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The Next Morning

Today was a weekend, so Aaron took it upon himself to get the papers signed now. When he arrived at his uncle's mansion, he didn't expect Alice to be there, greeting him.

Aaron: Alice? What's up?

Alice: Mr. Cormack himself called me and invited me over. He said you were coming over and you wanted to discuss something with the rest of us?

Aaron: Huh. Oh, right. I called him after the evacuation last night. Glad he got a hold of you.

Alice: I see. Shall we then?

Aaron: Let's. He led her into the mansion, the door already unlocked since Mr. Cormack had been expecting them. They entered, seeing that Mr. Cormack was relaxing on the couch and drinking coffee as he watched the news. Morning, Uncle Shane. The school notified you two days ago, I assume.

Mr. Cormack: I know. I'm sorry for your loss, Aaron. Azura was such a sweet girl.

Alice: I didn't know her that well, but she seemed like a great person. Totally would've dated her if she let me...

Aaron: Wait, you're bi?

Alice: Yeah. I like boys a little more, but I wouldn't mind dating a cute girl.

Aaron: Good to know? Anyways, I need to get the papers signed. He handed the papers to Mr. Cormack with a pen for him to sign before going to the kitchen to get coffee. Anyways, about that thing I need to tell you about. It's about Azura.

Alice: What about her?

Aaron: She's not... dead? Alice looked at him in disbelief.

Alice: I get that you're grieving, but... really?

Aaron: No, I'm dead serious. He tapped his necklace and Azura's ghost appeared next to him, visible only to Mr. Cormack and Alice. See?

Alice: Oh my goodness... Is that really her?

Azura: Yep. She spoke through Aaron, with her own voice and his echoing it behind. Aaron then proceeded to explain that Azura's body was dead, but he had preserved her soul. By keeping her body at home, Azura can continue to live independent of him, unless he needed to transform. When Alice asked about the transforming part, he explained he was the vigilante Ignition, though he was thinking of a new name since his new form was very different from how it was previously. Mr. Cormack, being a family friend, had known about this already. He had signed the papers and returned them to Aaron, who thanked him.

Alice: This is... so sudden... Top secret stuff, huh?

Aaron: Tell no one and we're good.

Alice: Will do. Since we're here already and Mr. Cormack has given his employees today off... why don't we head out?

Aaron: Like... a date?

Alice: If you want it to be~

Aaron: ...Sure. His eyes widened a bit, but he smiled and accepted.

Mr. Cormack: No funny business, you two.

Alice: Yes sir!

Aaron: I know, I know. First dates escalating that quickly don't end well, after all.

Alice: How would you know?

Aaron: ...don't worry about it. With that, the two left the mansion and went to the mall to hang out and go shopping. *Look, it's that shopping date you wanted with Alice.*

Azura: *H-hush you!* Aaron chuckled out loud, but stuck with Alice throughout the day.

Later that Day...

Fugaku had been hanging out with Lilly for quite a while now, he sensed a growing urge to be with her more. What it was he didn't know, but it was a weekend so he decided to just wander around town...maybe he'd go shopping. He opened his phone and texted Lilly to see if she was free

Fugaku: Lilly??

Lilly: Yea?

Fugaku: Hey look, it's the weekend so...wanna do something??

Lilly: Are you asking me out??

Fugaku: I...uh...yes?

Lilly: oh..well i am free

Fugaku: Shopping? Maybe we could see a movie

Lilly: Wait are you asking me out on a date?

Fugaku: .....yes?

Lilly: Sure! i'll go out with you

Fugaku: Cool, meet you at the mall ok?

Lilly: Sure, see you at 14:00?

Fugaku: That's fine i can do 14:00

Lilly: See you there! *waves good-bye*

Fugaku: Am i Falling for her? Fugaku clears his throat and get dressed to go out, when his brother and father asked he had to say

Fugaku: I'm going out with Lilly

Rasa: One the Demons?

Andrew: She's part Asguardian dad

Rasa: Oh, that i did not back by 6

Fugaku nods and leaves the house, by the time he arrives at the mall it was already 14:00. There he found Lilly hanging out in a Levies store.

Fugaku: Hey Lilly

Lilly: Oh hey Ninja boy. What's up

Fugaku: Ah, nothing much to be honest. Ready to start our date?

Lilly: Hon, it started when we texted

Fugaku: That's true.

At Aaron's Apartment

By the time Fugaku and Lilly had arrived, Aaron and Alice had already gone back to the former's house. Aaron made sure to lock the doors before heading to Azura's room, showing her the body.

Aaron: Time to wake her up. Azura's soul left Aaron's necklace and returned to her body. She woke up with a yawn, then snapped her neck back into place.

Azura: Ah... Better. Had a feeling something was out of place.

Aaron: And your bones?

Azura: They'll repair soon enough. A faint cracking noise could be heard as her body repaired itself.

Alice: This is crazy...

Aaron: Yes, yes it is.

Azura: I'm gonna go take a shower. I smell like a rotting corpse... She started taking her clothes off, so Aaron left the room.

Alice: Right. I think I'm gonna join you.

Azura: Wait, what?!

Alice: It's fine, we're both girls~

Aaron: She's bi, just accept it! He was playing Deity of Mayhem on his FunConsole 12 from the living room. And so, the two girls took a shower. Noises were heard, but drowned out by the game. Aaron ignored what was happening, leaving some towels and two pairs of pajamas for the girls outside the bathroom door in a basket before returning to his game.

Later on that day at Night

Reports of demons terrorising the streets were up again, a lot of buildings needed evacuation. Lilly, Fugaku, Andrew and hell even Rasa was out tonight. Even Kane was out tonight dealing with the amount of Demons on the street.

Lilly and Fugaku were working together side by side, killing demons left and right. Then one demon managed the courage to stand up to them

Demon: i'm a senior Lieutenant, and i say it's time to put a stop to BOTH of you.

Fugaku/Lilly: Just try it monster! Lilly fired off a few shots with the STG and Fugaku made his shadow Scythe. The demon avoided the blows from the Stg but was hurt by the scythe, it roared and punched Fugaku hard as he fell to the ground

Lilly: NOOO!! Lilly gritted her teeth as she grabbed the demons sword with 1 hand with ease, she was filled with rage. She squeezed her hand and broke the blade into pieces

Demon: W-what?!

Lilly: Don't you EVER! HURT HIM! She then stabbed the Demon with a piece of his own blade and slit his throat and killed him. She ran over to Fugaku who coughed and used the shadows to heal

Fugaku: You know...normally an Injury like that would cause a normal person to be bed-ridden for ever. But thanks to my Shadow Magic...i'll be fine..Lill- Fugaku was silenced as Lilly embraced him in a hug, her blonde hair on his shoulder. Fugaku didn't know what to do except to return it as he heard Lilly whisper

Lilly: Don't you ever...scare me like that.

Fugaku: I won't...i'm your Guardian angle after all aren't I? Fugaku stood up and Lilly by his side, together they fought off the demons whilst Rasa and Andrew along with Kane were dealing with a Huge abomination. The Pair then regrouped with them and charged in to help

Fugaku/Rasa/Andrew/Lilly/Kane: GO BACK TO HELL MONSTER! Before they could attack, a beam of red and blue light split the demon in half. The light faded away to reveal Ignition in his evolved Nephalem form (the half-and-half form he acquired in the last issue). As the demon dissolved into particles, he sheathed his swords on his back as the particles collected on his back, forming a demonic backpack with mechanical wings of some kind.

Ignition: What weapon is this? He held out his hands, and the mechanical wings folded outwards and deployed a pin-like blade of energy in each hand. Hm. Cool. He threw the blades behind him, impaling two demons in the face before spinning around and launching dozens of the energy pins. After a while, each demon had been impaled with at least one of these blades, with Ignition facing the group. He clenched his fist, thumb up. When he clicked his thumb to the fist like he was detonating a bomb, all of the energy blades exploded and obliterated the demons. Another hulking behemoth tried to attack him from behind, but he turned around and jumped off its fist. First I whip it out! Another pair of energy blades spawned in his hands, which then tripled in each fist. Then I thrust it! He threw the blades at the demon that attacked, stabbing more and more blades along its arm and into its eye. With each stab came another word. With! Great! Force!! Every angle...! As the demon roared, Ignition jumped off its face and threw several more blades at its torso. It penetrates! Until...! With great strength! I... ram it in!!! As he said this, he landed on the ground and boosted towards the demon, tackling it to the ground while simultaneously impaling it with multiple swords before jumping back off and landing on the ground. And in the end, we are all satisfied... He threw one more sword into the demon's skull before clapping his hands and detonating every blade that wasn't in its face, leaving just the skull on the ground, still barely alive. And you are set free... He proceeded to mimic pressing a detonator with his hand again as the skull then exploded into gory demon bits. In the ensuing blood rain, Ignition teleported away with a chuckle.

Kane: Tch show off....Kane straightened himself up as he cast a glace towards Lilly who had her arms around Fugaku in a hug, now naturally Kane would just break it off and told him to f--k off but........

Ninja boy, a word. Fugaku came towards Kane and looked him right in the eye

Fugaku: Yeah?

Kane: Now usually when i see someone l=touch let alone hug my sister i beat em're an exception...but promise me, you'll keep her safe, make her happy and don't ever hurt her because if you do i swear i will kill you!

