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( He's meant to be stupidly , ridiculously OP on purpose )

Zach is the son of Michael Anderson & Andrea Anderson. Zach comes from the version of Marvel that was the " All of fiction and Reality " as it's Universe , and was relatively meta-fictional in nature  . The Kid lived with his father in the suburbs. He supposedly wasn't well known and was quite the clam up when it came to school, preferably hiding in the cafeteria , bleachers, and stuff because of his lake of capability to speak with anyone else. Mutants in this world as well were very much hated and despised . So, when the child's psychic abilities showed up, he was immediately asked not to ever attempt to come back to school. In-fact, Cerebro broke down due to a psychic cry from the child, prompting this world's version of Charles Xavier & their Mutant Professor to try to see what was going on.

They found out the child was too powerful for their world, and could manipulate it on a whim just by merely crying, which nearly destroyed the entire Omniverse. At this, they decided to heavily restrict the usage of his powers, but they were still reading as capable of destroying everything in a instant if triggered . To compare, they did a test. They got data from the entire Omniverse combined [which was all fiction and reality in this Universe] , and made a basically Composite Fictional Character and compared it to the child with all these seals put in place. The Child was insurmountablystonger, that they confirmed even a microbe of his current sealed state was enough to be infinitely above this thing.

After a lot of thing, Zach Anderson was sent to another Universe to be dealt with there. They also sent the father, who along with the teddy bear was the only way to calm the child if he ever got unnecessarily angry . So, the too were sent off to another variation of the Marvel Universe, hoping that they would be accepted there.

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