired by the peaceful ideals of her ancestors, Zarda discreetly educated herself with ideals that promotes equality as she grew up into early adulthood to be more morally-righteous, political, and socially-aware, something that her ancestors have always envisioned for someone as the virtuous, "perfect leader." With it, she also had herself be willingly trained by her royal guard in different forms of combat along with the use of non-lethal weaponry, a specific trait that her younger sister Thundra had looked up about her.

The Outside World

Reaching her early adulthood by the mid-1900s, Zarda tried to persistently educate Thundra on the ideals of union over and over again, only to find out how much the Utopian's first encounter with the foreigners has turned her once innocent sister into an extreme bloodthirsty and vengeful warrior that their family once hoped Zarda would grow up to be, in the face of dealing against the outside world. Unfortunately, Thundra, who was concerned that Zarda might have been disillusioned with what she's learning for the past few years, decided to tell the truth to their mother, Majestrix Eunomia. Furious by the moment she heard of her eldest daughter's "act of treachery," the Majestrix tried to imprison "for her own good" as a way of "purifying" her, seeing how ideally different Zarda was without the Royal Council's guidance and supervision.

Knowing that most of her people wouldn't understand or even acknowledge her ideals at that moment, Zarda had no other choice but to pack up her valuable assets and leave the Utopian Island through a small craft built by her people, embarking a lone journey into the unknown in order to find a way on how to "wake up the eyes" of her nation and convince them that making the idea of a harmonious unified world a better reality is a hopeful possibility, even if it is something that would take the next hundreds or thousands of years in order for it to be finally achieved. Following her voluntary exile from Utopia, Zarda faced the storms of the seas while on her vessel and rarely survived it, at the cost of losing her ship altogether which left her lost and stranded in the middle of the world's ocean. Luckily for Zarda, she was rescued by an aquatic, amphibian-like humanoid whom she and her people only knew as a sea-dweller, a mutated Atlantean who introduced herself as Salacia.

Zarda momentarily sought refuge within Salacia's breathable cave underwater for days, to the point where the two even became infatuated with one another, until Zarda realized that nothing would ever be achieved if she stayed long enough with her, thus proving her goal to be worthless to begin with. Before leaving the underwater cave, Salacia tried to let Zarda stay since the former was afraid of the surface-dwellers, only for the righteous princess to optimistically inspired the nomad Atlantean with her noble ideals and novel philosophies for a better world, words of wisdom whose Salacia would truly put into heart and mind even after Zarda had left.

Birth of a Warrior

Zarda Shelton War Armor 61712

Zarda voluntarily participates during the American Wars (1900s), wearing her people's crafted armored suit

Salacia guided Zarda to swim into a safer region in the great oceans, where the latter may find other surface dwellers, hopefully people who are just as welcoming and righteous as Zarda. Fortunate for Zarda, she was able to haul the attention of a wandering ship while lost at sea. Unfortunate for Zarda, she found herself inside a pirate ship, as a hostage of a manipulative super-powered pirate crew who called themselves the Marauders after meeting a fellow hostage by the name of Isaac Stark, who was the one who helped her defeat the enhanced pirates and use the ship to return to Stark's country, the Southwestern States of America, unbeknownst to Zarda that she was going to the very nation that was responsible for turning her world upside down. Zarda initially felt hopeless and betrayed by Stark after finding herself on the enslaving and conquering nation, only for the man to inevitably reveal his true identity as a spy and a scientist working for the American Union after hearing Zarda's ideals for peace and discovering secretive nature as a Utopian when she protected him from getting shot by the Confederate soldiers, who lately found out that Stark was a mole for the Confederacy's adversary.

Escaping back to the American Union, Zarda was recruited into the Union's military, joining the war effort to help them end the war, prevent more casualties, and restore peace, equity, and equality across the American continent, in which she felt honored and motivated into helping achieve in establishing the very united world she and her forefathers had envisioned and show her people that such idealistic goal can eventually be attained. Joining the war effort and fighting adversaries in the face of the death, the public began to refer to her costumed identity as the "Power Princess" after seeing her armored suit, though Stark and a few of her covert fellow superpowered group, the Fantastic Force, personally suggested a better, far more suiting nom de guerre due to her fierce yet compassionate demeanor, something that Zarda herself had preferred: Warrior Woman. For months, Zarda sided with the Allied Forces of Liberty and Unity not only to fight the war with honor, but to try and share her knowledge and wisdom, especially her visions of implementing peace and unity by the moment it meet its end, which she strongly hoped would be settled with a peaceful treaty and armistice. Throughout the war, the compassionate Zarda and the charismatic Isaac developed a certain romantic relationship, and despite their different views of the world on war, their differences only made them be more open and more fond with each other when they had free time to spend.

Unfortunate for Zarda and her group, she would also discover the sinister truth and self-centered nature of her own allies, especially its leaders introduced an ultimatum to unleash a launch the newly-developed nuclear missile on the Confederacy's capital city, wherein hundreds of thousands of innocent lives both of sides have been living in. Outraged by her leaders' decision to cause an unnecessary sacrifice through more death and destruction as a way to end the war, Zarda and the Fantastic Force concurred to stop the launching of the missile and show their allies a better method to settle their differences in ending the continental conflict, through far more peaceful and far less violent means. The Fantastic Force tried to execute their secret plan, right until they discovered that Isaac had been a mole for the Union leaders all along, revealing that he was also responsible for developing the nuclear missile. Taking the sting of Stark's betrayal deep into her heart, a heartbroken Zarda and the Force reluctantly tried to subdue her lover, only for the leaders themselves to arrive at the scene and overwhelm them with a unit of troops, before holding them into a cell as they proceeded with launching the missile.