Fugaku: Noted.

The next day at school

Fugaku and Lilly had become a couple, after yesterday's mission Lilly was more closer to Fugaku than ever before.

Lilly: You know, presentations are next week

Fugaku: Yeah i know. Aaron hasn't been around yet. Can't blame him

Lilly: poor kid..hey maybe we'll go give our condolences to him after this? I mean he's in today, i saw him hanging out in the library again.

Fugaku: Its a start.....babe

Lilly: D..did you just call me...what i think you just did

Fugaku: Well yeah, hey even Kane gave thumbs up

Lilly: No way...

Fugaku: Yes way. Lilly and Fugaku hugged it out and Lilly kissed his cheek and he returned it making her blush even more. You are of course, my little devil

Lilly: I little angle.

Fugaku: C'mon let's go find Aaron and talk to him.

Lilly: Sure! Let's make sure we corner him first so he doesn't run away.

Fugaku: hey, if he does i'll just talk to him in History class again. And with that, they set off to find Aaron in hopes of sending their condolences. They asked around all over the place, but it turns out Aaron had left early. He only attended AP Computer Sciences that day, but he apparently left during the break. Where he had gone after leaving AP Comp Sci was to the graveyard, where his parents' graves were. Another tombstone lay next to them, bearing Azura's name. There was no body in this last grave, as he had kept Azura's body himself so she could live independent of him at home. He claimed that she had wanted to keep her coffin and body at home until Aaron had also died in the event that her life be prematurely ended.

Aaron: Mom, Dad. It's been a while. I uh... hope you're not mad. Azura's gravestone may be next to yours, but she's still with me. Seems your old nemesis is up and at 'em again. I'm sorry. I really am. I should've protected Azura better, but he caught us off guard, and it... Tear drops fell on the ground as he crouched and left 5 bouquets in front of the graves, three on the one marked "Hunter Kasai" and one for his mother and sister. It was so sudden... It was very last-minute, but I preserved her soul. I probably shouldn't have, but... Dad, your friends are gone too. They just... vanished. They left us a few going-away presents, so... bless their souls. Wherever they are, bless them. Really. I know you mentioned you were close to God, Dad. I think... I'm getting close to Him too. He claims his name to be Shin, but I can't exactly question God, now can I? Tears kept streaming down his face as Azura's soul pat his shoulder gently. A-anyways... God's blessed me, and He's blessed Azura's soul. I'm... glad. Religion wasn't my strong suit, but I can see why you stuck with it. God is merciful, alright. But... I feel like I've made a deal with the devil more than I feel blessed. Might just be my paranoia, but I don't know... He put his hands together and prayed for his parents before sitting there, tired and emotionless. The wind was cool, and perfect for the hot summer day. He took off his hoodie-blazer combo and folded it up neatly before setting it down in his lap.

Shin: Hello again, Aaron. A man dressed in a silver suit holding a cane and briefcase approached.

Aaron: Did you hear all that?

Shin: I did. I can assure you, there are no tricks in my gifts for you. *Although you claim I am God, I cannot masquerade as such a divine being. I am far from the merciful leader He is, but I understand the need to disguise your words.* He communicated his next two sentences as a telepathic message.

Aaron: Yeah... Very few people I can trust right now. I know Fugaku is that weird, demon-hunting Shinobi. Why doesn't he just use the word "Ninja." It's literally the same thing and makes you sound less of a weeb. He's part-Japanese, but still can't get over that show? Seriously? Ugh... some people never do grow up...

Shin: Well, speaking of gifts. He set the briefcase down next to Aaron. I have the rest, as I promised.

Aaron: How did you fit all of them into that tiny package?

Shin: Kraut Space Magic.

Aaron: *Is that your way of saying pocket dimensions?* He sent the telepathic message as he looked at the case. It had a 3-number combination lock on it, in addition to the standard two latches. It was surprisingly thin, about 16 inches in length, 12 inches in width, and 4 inches in diameter. What's the combination?

Shin: *For now, this is all I have to give. I should also mention that I can protect your mind from unwanted mental probing and linking at any time. Should prove handy in worst-case scenarios. I will return at a later time when I can.* What's your favorite phrase to say when you finish an enemy off in a video game? Before Aaron could turn to give him a puzzled face, he was already gone.

Aaron: Jackpot? But this is a number lock, not a word lock... Aaron got up and put his jacket back on, sighing as he took the case home to check its contents. He thought about the word "jackpot" and what it entailed, so he tried inputting the number "7" thrice. He flipped the latches up and opened the case without resistance. Oh. That. Can people not be vague? At all? That's the one complaint I don't have for that Shinobi f--ker.

Azura: What's in the case? She left her room in her underwear, which was covered by an oversized sweater she bought before her "death."

Aaron: First, put on some shorts or something. This case is Shin's other present: my new weapons. He took our previous weapons and reformatted them into a new form, apparently. Inside the case were several crystals, not weapons. One glowed with an electric yellow. Another was pale blue with frost wafting off of it. Yet another was striped black and white, with the two swirling into grey at the crystal's center. The ice demon, lightning demon, and shadow-light demon. We didn't get anything else, did we?

Azura: There should be a fire demon and stone demon somewhere in the mix. She pointed to a crystal with swirling flames inside it, then to a rutilated quartz crystal. Yeah, there they are.

Aaron: Guess I just test it out, huh?

Azura: How do you even use those?

Aaron: Crush them? He grabbed the fire crystal, got up, and crushed the crystal in his bare hands. The fire contained within swirled about and transformed into a pair of swords with ornate hilts, forward handguards, and segmented blades. I remember this being a pair of scimitars, or something...

Azura: Don't test that in the house.

Aaron: I won't. He crossed the swords in front of him, allowing his necklace to absorb the weapons into its pocket dimension. What's next... He grabbed the swirled crystal and crushed it by punching his fist into the palm holding the crystal, generating the same gauntlets and armored boots that he had worn previously when he first acquired the weapon, though it sported a more mechanical appearance. Ah, these. Should use them against Fugaku.

Azura: Oh yeah, he admitted to being that. Still, why did you tear out your eye...?

Aaron: To keep up the illusion that Ignition and I are separate entities.

Azura: Better change your personality in that form while you're at it. He still has that nagging suspicion, and he's waiting for you to slip up to confirm. Aaron crushed the freezing crystal, creating a spear with a ring underneath the spear blade akin to that of a circular handguard for a sword.

Aaron: This is certainly a far cry from its previous form. He spun the spear around before it disappeared into his pocket dimension with the gauntlets and boots. Following that, he grabbed the lightning crystal and crushed it, generating a pair of smaller scythes with jagged blades similar to a lightning bolt.

Azura: Ooh, it got split in half. He grabbed the last crystal and crushed as the scythes disappeared into the pocket dimension. The crystal shattered to bring out a large battle axe with a design reminiscent of rock formations.

Aaron: This one was pretty close to what I had before. I guess he just updated some of the designs. I'll have to test these out in a fight eventually. The axe disappeared into his pocket dimension before the case itself turned to dust. Dammit... I'll go clean it up. You need to put on pants. Or shorts, at the very least. Stop walking around in your underwear and jacket. Makes me feel uncomfortable...

Azura: How did you know?

Aaron: That jacket isn't as big as you thought it was. They grew again. He began sweeping the dust off of the couch as Azura looked down. Her bust had indeed increased in size, and she could see her whole legs from underneath the jacket. It still covered her underwear, but it was noticeable that she had no shorts on.

Azura: P-perv...

Aaron: You should've chosen a longer jacket. He was emptying the dustpan into the kitchen trashcan. I'll go on another shopping date with Alice so we can get you bigger jackets. She can come over after school and remeasure you or something before we go out for that date. Azura went back to her room to put on some pajama pants and replaced her jacket with a tank top before sitting at her computer to play some games while Aaron cleaned up the dust from the briefcase's self destruct.

2 days later

Trey Creel was out and about, skateboarding around L.A. with other skaters down the streets. They were passing civilians and cars, even skating on the grass down into an under the bridge skate-park. After hours of riding, Trey went to the market to get some food to eat. That was when he saw a girl and punched her in the face out of anger. He then kept riding his skate-board all day until he got tired and went home. Trey went into his backyard place.

Trey: Hm, I wonder if- He suddenly saw a falcon and got attack, trying to swat it away. Ah crap!! He then notices a FLOCK of falcons coming for him. So he punches the first one away then powers up, yelling, as cosmic energy surges around him. Winds in the neighborhood begin to accelerate due to him powering up and the falcons begin to fly out of control and hit the wall of the houses. But Trey doesn't stop powering up and cosmic energy surges more and more. The winds get faster and faster as hurricane winds start building up around the city and chaos ensues on the streets. The buildings start to shatter and fall apart as Trey continues powering up. His body surges with lightning now, and he points one hand at the sky, launching an electric rocket into the sky. It explodes causing the sky to rip open into a thunderstorm powered by the cosmos. Trey stops powering up and breathes heavily as he collapses not knowing what he just did. He just created an infinite thunderstorm due to the control of the Phoenix Force. He doesn't know of a way to stop it. He needs help. From other heroes. He hits the ground, falling into a deep sleep.

Aaron shows up and stares at the infinite thunderstorm, then gets out his phone. He holds up to his ear even though he didn't dial a number to call.

Aaron: Shin, you there?

