Young Hearts Spark Fire
Season 3, Episode 9
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Airdate 9/1/2018
Written by Bridgetterocks
Directed by Bridgetterocks
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This chapter belongs to Marvel's Young Avengers's Season Three "The Second Coming" Arc

Young Hearts Spark Fire is the ninth episode of Marvel's Young Avengers' Season Three and the twenty-ninth episode overall.


Previously on Marvel's Young Avengers

As the fight took place, a wave of cosmic energy hit the ship, destabilizing it for a second. Kasius, Kate Bishop and the crates around them were pushed against the wall.

Suddenly, the room was covered in light as a figure flew inside the room.

-LEAVE MY FRIENDS ALONE!- The flying individual screamed, firing fire at Kasius as he disintegrated.

Looking up, she saw Wiccan sporting a different outfit with fiery wings behind him.

-Billy?- She scrunched her face, as the rest of the Young Avengers appeared in the balcony.

-Cool, isn’t it?- He smiled, flying around the fight pit.

-Let’s get the hell out of here.- Noh-Varr muttered.

-I can help with that.- Wiccan smirked and teleported them back to Earth without the need to verbalize his wishes.

-I’m serious, guys. I’m fine.- Wiccan insisted, as Prodigy did some research on the possible explanations for what had happened to Billy.

-You didn’t see yourself back in Kasius’ ship. You didn’t look like yourself.- Hulkling replied.

-Any idea what happened?- Kate asked David, standing behind him as his fingers moved rapidly through his tablet’s screen.

-I would hypothesize we were hit by cosmic energy. All of us. However, it only seemingly affected Billy.-

-Are you sure?- Speed inquired.

-As Christopher Bullock said in 1716, “’tis impossible to be sure of anything but death and taxes”.-

-Wasn’t that Ben Franklin?- Kate wondered.

-Yes, but that was in 1789. His letter was not the origin of the phrase.-

-Can we please… Focus?- Dorrek pleaded.

-Sorry.- Prodigy nodded and looked at Tommy. -To answer your question, I am quite certain. We have not gained or lost any abilities, our physical appearance was unchanged… I would have to run deeper genetic analysis to confirm it, but I lack the equipment to do so.-

-Has there been any case like this before?- Stature asked, sitting on the couch besides Alleyne. -I’ve heard about powers due to exposure to Pym Particles, like my dad and I.-

-You mean if Billy is the first one to be altered by cosmic energy? Absolutely not. The Fantastic Four themselves earned their powers this way.-

-Thank you for having us, Dr. Richards.- Kate smiled, as Mr. Fantastic led the teenagers through his lab.

-You can call me Reed.- The scientist smiled back. -So tell me, what is the matter?-

-We believe we were hit by cosmic energy. However, only Billy here has displayed any sort of abilities.-

-I told you guys, I’m fine.- Wiccan insisted.

-How long after exposure did these powers manifest?- Mr. Fantastic asked, moving a scanner in front of Billy, who sat on a stretcher.

-Immediately.- The teenage mutant replied.

-Oh… Wow. I have never seen readings like this.-

-What is it?- Hulkling asked nervously.

-The cosmic energy… It appears as if it is residing inside him. But not as spread energy. As a whole different entity.-

-The Phoenix Force…- Prodigy whispered.

-Hmm?- Reed turned at David.

-Professor X told us about it. An immortal, indestructible and mutable cosmic entity. And he told us Billy was a suitable host.-

-Of course.- Mr. Fantastic nodded, turning to one of his computers. -The readings are compatible with a cosmic entity using him as a host.-

-And that’s why none of us was affected by it.- Speed figured out.

-Although cosmic energy is my area of expertise, I have never encountered a being cosmic in nature. You probably should ask Professor Xavier for guidance.-

-I don’t need guidance! I told you over and over again that I am fine!- Wiccan yelled as he started hovering.

-Billy…- Teddy said, reaching out to his boyfriend.

-Ya better calm down, we already got a flamin’ hothead over there.- Thing said, walking inside the lab.

-That’s me.- The Human Torch flew inside, followed by the Invisible Woman.

-Please, calm down.- Kate muttered, as Noh-Varr put his hands on the Nega-Bands.

-You want to attack me?- He turned to the Kree, smirking.

-I don’t… But I will if I have to.-

-Good. Then here’s a reason.- Extending his right arm, the Phoenix Force host fired an electric blast at Marvel Boy, but Susan Storm cast a force field around the Young Avengers.

-Kid, stand down!- Thing ordered.

-Let’s fight fire with fire, then. Flame on!- Johnny flew towards Billy and blasted a fire stream at the mutant, who was unaffected by it. -Oops, that wasn’t a good idea.- Using telekinesis, Kaplan pushed him against the ceiling and then slammed him back into the ground, making him flame off.

-I do hate the kid sometimes, but no one messes with him, but me.- Thing started running towards Phoenix. -It’s clobberin’ time!- He screamed, leaping ready to punch him. However, he was stopped midair and pushed back out of the lab.

-STOP!- The Invisible Woman created a force field around the mutant, trying to drown his fiery powers.

-You really think cosmic fire needs oxygen, Susan?- William chuckled.

-Well then, I guess I must make a rougher move.- She replied, pushing him against the wall using the same force field she had previously created.

Easily breaking free from the restraint, Phoenix used Wiccan’s powers to create a force field of his own around the Fantastic Four member. Soon, it became harder for Sue to breathe.

-You’re killing her!- Kate exclaimed, reaching out for her bow reluctantly.

Mr. Fantastic tried to stretch towards his wife but the Phoenix held him against the ground, unable to move.

-Billy, stop!- Teddy pleaded, and Wiccan did so. -Understand that we are concerned about you.- He looked into his boyfriend’s eyes. -We are your friends, Billy.-

The mutant closed his eyes, as he lowered himself until he was sitting back on the stretcher. -I… I’m sorry. I don’t know what got into me…- Then, he looked at the injured Fantastic Four and started crying. -D…Did I do that?-

-I’m afraid so…- Prodigy muttered.

Tears started rolling down Wiccan’s cheeks, as he pleaded for forgiveness. -I’m so so sorry… I… I didn’t mean to do that…-

-It’s okay, Billy.- Dr. Richards reassured him. -We are alright. But you are not and I know you are aware of that.-

Kaplan nodded, ashamed of his actions.

-That’s why we need to see the Professor. He has experience with both the Phoenix Force and mutants.- Stature explained.

-I… I understand.- Billy nodded.



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