Despite Stark's pleas not to do anything else for "her own good," a persistent Zarda destructively escaped from her cell and still tried to stop the fighter plane carrying the missile from taking off their base but it was too late nonetheless. However, after seeing the leaders suddenly rage in fury and revealed that it was Isaac who piloted the plane without their orders, Zarda remembered her times getting to personally know Isaac, learning his true self as a warm, goodhearted, and selfless person that genuinely seeks for a better future for both young genius ones like he was & young virtuous ones like Zarda is, only masquerading himself as a two-faced man who seemed to only care about himself. As she watched the plane reaching the highest point in the sky and far away from the cities of America, the plane detonated along with the the nuke, saving hundreds of thousands of innocent lives at cost of taking one's own.

Seeing her lover pass away before her very eyes, Zarda and her fellow comrades mourned for Stark although his sacrifice was something they greatly honored. For the next couple of months, Zarda continued fighting alongside her allies and rescuing innocent lives who were willing to emigrate to the American Union, until the war finally ended with the Union formally ceding to reclaim the sovereign territory of the Confederates as the latter legally seceded from the Union and declared itself as a sovereign state and nation (named the Confederacy of the Sovereign States). Despite her disdainful disagreements with the leaders, Zarda knew it was a better solution than having to not achieve any form of peace at all, still hopeful and persistent that freedom for the people living under oppression will someday be a "utopian reality," with her and other people's effort and perseverance.

Outliving the Wars

The loss of Isaac Stark at the end of the American Wars has left Zarda emotionally dejected and guilt-stricken, but she vowed to protect humanity on the most populous parts of the globe whenever she was needed, albeit in a vigilant way. Living in the mostly democratic albeit imperfect American Union and travelling across the globe throughout most of the 20th century, Zarda became a lawyer, an explorer, and a politician in her extended lifetime as a civilian by many names, though the most memorable and recent one being Claire Debussy.

Reunion of a Lifetime

As Debussy, Zarda explored almost every depth and width of the globe, from its greatest wonders to its worst nightmares, immersing herself in different cultures as she kept the spark of hope and peace within her mind and soul meeting various people, no matter how welcoming or hostile or they may seem at first glance. However, Zarda's optimistic ideals and honorable mentality would be challenged by the 1980s, when she traveled to a civilized archipelago near the Southwestern States of America, meeting a ruthless matriarchal extremist society called Femizonia. On that day, Zarda would unexpectedly find herself reuniting with a person she had never seen for centuries: her younger sister, Thundra, now grown up, in which she reveals herself as the national leader of the Femizons.

Hoping for a reunion with her younger sister, Thundra instead bitterly challenged the very person she once looked up to. Since after Zarda left, Thundra rebelled against their family after discovering her true progeny as a hybrid, by escaping Utopia in pursuit of trying to follow and find her older sister, only to end up alone as she handled many trials on her own with just her mind and bare hands, facing countless threats not even an ordinary man or woman could handle without any weaponry. In this reunion, Zarda discovered the true nature of her younger half-sister was revealed to be a hybrid of many different alien races, genetically-engineered by her mother and a "genius foreigner" so she could become the ultimate Utopian as its greatest of evolution in the newest generation of the Utopian people.

Too bad for Thundra, Zarda was more supportive of knowing the truth about her sister rather than be jealous or retaliative of her, and despite how much she released her burst of hatred and dejection using her powerful fists, Zarda never bothered fighting back since she knew how her sister felt being betrayed, and being lied to speaking from her experience as Warrior Woman. Zarda tried to encourage Thundra into embracing her nature, the only downside was that Thundra's rebellious, ruthless, and self-centered mentality has what led to her founding the Femizonian society in the first place. The fact that her ideology contrasts Zarda's has only worsen the crevices in their relationship, creating a reluctant rivalry between the Utopian sisters which would last for years to come.

Living the Present

To be added.

Squadron Supreme

For the very first time, the now publicized team known as the Squadron Supreme has officially comprised the immigrated Eternal Hyperion, the "Amazonian" sisters Zarda herself & her younger sister Thundra, the speedster The Blur, the space-enforcer Doctor Spectrum, and their newest member, the secretive vigilante but beloved hero Nighthawk. Just as the superheroes' never-ending journey continues from time to time throughout the next five to seven years, more and more threats have sensed their presence at the same time besides enemies of the state, including the likes of the Shi'ar Emperor Vulcan, the infamously traumatizing clown-disguised entity known as Pennywise, the secretly-unhinged Canadian Republic-sponsored organization called the Alpha Flight, and the evil organization which oppositely mirrors the heroes' deeds, calling themselves as the Squadron Sinister.

Powers and Abilities


Utopian Physiology: Zarda is a Utopian, meaning that she and her people naturally possesses superior genetic stock compared to the rest of humanity due to Kree genetic engineering on their forefathers. This, combined with unique methods of physical and mental training, gave Zarda physical capabilities at a superhuman level.

  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Speed
  • Superhuman Durability
  • Superhuman Stamina
  • Superhuman Agility
  • Superhuman Reflexes
  • Enhanced Senses
  • Life-Force Absorption
    • Extended Longevity
    • Regenerative Healing Factor
  • Telepathic Resistance
  • Flight


  • Genius Level Intellect
  • Political Science
  • Master Combatant
  • Multilingual
Power Grid [1]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills
* Once empowered into greater levels

Strength level

Class 198+


None known.



  • Utopian Warrior's Armor
    • Arctic Vibranium Bracelets
    • Adamantium Bracelets (formerly)
  • Utopian Armored Suit (formerly)


  • Various possessed vehicles


  • Transparent Shield
  • Various Utopian weaponry


  • No special notes.
  1. Modern Comics: Squadron Journey Vol 1 2


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