Shin: I'm assuming you want help with the thunderstorm.

Aaron: Yes please. He can hear some wind and thunder in the background before a new voice speaks to him.

Vento: Hello, Vento here! You called about a thunderstorm?

Aaron: Yeah... there's one in my general location, can you safely remove it?

Vento: One sec! A cyan flash appeared by the storm before a green and silver-black streak passed cleanly through said storm. The streak then circled the thunderstorm and contained it into an orb of green and silver-black, which shrunk down as the streak disappeared in another cyan flash. Done! I'm sure all of that storm's energy should be plenty compensation.

Aaron: That... was a thing. Thanks. He hung up and helped Trey to a nearby coffee shop, where he jolts him with a little bit of lightning magic to see if he'd wake up.

Trey: What the hell! Suddenly the infinite thunderstorm starts up again. Dude! W-Wait, I don't feel so good... ;-; He starts to fade away into the cosmos for a little trip and every time the storm is stopped, it starts up again.


Fugaku was meditating when he heard the storm start up again, and what timing too....tomorrow was his 18th Birthday, his trials would start soon. However it was very chaotic, and from what he sensed...cosmic based. This couldn't be the work of the Shinto, they like him were mystic. Fugaku suited up and met with his father and brother along with several other Shinobi who were near the area.

Rasa: Fugaku! Go and get Lilly, you two go and evacuate buildings and help civilians, Andrew you and the other Shinobi will go and find the cause of this. I'll follow. Fugaku used his shadow-walk to Lilly's place and found that it had been struck by the lightning. Fugaku was now very worried, as he rushed in he saw Lilly trapped under rubble.

Fugaku: LILLY! Hold on dearest i'll get you out! Fugaku touched the wood and it melted into shadow, he carried her and warped outside laying her body down and checking for a pulse which was thankfully there.

Lilly: Fugaku? that you

Fugaku: Yeah, god Lilly you scared me

Lilly: FUGAKU LOOK OUT!! Fugaku turned and saw a massive truck headed for thembut before he could warp away the truck was cut into two by a man in blue that Fugaku knew well

???: Long time no see kid. Very long

Lilly: Who're you supposed to be?

???: My name little girl, is Susano'o and i am the god of storms. This however was not caused my me or the Shinto Pantheon, whatever magic is behind this is not ours

Fugaku: Lord Susano'o, what is your bidding

Susano'o: For now, free those civilians...i'm going to try to contain that storm!

Aaron sighed and left the coffee shop, a beam of light abducting him from the street as he was teleported to a pocket dimension where Shin gave him a rifle and a pistol-like weapon with two barrels. He briefly explained what the weapons were to Aaron as the boy transformed into his Nephalem form. Once Shin finished explaining, Aaron took the weapons and equipped the pistol as he returned to earth, flying in the air by the storm.

Aaron: Let's test this new friend out... He rotated the barrels twice, so that the gold and white barrel was facing forward. A female voice rung out from the weapon before upbeat rock-and-roll music began playing.

Gun: X-Shift! Hikari Weapon Change! Aaron pulled the trigger as beams of light left the barrel and looped around, reattaching to his weapon to form a sub-machine gun as suspenseful music played in the background, with the same female voice announcing one more thing. Amaterasu's Grace!

Aaron: Cool, cool. He flew down and began firing at rubble to clear it, disintegrating the rubble with intense solar beams from his new weapon. There are two barrels on this thing, though... He tapped the other barrel on the side, causing the SMG to return to its pistol state. He then rotated it so the obsidian and silver barrel was facing forward, causing jazzy bass music to play as a different, masculine voice announced things instead.

Gun: X-Shift! Kage Weapon Change! He pulled the trigger as shadows enveloped the gun from the barrel, dramatic brass music playing in the background. When the shadows disappeared, the gun had become a revolver with the masculine voice announcing one last thing. Tsukuyomi's Repulse!

Aaron: And you do what now...? He fired the revolver at another piece of rubble. A shadow bullet left the barrel and hit the rubble just as he expected it to. He fired again, thinking about clearing the rubble. This time, when the bullet hit the rubble, the entire chunk disappeared into the shadows. Ooh. Thoughts change the bullet's abilities. Cool.


In a secret base somewhere in California, a man known as Hank Pym and was tweaking with some machinery when his favourite student walked in the room. This guys name was Heinrich Rommel and was the Great Grandchild of the famous WW2 German general and National hero Herr Generalfeldmarschall Erwin Rommel also known as Desert Fox. If he were alive now he would've been proud of his great grandson.

Heinrich: Mr, Pym sir, there seems to be an anomaly in L.A. I intend to go check it out.

Hank: I know that Heinrich, but however this storm or whatever caused it is Cosmic in nature. That suit isn't going to do much

Heinrich: How's the Desert Fox coming along?

Hank: I was afraid you'd ask. And yes so far it can THEORETICALLY absorb and grant resistance against Cosmic attack.

Heinrich: Then it's a chance I'll have to take. I'll Prep the Plane for take off.

Hank: Stay safe alright Rommel

Heinrich nodded, wore the experimental desert Fox suit and climbed in a modified Messerschmitt me 262 and started it up as the hanger doors open. Heinrich then flew out in his jet to investigate the source of the Cosmic storm which lead him to L.A

Heinrich: Fugaku....what the hell happened here man?

Aaron was clearing rubble in the area with Tsukuyomi's Repulse, eating the rubble with shadows from his weapon.

Aaron: Yeah, this is gonna be the end of my involvement here. He finished clearing the rubble and rescuing civilians before teleporting home.

Heinrich's ME 262 soared in the skies when he noticed something flying towards him, i seemed to be a regualr person at first glace when he realised that IT WAS.

Heinrich: SCHEISSE! Heinrich performed a barrel roll and avoided crashing into the person, although it looked like he was having trouble with his powers when his radar picked up multiple flying objects and saw a dozen or so people with the power of flight

What on earth is going on here! Rommel jr maneuvered through the crowd and looked out of his cockpit where he saw people being hit by the cosmic storm and developing.....powers?! What sort of storm was this? In any case, flying around with a Jet powered Messerschmitt Me 262 was a very bad idea.

Hank, i'm going to put the plane into autopilot and have it hover above a roof top so i may jump off. It's too crowded, are you seeing this?!

Hank Pym: By god.....yes i am. Well i'll take the Me 262 from here, good thing we added that hover option eh? Once you reach the ground i'll teleport your SD.KFZ to you

Heinrich: You know what Hank....just call it the Blitzpanzer.

Hank: Lightning tank huh? Good name.

The Me 262 hovered above a large building and Heinrich got off, he sees it ascend and zoom away. Rommel goes to the rooftop door and kicks it open and goes downwards where he hears a fight taking place

Employee: This is perfect! With this, i'll get everyone to listen to me!

Employee 2: No please stop don't hurt him

Employee: I'll KILL HIM

Rommel has heard enough and turned his whole body right taking the insane Employee by surprise, the mad man shot lightning at Heinrich who let himself get hit to test the suits functionality. The lightning surged through his body before quelling itself, making the armour glow

Employee: What the?

Heinrich: Bad mistake pal Heinrich's Jaeger rifle was now powered up with a cosmic energy shot. He pulled the trigger and the insane Employee was knocked out. Rommel jr finally reached the ground floor where, as Hank promised, the Blitzpanzer was waiting in all its' glory. The back door opened and Rommel jr went to the front seat and started the engine. An A.I came online for systems check.

A.I: Machinegweher 42 turret online, shields online, turbo boosters online, targeting system online, cloaking mode online and waiting for use, headlights online, radar online.

Heinrich: excellent....let's get this show on the road! And with that Heinrich hit the gas pedal and zoomed through the streets of L.A. On a nearby rooftop, a man in white and arctic blue armor with a scarf wrapped around his neck was watching the entire scene, seeing Aaron teleport away.

Armored Man: Rerouting teleportation... He held out his hand and clenched his fist as Aaron appeared on the rooftop next to this man.

Aaron: The f--k? He glared at the man, still in his Nephalem form. Who are you?

Man: I come from another reality. You can call me Override. How are you enjoying your new weapons?

Aaron: They're fine... why?

Override: I made them for you. He turned to face Aaron, pointing at the gun currently in his hand. I might need that one back someday. You'll be fine without it, right?

Aaron: It's certainly coming in handy now... But what would you need this for? He looked at the revolver, then at Override.

Override: A new armor set-up I'm testing. He held up a soda can-like device, featuring designs and colors representing the sun and moon. This Eclipse-based form I have planned here... I heard your sister used to go by that name.

Aaron: How do you know about her? Or me? Or any of this?

Override: I'm Shin's contact. He had me convert your weapons and informed me of your current situation. Which is why I offer this. He handed Aaron a belt buckle with a hexagonal window on it, as well as 6 crystals that would fit into buckle via a slot. This equipment combines your demonic and angelic nature with advanced technologies far beyond any human's understanding. It took me a while to figure this out, even with Shin's help. In time, I figured it out.

Aaron: Are you gonna steal my soul after this? He took the buckle and slapped it against his waist, causing a belt strap to eject and secure the buckle around his waist.

Override: Of course not. If you do expire, however, the belt will automatically return to my possession and you will be sent to the afterlife of your choosing. However, I do have one request for you.

Aaron: And that is? He was looking at the crystals, seeing that each crystal corresponded to one of his melee weapons.

Override: Help deal with this storm. This belt was designed for you to deal with the storm, as well as use technology over fantastical abilities. Of course, you're free to change to your Nephalem form at any time if you find the belt doesn't suit the current situation.

Aaron: So what do I do? Shut down the storm?

Override: Find a way to shut the storm down, as well as deal with what it produces. Do so, and I shall help you locate your father's enemy.

Aaron: Got it. He loaded the silver crystal into the belt, which prompted him to tap on it twice. A wave of energy and liquid metal enveloped him as it formed a sleek, silver armor with a jacket-like implement on his shoulders and a coat-like design flowing from the belt strap.
YE Armor Reference 1

Rough approximation of what Aaron's armor currently looks like.

Override: Interesting design. I'll use this for the Foundry Prototype... With that, Override disappeared as Aaron jumped into the fray once more, flying into the city towards the source of the storm using thrusters instead of wings.

Aaron: I'm gonna have to get used to this... He held up his revolver and aimed at the storm, firing once to see what would happen. The shadows were just sucked in and nothing happened. Oof.

Heinrich was on the ground taking care of "Evil Metas" with his Mg42 turret when the sensors spotted something flying towards the storm

Heinrich: Hank there's someone or something going up there

Hank: I see him too, Heinrich i'm going to remote pilot the Me 262 to go up there and analyse the storm, dont worry i wont scratch her i promise

Heinrich: haha, i trust you sir. Hank chuckled and went over to the control panel on his left, bringing out a screen and a controller. He then remotely controls the Me 262 and has it take off towards the storm when he sees a figure in a weird suit of armour. At first he thought that it was Ironman but was someone else

Hank: Hey! You there! Who are you, I'm an Avenger, Antman, Identify yourself!

Aaron: Vigilante Ignition. You're a scientist, how do we shut this s--t down? He looked at the storm through his mask, with its HUD analyzing the storm.

Hank: Well, be frank i'm not that sure. It's a cosmic storm and the first i've encountered of this magnitude....i'll have to analyse the storm in detail. But for now, my colleague is facing a bit of trouble, he's in an armoured WW2 German vehicle with a turret. Turns out, when someone is struck by lighting by this storm they get powers. And currently there are more bad guys than good, and that turret only has so much ammo. When i get a detailed report, i'll let you know. Meet with my guy Blitzreich and assist me, i'll call you when i'm ready.

Aaron landed on the ground, swapping his silver crystal for a red one as flames burned away his current suit to reveal a dark crimson suit with flames all over. He held a pair of segmented swords, which he used as whips as the blade segments ejected from each other, held together by flames. He began whipping the people around and knocking them down to the ground, avoiding as much lethal damage as he could.

Heinrich: Hank, that person from the sky is down here...should i engage?

Hank: Negative, Ignition is on our side. How much ammo do you have in there?

Heinrich: About another few rounds, enough to knock out 20 people.

Hank: Regroup with her, i've also located a friend of yours....theres another Meta here as well. It'll take me a good amount of time to analyse it. but i'm getting the jist of it

Heinrich: Got it, i see him just up ahead. Heinrich slammed the gas peddle and moved nearer to Ignition, there were metas behind him trying to sneak up, through the speakers he warned him and fired WATCH OUT IGNITION BEHIND YOU! Heinrich started to open fire on the people behind the Vigilante.

Aaron: Pathetic... Aaron whipped his swords around behind him and knocked them all into a wall with one fell swoop before whipping the other sword to slap them all across the face with enough force to send them flying into each other and knock them all out at once. Heinrich put the car on autopilot as he got out of it.

Heinrich: Nice suit. to be honest i would've used some of the cosmic energy i absorbed in an earlier fight, but....i don't have enough of it. I gotta absorb more so i can used it as ammo on my sweet ride Heinrich points at the Blitzpanzer. Well i reckon you got nothing to do and i Hank told you to assist me yes? Well then, there's another Metahuman here seems to be on our side. He's pinned tho. Shall we go rescue him? Oh wait behind you again Heinrich powers up his Jaeger rifle with a bit of cosmic energy and fires a cosmic ray that takes out all 40 people that were behind Ignition. Not bragging or anything, but mines better. Now then, lets get going sir

Aaron: Give me the location, I'll get there on my own. Aaron took out the two-barreled weapon, flipping it to the gold side and pulling the trigger.

Weapon: X-Shift! Hikari Weapon Change! The SMG reappeared in his hand as he cracked his neck and fired the weapon at a large mob of people. Amaterasu's Grace! The single beam branched off, and each branch branched off, hitting the 50+ mob square in the face with light energy that caused them to fall asleep.

Heinrich: Huh. Alright you win, but Hank told me to stay with you. We're going together, i can tell you prefer to work alone and i respect that. But Hank is an Avenger he's our commander, we gotta go. Follow me, he's through those buildings.  Heinrich and his new companion ventured through the streets and eventually arrived at the location. Heinrich then used his suit's enhanced vision to see that there were three people in a building, 2 male and a female....he recognised the male

Heinrich: Tch, i always knew he'd be in trouble. The guy Hank told us about? It's a guy called Shinobi, do you know him? I do. We met in school....looks like he needs our help I'll follow your lead

Aaron just blasted away the rubble with his weapon before switching it over to its alternate form.

Weapon: X-Shift! Kage Weapon Change! Tsukuyomi's Repulse!! With the revolver in hand, he fired once into the area where Shinboi was and once into his own shadow, causing him to melt int the shadows and reappear where Shinobi was.

Aaron: There's a guy in some armored vehicle bull s--t looking for you.

Fugaku: Well, right to the point as ever ma dude.

Heinrich: It's good to see you again my friend

Fugaku: Ha! Well if it isn't my old pal Rommel.

Susano'o: It's good that you have more allies now, i sense that the one in the red armour is special. Oh yes...very special. Child what is your name....Susano'o made the area go still, using what power he had recovered. I value your secrecy, i am a god as you know and i can tell you're Japanese...we Shinto gods know one when we look at one. Child i am aware of your past, present and is sober, you will face many difficult trials and you will face them alone. But for now i wish to shake the hand of our saviour. my child, i am Susano'o the god of storms, who do I owe the pleasure of meeting? And don't worry, i froze time. They won't know or hear a thing.

Aaron: My name is Ignition, and that's all you get. I don't care what circumstances we're under, I'm not revealing my identity to anyone. Resume the flow of time and end the storm, please. That's all I'm asking.

Susano'o: I sense in you fear, irritation, a thirst for vengeance and misery. My child i understand and i respect your desicion, i'm sorry that we weren't there for you. It's hard being a Shinto god and caring for ALL unique people.....but i understand your decision and way of thinking. For now ALL of us must get to safety.  As for the Storm, i can't do anything. Strange isn't it? The god of storms unable to quell a Cosmic STORM, however, in good time my child your friend the Avenger will come with a Solution but we all must work in unison. Susano'o then places his hand on Ignition's shoulder My child, we all must make sacrifices to ensure survival...that gun you have is impressive for sure but it won't save you from literal billions. This storm is driving people insane and my blessings can only do so much. I sense much irritation and i sense you being uncomfortable with the idea of working together, but alas we must, you hide your feelings well child..i'll give you that

Susano'o resumed the flow of time and he dropped to his knees. Fugaku, Lilly, Heinrich and Ignition were then teleported by Susano'o towards a building which had the best vantage point in the city. 

Susano'o: I need time to recover, Ignition and Friend of Fugaku. Provide long range support, and Fugaku i need you to use your dark healing to restore my stamina and Lilly, go to that corner and focus....tap into your powers just i said. 

Lilly: Got it

Heinrich: Yes sir, C'mon Ignition let's give em hell! 

Fugaku: Coming sir! 

Heinrich: Hank how's that analysis coming along?

Hank: I'm 80% done, just wait a little longer

Heinrich: Yo igniton, Hank says he's almost done. I challange you to see how many people we can gun down. Winner gets a soda for the looser

Aaron: Not interested. Aaron fired a single bullet at the streetful of people from his revolver. There were at least thousands in there, but the single bullet had warped the people's shadows so that they were restrained in an instant. He then "Weapon Shifted" to Amaterasu's Grace, firing the branching laser to knock them all unconscious.

Heinrich: Huh. Well i'll be damned. Yo so listen since we're both tech based heroes, we should talk more. I know from your interaction with Shinobi over there that he's probably really annoyed you. And trust me dude i get it.....he's annoying at times. So, what'd you think of my suit? Honest opinion. Also i should mention that my Great grandpa was Erwin Rommel......not trying to brag again but from what i'm seeing, the desire to work alone? The edgy vibe? This is somehow connected to your family isn't it? And i wager that closing the storm will get you a step closer.

Aaron: I don't care, whatsoever. I have a deal with someone. Close the storm, I'll get information. Don't care who your ancestor is, at all. I just want to get rid of this storm and move on. At this rate, all of the new superpowered people have been knocked unconscious and were restrained.

Heinrich: And i suppose this deal gets you closer to that objective? Then in that case i suggest we hurry. Dr. Pym contacted me and told me he's about 98% done. Believe me Ignition, i have a legacy of my own to carry on..the 3rd Reich murdered my Great Grandpa and the fact that Hydra is still out there irritates me. I can guess why you'd work alone based on my own experiences....but i'd rather not, unless you want to tell me. But i doubt you would. You're a pretty chill guy i'll say that much....want to be friends? I could use someone like you, what say you?

Aaron leaned against a wall and waited for the thing to finish, no longer interested in talking. He quickly checked all of his equipment via a holographic interface only he could see.

Heinrich: Listen up people, Dr. Pym has finished his analysis of the storm. It seems that he's figured our a way to close the storm. However, it seems that the storm had to be caused by something or someone with an extreme connection to some sort of Cosmic power......and he thinks it could be the Phoenix force, but he's not too sure about that. To close to the storm we have to find its' source and get it him or her to call it off. 

Fugaku: Where's the source?

Heinrich: That seems to be the question isn't it? Who aside from Jean Grey could control the Phoenix force.....i guess it's time to pay the X-Mansion a little visit.

Out of nowhere, a man in silver half-and-half armor appeared holding Trey, who was spazzing out from the storm.
7S Build Reference

The man's armor, with silver instead of red and dark silver instead of blue.

Override: Tracked down the source of the storm. Not my Trey. I leave this in your hands. With that, the man disappeared in a flash of cyan light.

Aaron: Oh, this guy. He went up and tapped Trey's forehead, entering his mindscape via spirit projection.

In Trey's Mindscape

Aaron, in his Nephalem Spirit form, approached Trey, who was bound by cosmic lightning.

Aaron: Trey, is that you?

Trey: W-who are you?! He stared at Aaron with lightning sparking from his face.

Aaron: It's me, Aaron. He transformed into his human form, holding his hand out.

Trey: Aaron... My dude... Help me, please! I-I tried powering up to stop a flock of falcons that were attacking me, but I overloaded and created the storm!! The Phoenix Force is holding me captive, and I can't get out!! Help me, please!!!

Aaron: I gotchu, bro. But, when you get out of here, you gotta keep my identity a secret. People have been trying to stop the storm, and I can't have them knowing my identity. He swapped out the red crystal for a green crystal, causing the lightning bindings around Trey to be absorbed into Aaron's suit as an explosion of lightning revealed Aaron in a green suit with lightning accents. He began to absorb the lightning from the bindings, redirecting it away from the Phoenix Force keeping Trey prisoner.

Trey: S-sure. Who's out there?

Aaron: Fugaku, and some German dude who's related to Erwin Rommel.

Trey: Fugaku? Why is he here?

Aaron: He's the Shinboi dude. Aaron was successfully able to break the binds, but he was too tired to move now.

Trey: O-oh... You alright, man?

Aaron: H-hurry... get out before the Phoenix restores the bonds...

Trey: Right! After gathering his willpower, he broke free of the binds, jumped up, and slammed the Phoenix Force in his body into the ground. Stop the storm! It squawked, and began trying to bind Trey again. N-no!

Aaron: Stop.. the... STORM!!! He transformed into his Nephalem Form and blasted the Phoenix Force with sealing magic, restraining it enough for Trey to get away. When Trey was out of range, he jumped up and drop-kicked the Phoenix Force into the seals as Trey re-energized himself and took control of his body.

Trey: I'll handle it from here, get back to reality!

Aaron: On it!

Back to Reality

With that, Aaron's spirit returned to his body, which was still in its fire armor as Trey stopped spazzing and got up, holding his hand at the storm. Focusing all of his efforts on the storm, Trey began shutting the storm down, eventually closing it entirely after a few minutes of intense concentration. Nice...

Trey: Thanks for the rescue, uh...

Aaron: I'm Ignition.

Trey: Yeah, thanks for the save, Ignition. Right after that, Trey crouched and jumped away, creating Phoenix wings from cosmic lightning to keep him in the air as he flew away.

Aaron: Mission Accomplished. I'm leaving... Aaron finally teleported home to rest, tired and exhausted from that. Heinrich, Fugaku, Susano'o and Lilly gathered around each other

Susano'o: Now that this crisis has been solved, i shall return to the palace of the gods.

Fugaku: Right...thank you Susano'o

Susano'o: Don't mention it kiddo. Heinrich, Fugaku and Lilly sat down on the rooftops overlooking all the chaos on the streets.

Heinrich: It's good to see you again my friend....

Fugaku: Likewise Rommel....likewise.

Heinrich: See you in class tomorrow?

Fugaku: Yeah. Fugaku teleported all of them to the ground VIA shadow walk, Heinrich went back into the Blitzpanzer and drove off into the distance, and Lilly along with Fugaku went hand in hand back home.

The Next Day

After days in and out of class, Aaron had returned to school. All of his class projects had been excused up until then, but he had done a few of them on his own anyway. It was currently lunch time, and Aaron was sitting by himself, as Alice had to leave school early for work.

Aaron: *When is this Override guy going to give me my information...* He thought to himself as he ate lunch, sighing. Fugaku and Lilly found Aaron alone at the table eating lunch so they decided to sit next to him.

Fugaku: Hey, i've been meaning to talk to you. Listen about your sis....i'm sorry about that dude. Can't imagine how that feels.

Lilly: Yeah you've been really down lately. Mind if we sit here and talk? You look like you need company, we're really sorry about what happened with Azura.

Fugaku:'ve you been holding up? Sorry if that sounded like a dumb question

Aaron: I don't care, leave me alone. Aaron was looking at a hologram through his contact lenses, an exploded view of the belt he was given the previous day from Override. It was full of systems and wiring that were clearly alien, but he couldn't quite understand how it work. This wire connects here, but where is the material stored...

Lilly: We're just trying to be nice. Seriously we-

Fugaku: Lilly, honey. He's not in the mood for it, must still be hung up. I'm going to go find Heinrich

Lilly: I'll stay here, trust me

Fugaku: Aright honey. I love you

Lilly: Love you too Hon..As Fugaku left Lilly stared at Aaron Look i get that you're sad and all but we're just trying to be nice, even before this happened you've acted like a jerk. Honestly i have no idea why Fugaku wants to be friends with you. He's just the type to be friendly, he's like the Superman of this universe he's kind caring etc etc, could you at LEAST TRY to be nice! Honestly 

Aaron: He's done nothing to warrant my friendship. He's intruding more than anything. He continued to check the hologram, not paying attention to Lilly. No storage container of any sort... Perhaps it's in the catalyst...?

Lilly: Can't you see he's trying to make friends! Compared to anyone else he's essentially a new kid. Plus during that project he tried to make friends with you, he's genuinely concerned because he's lost people too and he knows how that feels. Right so in your book, what does he or anyone else for that matter have to do to be your friend. Because i know and so does Heinrich and even Kane, knows that's he's a good person and a reliable friend. So tell me, 1 person to another. What does anyone have to do to even get to you

Aaron: If I feel like letting them be my friend, I will. That's it. And I don't want to befriend him, so leave me be. He closed the hologram and swapped to the X-Shift Weapon's blueprints, reading its schematics and output.

Lilly: *sigh* you're unbelieveable you know that? That lone wolf complex of yours is going to be the death of you one day. Whatever god complex you have isn't helping, if you don't want to be his friend fine, at least tell me why? And answer truthfully. Not in any Lonewolf Bullshit or the I hate people excuse, what's your reason? Is it because he's a Weeb? Is that it? Why can't you get that all of us, and i mean our whole class is guinenly concerned about you. Continue acting this way and that concern people have for you will only morph onto hatered. They'll see you a a giant douchebag who hates people and is anti-social. 

Aaron: I genuinely don't care. About anything. I don't give a rat's ass if people think I'm a good person. They can hate as much as they want, I won't care. They can think I'm suicidal, I still won't care. There's no god complex here at all. I have no reason to care for any of the people here, save for two or three people. They've proven to me, time and time again, that all they want to do is use me for their own personal gain. Do you know how many boys approach me, asking me to hook them up with my sister? Nearly every jock or "popular" guy in the school. Do you know how many girls approach me, wanting a one-night stand? Almost every cheerleader or "attractive" girl in the school. It's all surface-level bull s--t. I've found no reason to care for people. Once I'm done doing what needs to be done, maybe I'll consider opening up to people.

Lilly: If you REALLY think that FUGAKU DAVIS of all people wants to USE you some puppet with one hand up your ass you're mistaken! I've been in your shoes, i've had plenty of guys trying to ask ME for things like hell, hell Aaron i almost got raped by a guy! I would've had my innocence taken away from me if Kane didn't step in and beat the guy senseless! Fugaku didn't need your sister because he had me! He respects women and i should know i'm dating him. I feel sorry for you i do, people who seek others friendships just to gain something out of it are SCUMBAGS and i won't have a problem killing them in COLD BLOOD i really don't! I'm a god damned Demon Aaron, but despite that......Fugaku still loves me with all his heart and refuses to take advantage of my gifts. Lilly makes a small flame appear on her palm as her eyes become yellow and with slits as she looks at Aaron who stares back. Lilly sighed and revered back to normal. Fugaku is the worlds most caring person. And i can bet you my entire life that he doesn't want to use you. Do you even know what a good friend is?

Aaron: No. I've live a life of isolation and death. Life has been cruel to me. The only friends I had were a cigarette and a little voice inside my head. The only person I could truly trust is dead. Why the hell haven't you given up on me? I'm a lost f--king cause. I never had true friends, and it's far too late to make any. You'd better get control of your power before you expose your true nature to the public. Aaron was looking at the weapon schematics, specifically viewing the twin barrel system and its rotation point.

Lilly: I'm not full demon boy, i'm half Asguardian. You know? Like THOR?? Yeah. him. And i haven't given up on you because true friends never give up on each other, a life of isolation and death is horrible in retrospect but you're in HIGH SCHOOL. You should've expected this. However, life isn't all cut and dry and trust me when i say there are people out there who would risk life and limb for friends. When a friend goes off the right path, True friends bring them back to it. When a friend is in the situation you're in, true friends become CONCERNED and try to help out, they try to get close not to use you but to console you. And i AM truly sorry about your Sister, i know she's the only person you've ever trusted. But do you actually think that THIS is what she'd want? For you to brood and wallow in depression. I know i have no right in bringing her up but i had to as an example, you cannot simply live your live like this Aaron. As a demon/asguardian I've gone through WAY worse than you have....Kane has literally killed people he mistakenly thought were abusing me, friends, potential lovers you name it, I've lost more people than you have or ever will. So what gives you the right to sit there and act like that

And it's all because he was like you minus the killing spree. But Fugaku changed him and knocked some sense into him, now look, we're dating and are in love. Hell even Kane's improved since then. But you have to let people in, trust me Aaron...look just give it a try for a week. And i assure you, it'll be fine. And no you are NOT a lost cause, no one is a lost cause....Aaron you're hurt i get that. But eventually you'll need to stop hurting and start accepting, and the fact that you've just opened up about how you've lived and that you've never had true friends is proof enough for me that slowly but surely you are!

Stick with us, and we'll help you recover. We'll be the friends you need us to be, because true friends NEVER turn their backs on each other. You say you've never had a true friend well here's your chance to have one of the best ones ever. Sure he's a weeb and can talk too much sometime but when it comes to it he'll pull through....and i know you do too

Aaron: Did I ask to improve? No. Do I want to improve? No. I don't care what you want for me, nor what you think my sister wants for me. I will do what I damn well please. If I die, so be it. At least I'll be able to join my sister and rest in peace. You still have a family, and that's better than me, with no one left but my father's friend who took me in. Congratulations on revealing your true nature in public, you're going to be shunned and outcast for being different. That's just how humanity is. It's beautiful, but cruel. All I've seen is cruel. Leave me the hell alone before I report you and him for harassment. He got up and left the table, all the holograms shifting to the side so he could see where he was walking clearly.

Azura: *Aaron, she is kind of right... you shouldn't be shutting people out entirely.*

Aaron: *Yeah, but I'm sick of people entirely. I don't want this anymore. Once we have a lead on him, I'm hunting him down and doing whatever it takes to end him. Doesn't matter if I die.*

Azura: *And if you die before you can kill Kuroi?*

Aaron: *Then that's that. I lost, and he'll have to be dealt with by someone else. I can't be entirely sure Shin and the Override guy will take care of me with every step I take in this. If they return me to life to complete this goal, that's fine. But if I die without finishing this mission and no way of return, I accept my death.*

Azura: *Aaron...*

Aaron: *You can't change my mind. I have nothing to live for outside of this.*

Azura: *What about Alice then?*

Aaron: *She'll find someone better. I'm a suicidal demon hunter. It wouldn't have worked out in the end.*

Azura: *What if she ends up like you? If you die and she can't get over you, what will she do?*

Aaron: *...Fine. I'll live for her... I'm sacrificing my powers to stop Kuroi, become human, and live life out with her.. Happy?*

Azura: *Better than literally nothing...*

Aaron: What a pain... He went to his locker to grab some books for his next class. As the bell rang, Heinrich went to history class where the teacher had paired him up with Aaron for an assignment. The assignment this time was about U.S and Soviet relations during the Cold-War era.

Heinrich: Hey, name's Heinrich Marx (Fake last name to prevent slander for obvious reasons). Let's do this your way, what do you have in mind?

Aaron: Don't know, don't care. You figure something out. He was looking at weapon plans through his holographic contacts.

Heinrich: Okay then. I'm not going to argue. Heinrich then came up with an idea right, ok so here's what we do. I know you're in no mood to actually do this so you get the minor parts. But before Heinrich could explain, the class room door burst off of its hinges and started everyone in the class, then, two teenagers as old as Heinrich emerged through the door in WW2 era Nazi uniforms complete with the hat and arm bands and boots.

Teacher: excuse me! who the hell are you!

???: Name's Frank Burgdof, my pal here is called Johnathan Maisel. We're Hyrda agents and decendants of Nazi Generals....we've come for Heinrich.

Heinrich: S--t! Okay, how on EARTH did you find me?!

Burgdof: Quite simple actually. You revealed yourself during that Cosmic storm of yours traitor.

Teacher: I think i deserve to know what- he never got to finish his sentence as Maisel shot him through the head with a Walter P38. Burgdof went over to the registry and laughed as he saw the fake last name

Burgdof: i'm sorry, MARX?! Of all the fake last names Rommel!!! You would hide your true Aryan name under the guise of that filthy communist?

Heinrich: Aryan my ass Burgdof! We all know the 3rd Reich killed him because he was smart enough to know Hitler was a complete and utter idiot.

Maisel: You mock your Fuhrer?! for that you die traitor!

Burgdof: Wait Maisel, remember he still has the information about the Himmler twins

Heinrich: You wont get them Maisel walks up towards Heinrich's table and puts Aaron in a choke hold and a gun towards his head and puts his hand on the trigger

Maisel: The info, NOW! Or we kill him. Heinrich holds his hands up and walks towards Maisel with the papers only to step on the foot hard and punched him in the face and grabs Aaron making a dash for the door as he sucker punches Burgdof. Heinrich and Aaron reach to the back of the school where he gives Aaron his C-96 pistol and a piece of paper

Heinrich: Please Aaron, you have to save them i beg of you. They're only 5 years old. Yes it's true i'm a descendant of Erwin Rommel and that they are the descendants of Heinrich Himmler, but they're only children. PLEASE i beg you. I'll owe you one. Heinrich presses something on his chest and his armour appears with his Jaeger rifle and all.

Heinrich: Now go! This is something personal for me, my Great grandpa's enemy is back to haunt wouldn't know how that feels. So please, take this and go to them! Be with them, i'll call their house once everything is alright now GO!

Aaron tossed the pistol aside and casually walked away, inputting the address into his phone's map app and taking his sweet time walking there because why the hell not. Just in case, he took out his X-Shift Pistol, switched it to Amaterasu's Grace, and kept it nearby as he approached the house.

Aaron: F--king Nazis getting me involved in their bull s--t...

Azura: *Where are we going to take the kids?*

Aaron: *Uncle Shane can't take them in, he's too busy. I'd ask Alice, but I don't know if she's available right now... Actually, let me make a phone call.* He ducked into an alley and called Alice. Hey, you busy?

Alice: Aaron? Uh, I'm at work right now. Just about to end my shift. Why?

Aaron: Some Nazis f--ked up my history class, and some German-looking armored f--ker told me to save some children, who are some German dude's descendants. 5-year olds, twins. Think you can baby sit for a bit?

Alice: Get them over to my place, I'll see what I can do.

Aaron: Good, because I am not in the mood to deal with little children at all.

Alice: I'll see you soon then?

Aaron: Yeah. Love you...

Alice: L-love you too... Bye. She hung up, taking a deep breath and heading to the employee desk to clock out as Aaron proceeded to head into the house, firing branching lasers at the Nazi intruders to knock them out.

Azura: *Did you really...?*

Aaron: *Might as well come out with it, yeah? We've already been on dates, might as well take the next step.* Aaron made his way through the house, knocking all the Nazis out cold before securing the children. Alright kids, I'm not a Nazi. Here to save you, let's go. Without questioning it, they hugged onto Aaron, who sighed as he switched to Tsukuyomi's Repulse and proceeded to dive out the nearest window. Firing a shadow bullet out the window, he dived into it, since he had shaped the bullet to act as a cushion of sorts, which levitated downwards and left him and the children on the ground. Could really use a car right now... He sighed, hoisted the two children over his shoulder, and made a run for Alice's house, which he had visited a few times since they had been "dating" for months now. Took him a few hours, but he managed to run all the way to her neighborhood just as Alice pulled up in her car. I need to get my damn licence...

Alice: Aaron!! Oh my goodness... She parked her car in front of her house, getting out and locking her car as she helped him get the kids into her house. These are the kids you need to babysit?

Aaron: More or less... Aaron took off his jacket and shirt, tossing them both aside as he walked over to the AC unit and switched it on. You have a few of my shirts, right?

Alice: Y-yeah... She got some apple sauce from the fridge to give the kids for the time being as Aaron walked upstairs to Alice's room to grab a spare shirt from the back of her closet that she hid. He returned downstairs and collapsed on the couch, exhausted from running all the way over here.

Aaron: I'm standing by for a fight, so be weary of anyone who comes knocking or kicking your door down. He kept Tsukuyomi's Repulse on standby, aimed at the door.

Alice: Got it. How are you doing, kids?

Fritz Himmler: Scared....

Franz Himmler: We heard that our great grandpa was a bad nasty man, that's he's a bad guy. That he deserved to die....his name was Himmler.

Fritz: Miss....are we bad people because our great grandpa was evil? Must we die?

Alice: I don't know much about your great grandpa, but you don't have to pay for your ancestor's doings... She gave them both a reassuring smile. You kids want any more apple sauce? Some water or juice boxes? I have some animal crackers if you want any.

Aaron: Why do you have all this stuff? Do you baby sit often?

Alice: Yeah. I have a kid brother too, so my parents keep a steady supply of snacks for him.

Aaron: I'm gonna need to meet your parents some day...

Alice: Let's do that when children aren't in danger and we're not about to die.

Aaron: Sounds like a plan. Next Saturday?

Alice: You're really gonna joke at a time like this?

Aaron: It's my way of coping with stress.

Alice: Please tell me you're not going to be like this when my parents are here...

Aaron: I'll try to behave myself then.

Alice: Good boy.

Aaron: I'm not your pet... He kept his revolver aimed at the door.

Franz Himmler: Ja! yes please, i like animal crackers!

Fritz Himmler: You know Miss, there are more of us out there. There's this guy called Rommel who visits us and tells us stories about his Great Granpda called Erwin Rommel, the desert fox. He'd tell us how great of a general he was conquering cities like El-Alimaign and Tunesia but that he was a good man and didn't follow orders from a horrible man called Hitler. 

He told us that there were others, kids like us who were related to people like Erwin Rommel or Heinrich Himmler the SS officer. There's David Fegaline, Carol Goreing and Hans Gangle. 

Franz: Yeah....but anyways Miss, we like you. You're friendly.....but your friend over there looks like a big old sour puss. 

Fritz: Yeah, it's like someone permanelty glued a frown to his face, he's like Batman but 10x more grumpier

Aaron: At this rate, I will lose all will to have children... Aaron sighed, pointing the barrel of the revolver at his head and mimicking the action of pulling the trigger. Alice went to grab two small packets of animal crackers for the kids.

Alice: Here you go, kids. He may be grumpy, but he's been through a lot of bad things. He lost his parents when he was young, and he just lost his sister. He's had a rough life, but I'm sure I can smooth him out, no matter how long it takes! She smiled and put her hands on her hips. I'm sure I can get through to him.

Aaron: It's just being a teenager, kids. When you grow up, your body produces chemicals that confuse you and make you do crazy things. Don't worry, you'll grow up and out of it eventually... It's just a phase. He sighed again and kept his weapon aimed at the revolver.

Franz: Him too huh....gosh i guess you really don't have to be related to a Nazi war criminal who is also a traitor to the Nazis to loose everything you have. Miss, i want to be a hero too...i can't just stand by while people like us are hunted down like animals.

Fritz: Ja, we want to be like our friend Rommel. He's a hero and i bet he's the one that sent your friend to help us. We want to make the name Himmler be used for something good, i mean our friend Rommel's great grandpa is a national hero in Germany and Han's great grandpa Joseph Gangle is an Austrian National hero.

I guess what we're saying is we want a 4th Reich where all of our kind, people like us who are hunted can live and work together. We could help people so no one has to go through what we or your friend did

Alice: That's very brave of you two. I'm sure your Rommel friend is out there trying to help you guys.

Aaron: Someone or something is coming. He got up, looking through the windows with his gun at his side. Can't tell what's out there, but something's coming our way. Get the kids somewhere safe, hide in the basement if you have one. I'll let you know if it's a friendly or a foe out there.

Alice: Got it. Children, come with me! We have to hide from the bad guys, they might be outside. There's plenty of snacks and drinks in the basement, c'mon! She led the children to the basement as Aaron held his gun to the door, equipping his belt and transforming into the silver-armored form. The door burst into splinters as a man in a hydra experimental armoured suit stood there with an unconscious Heinrich who he threw at Aaron. 

Burgdof: There's your friend. Now then...the children, where. are. they?! They traitors must die! I must kill them in most gruesome way possible

Heinrich: No....Heinrich turns around weakly as he sees a familiar figure...ignition Glad to see you here ignition listen.. Burgdof hits him from the back with a blast and knocks him on the floor and turns his attention to Ignition 

Burgdof: Adaptoid suit, useful for resisting any and all sorts of attack the minute i encounter them, now then...the kids. WHERE. ARE. THEY?!

Aaron: Slaughtered them with my own hands. He fired a bullet at Burgdof's shadow, causing it to rise up and bind him to the ground before the shadows proceeded to enter the suit through any possible opening and tear it apart from the inside out.

Burgdof: PATHETIC! Funny, Heinrich over there had a friend, a ninja boy who could do something like this to me...he failed! Burgdof's suit immediately countered the ability. The main canon from the suits arm powered up Let's see how YOU like it Burgdof fires a black blast that had the same effect of shadow binding on Ignition, catching him with his own ability

Aaron: Reflecting a thing at me that I can control. Good move. The shadows were sucked up into the barrel of his weapon, which reset to its twin-barrel form.

Weapon: X-Shift! Hikari Weapon Change! He switched it over to Amaterasu's Grace and changed his armor to a gold and purple form, with extra armor on the gauntlets and boots in the shape of a wolf's claw. Amaterasu's Grace!

Aaron: If that doesn't work, how about the world's most powerful laser, point blank? He closed in, grabbing Burgdof, holding Amaterasu's Grace straight to his head, and firing the strongest beam the weapon could manage point-blank. The beam had the intensity of a supernova.

Burgdof: GAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Oh vait.....i'm still here. That's a cute laser you have zhere boy, but you see this suit was built to fight metas like Human Torch and the likes of NOVA at full strength! Yes.... you heard that right...see this isn't an ordinary suit no my little CHILD. Burgdof then slapped the gun away from his hands and grabbed him in a choke hold. This was made by Dr. Doom, Skull and Modak working together is a joint effort in a war on you REALLY think that they vouldn't think about something like zat! YOU FOOL. Oh and one more thing...that demon girl fights better than you're just a JOKE. Burgdof tightens his grip around his throat just do me a favour and turn in the twins, this'll all end with i spill their blood on you. Knowing how miserable you failed

Aaron: Alright, cool. Just gonna... Aaron grabbed onto Burgdof. Black hole collapse. At that moment, Burgdof was pulled into a random portal into space as Aaron phased through him by turning into photons so the gravity sucked him away. As Burgdof floated in space, he turned around and saw he was far past the event horizon on a super-massive black hole about to consume a star. The portal had already closed the moment Burgdof was sucked away, so he was forced to deal with the ensuing explosion of energy that the black hole was about to release from consuming the star. It was essentially guaranteed death. Have fun with that, f--ker.

Maisel: You're going to regret that.....Maisel was wearing the same suit as Burgdof was and he had ALICE and the KIDS as hostages. He had a cannon powered up with Alice's head in one hand and the Kids in another

i'll make you a deal, i kill the kids and the girl lives. Try anything and i mean anything, they BOTH die a very painful death. And it wont matter if you kill me afterwards, i've succeeded in my mission. But first, Maisel goes on the comm set of his suit and requests BACKUP from more people This is Maisel here, i have the Himmler twins...however there is a foe here that killed Burgdof. Just clone him back again....or even better just clone the original Burgdof. 

Once he'd finished with his call a Tesseract canon on his shoulder activated and pointed towards Aaron. This is a modified Tesseract canon, courtisy of hit and you're dead. So what's it going to be Maisel tightens the grip around his hostages and powers up the canons more making them scream in agony. Don't try anything! Or i SWEAR I WILL KILL THEM! And oh look.....back up is nearing...can you hear it. I bet you what's it going to be....there is a thrid option. Surrender yourself and your suit and everything and BOTH will live. It's your move.

Aaron: Mkay, well. I give up. Aaron grabbed Amaterasu's Grace and shot himself in the head, falling to the ground dead. He wasn't actually dead, he was just faking it. Any attempt to read his vital signs would show he was dead, but he was still alive inside the suit, waiting for Maisel to leave Alice alone.

Alice and the kids began to sob and Maisel lets them go in his own shock, when suddenly they all hear something coming. A figure smashed through the roof and tore off the front part of Maisel's armour

Maisle: WHAT?! HOW ARE YOU?!

Kane: YOU HURT MY SISTER! AND MY FRIENDS! I'LL KILL YOU, BASTARD!! Kane then proceeds to grab Maisel by the head and ripped it off as he threw it out of the window. He looks back and found a dead Ignition, a knocked out Blitzreich and a scared children. We gotta get you out of here, there are more coming.

Aaron: That worked out in the end... He got up and stretched, cracking his neck back into position. Where the hell would we be able to keep these people safe? They're everywhere.From behind them a voice made itself present loud and clear

???: i believe i can help with that. Kane and the other turned around and saw a man in ninja clothing standing there with iron particles surrounding them

???: My name is Rasa Davis. My son is Shinobi as you all know, especially you points to ingnition i saw you and that boy save his life that day of the cosmic storm. You people go...i'll stay here and hold them off. But before we go....ignition, a word please?

Aaron: No. I want the children and the and girl secured. That's all that matters.

Rasa: It's vital. Besides.....i won't be here the next time. Rasa leans in and whispers into Ignition's ear i'm dying kiddo.....i haven't told him yet. That cosmic storm made my sickness worse, from one hero to another i thank you. You've given my son a potential Rival and because of that, he's been a better person because of it. He's trained harder than before and as a father i thank you.

You people can go to my house. I've talked with Kane, there's several magical enchantments over there that make it very secure, the Shinto gods are even protecting it. The girl and the children will be safe there for eternity. That i can promise you. Rasa places his hand on ignition's shoulder boy, there's no lying. I'm going to die today. in a few minutes actually, my son will have lost nearly his entire family if it not for his brother.

Stay with him for a while...until things calm down. Now go...HURRY! The group left quietly through the way that Rasa came in, and as the Nazi reinforcements arrived. Rasa started to hack and slash at all of them using his powers but in the wasn't enough. A Nazi sniper took him out with a headshot, leaving him to die there. Aaron just walked away with a care in the world, watching the group's blind spots as Kane led them to Rasa's house. When they got there, Aaron made sure the children and Alice were safe.

Aaron: This place is apparently safe. Stay here until everything settles down. I'll be outside. He walked outside the house and leaned against a wall, holding his head. *This entire situation is such a f--king headache... I don't give a damn what your son thinks or what you think. I didn't want to be involved in some Nazi death plot.* I didn't ask for this, and I hope these Nazi f--ks rot in hell right next to their oh-so precious Fuhrer...The door opens and someone tugs on Aaron's leg, it was one of the Himmler twins, Fritz to be precise. He looks at him crying

Fritz: I'm sorry......i'm sorry for all of this. Those men were looking for me......i didn't want anyone to die, this isn't right. I'm sorry Mr......i'm sorry The boy cries next to him and whimpers something just kill me....use that gun and kill me....please! kill me. I did this to you, i dragged you into this, and Heinrich and Miss Alice and everyone! I wanna die now....

Aaron: You've got a whole life ahead of you to live for, and you're living through it. There's more to this world than misery and suffering. I haven't found those parts of happiness in this world, but you have plenty of time to. Do yourself and your sister a favor and live to find something worthwhile in this world. Aaron walked away from the kid, climbing up the rooftops and sitting on a nearby building's roof, keeping watch for Nazi forces. A silver flash beside him left behind a rifle that was configured in a heavy assault set-up, with a large drum magazine loaded into it. *Another present, Shin?* He picked the weapon and looked through the sights. *Not bad at all.*

Heinrich: Nice weapon. Look if you're wondering how i found you, my suit is connected to Pym's satellite and i found you via aerial imaging. I'm sorry i dragged you into this, but hey, at least the Himmler twins are safe.

and Fritz really seems to like you. But sadly we're not done....the Nazis will come for ALL of us and WE have to be ready. You head what Maisel said, they're going to clone their dead....which means you'll have to deal with Burgdof again.

Before you ask, there are a lot more to rescue. I've got intel about where the Fegaline kid is, and there's a new kid that was captured by the Nazis. The descendant of Hans Schaff, Luftwaffe interrogator...has a younger sister. We'll need a place these people can train to fight back....that idea about a 4th Reich full of Anti-Nazi's doesn't sound so bad when you think about it...

Any ideas on where?

Aaron: How the f--k should I know? I didn't know about any of this until a few hours ago, and I'd rather have not known about your Nazi bull s--t.

Heinrich: Okay, listen pal i said SORRY OKAY! so quit acting like a whiny b---h and actually help! Those kids actually like you, they see you and that girl Alice as family. Because they haven't had that in a long while, and i couldn't do anything for them because i had to track the others. Ever since we met all you've been doing is acting like a stuck up cunt! STOP ACTING LIKE A CHILD DAMNIT! Like it or not we're a damned team, bad enough that Rasa had to die for us to get us here

The old man was a father to most of us, and i know you wouldn't know...i don't know what he told you but i can bet you wouldn't care. You're just a heartless son of bitch, who can't get over loss! That's all you are! Fugaku told me you had a partner and that she's gone now...BOO HOO my partners dead BOO FUCKING HOO! Get over it you cunt!

ALL of us have dead people! The TWINS in particular! They've gone through MORE than you will ever have in your pathetic useless life! GET.OVER.IT.

I don't know why that dumb Aaron boy decided to hand them over to YOU but clearly.....*sigh* clearly it was the right choice, they're attached to you...they see you as this big brother superman. ACT LIKE IT FOR ONCE! If you don't want to help then fine! F--K OFF! But Alice stays here, the twins need her more than anyone in our group...don't you dare take that away for them.

You think i wanted you involved! NEIN! But you are, so get over it and start helping. I'll take the overwatch role and look out for Nazis. You go down there and act as a rearguard! And with that Heinrich took up sniping position with his jaeger rifle and expected a comeback from his stubborn ally

Aaron: Those children are making a terrible f--king mistake thinking I'm a good person. The boy asked me to put him down like a sick dog just now! Aaron started laughing maniacally. You need to stop defending and start hunting. There's no point wasting all this effort to protect them if the source remains to produce more threats. Capture some of them alive, we're interrogating them as to their base's whereabouts, then we're destroying the problem at its source. After that, do whatever the hell you want, just leave me the f--k alone. He grabbed his rifle and disappeared. Knowing that he wouldn't hear him Heinrich muttered

Heinrich: Well excuse them for being only 5....back at the house, the Himmler twins were always around Alice. She was just so motherly and they really very much cared for her, they played with her and told her stories about their great grandpa and she was starting to see why they were disgusted by him and wanted their names to mean something good. He was the man who headed the SS, who orchestrated the god damned holocaust and then went on to betray if these boys didn't already have enough on their plate to deal with...

Franz: So we've told you about us....tell us about yourself.

Fritz: Yeah! we want to know, and what more can you tell us about your friend. I think he's really cool, i want to spend more time with him but...he's never really there is he. When's his birthday i wanna get him something, but first tell us some stories about him

Alice: I don't have any stories as interesting as yours, sorry. I was born and raised here, just like any other person. Went to school, babysat as a side job, nothing special. I only started hanging out with Aaron after he helped me with some homework. He's a really smart and caring guy, but he doesn't like to show it. I've asked him why he's like that, and he said something about "people being weird because of their emotions." He's a bit crazy, but he's nice when you get to know him. I haven't asked when his birthday is, I haven't had the time. Working a lot of jobs so I can keep myself happy and healthy, since my parents are too busy with their own work to take care of me.

Fritz: That sounds like a better life than we've ever had......we were hunted, chased like dogs and we don't even remember our own parents...

Franz: We like you Alice we really do. But in reality, you can't stay with us forever and we can't stay with've been like a mother to us....even if it was only a day. I think, at least that's how a mother is right? I wouldn't know and neither would Fritz. Plus you said you were working a lot of jobs, we don't want to be another burden on your shoulders Miss Alice...once this is over......i guess.....i guess the kids tears up and begins to sob i guess it's goodbye.

Fritz: Franz.....c'mon don't make her feel anymore guilty. Sorry about my brother miss Alice, he tends to get very emotional a lot.. i really want this nightmare to end...

Alice: You kids deserve better, but I won't always be around to help you guys. I'm sorry... I'll do what I can for now, but I don't know about after...

Fritz: Thanks miss... It was at this moment that Hydra Forces marched down the streets. Maisel and Burgdof were leading the charge, wearing their adaptive armors. Hover tanks opened fired on the house, firing explosives from their mortars as machine gun fire rained down on the house. Aaron reappeared, already in his silver armor and shielding the house with his own energy. This energy field proceeded to absorb all of the attacks, which were then absorbed into Aaron's body himself. The armor cracked and broke apart, revealing his Nephalem form as liquid hot magma was poured all over him. The magma solidified into obsidian armor while the rest covered his body in a skin-tight armor formation. His whip swords were on his back, and he was holding Tsukuyomi's Repulse in his hand.

Aaron: I... am absolute fed up with this s--t... My anger is overflowing... My power is exploding... MY SOUL IS BURNING!!! He charged at the Hydra forces in a steam of magma, melting through all their armor before switching to his whip-swords to cut all of their tanks and heavy artillery into nothing before melting it all down into magma and absorbing it into his body. The magma on his body progressively turned redder and redder as he melted down and absorbed their vehicles. Even the ground troops were melted and absorbed, leaving only Maisel and Burgdof. There's nothing stopping me from beating you two into a pulp now!!

Burgdof: Our suits already know what you're capable of. You're nothing!!

Maisel: How will you learn Hydra's location if we're melted into nothing?! They deployed liquid nitrogen cannons and sprayed him down in an attempt to freeze him. All it did was create more armor on Aaron.

Aaron: Absorbing your forces didn't just give me mass for my finisher... It gave me all the information I need to hunt your base down and melt it down with my bare hands!!!! He rushed at them, his rage causing the stone armor to explode off and towards the two clones. He jumped towards them and yelled, powering up as he melted and absorbed their armor faster than their suits could come up with a proper counter. It got to the point where the armor stopped melting and started evaporating as Aaron yelled so damn loud that he exploded into a column of magma that melted Maisel and Burgdof into nothing. The magma then dried up and cracked, breaking apart to reveal Ignition's Nephalem form, with a tattered belt that fell off and shattered. I know where they're set up... We're stopping these f--kers at the source so I don't have to deal with this bull s--t anymore... Aaron then fell into a coma from overuse of his power, collapsing on the spot and reverting to human form.

Heinrich: It was you... this whole time?

Alice: I'll call 911!! She proceeded to call an ambulance to get Aaron to a hospital.

Next Issue...

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