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Next day at school

Trey is in his PE class wearing a simple t-shirt and gym shorts. He still has his hat on backwards as he refuses to take it off. He is sitting on the bleachers as the teacher is giving instructions.

Aaron and Azura are in their PE uniforms too, listening to the teacher give instructions.

Teacher: Okay class. Today's gonna be a simple running day. It's a one-lap run, first person to cross the finish line wins. Got it?

Class: Got it!

Teacher: Alright! Everyone, line up!

The students line up and get ready to run.

Teacher: On your marks! Gets his whistle out Get set! Puts the whistle to his face and blows into said whistle, signaling the start of the run.

Trey: *This'll be a piece of cake.* He jolts out running from the back of the pack, and with ease, steps around everyone running their hardest.

Aaron runs into an early lead as well, catching up with Trey not long after.

Aaron: *Hm... he might be a good challenge.*

Trey heads to the front, slightly taking a peek at Aaron.

Trey: *Hm, bit faster than the others. No big deal.* He slightly goes a bit ahead of Aaron, smiling to himself.

Aaron: *Not bad, not bad.* Runs a little faster, passing Trey just a little bit and keeping a calm face

Trey: *Who does this guy think he is..* He cracks his neck a bit and speeds up, passing Aaron again. *Better.*

Aaron: *He thinks he stands a chance? Ha.* Takes a deep breath, then boosts past Trey again

Trey: *Fast little f*cker for a muggle...* He uses a foot to push his body all the way past Aaron, look back at him and smiling

Aaron: *He's got some speed... Lot faster than some normal person...* Boosts past Trey by taking several large steps

Trey: *The hell man...* He starts to get annoyed and uses quick little steps to boost past him again. Trey looks behind at Aaron then sees everyone else in the class far back.

Aaron: *This as*hole...* Boosts past Trey again with large steps. He looks behind him and notices the class is pretty far behind

Azura: *What are those two doing...?* She's running in front of the entire class, but not as far ahead as Aaron and Trey

Trey: *What is this guy!* He starts slowly aggressively running to go ahead of Aaron. *Heh...*

Aaron: *Who the hell is this guy?!* Runs past Trey with slight aggression

Trey looks ahead and runs faster aggressively and goes next to Aaron, turning his head to look at him face to face.

Aaron looks at Trey face to face, both of them now running aggressively against each other.

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Aaron and Trey looking at each other while running.

Trey and Aaron eventually arrive at the finish and both put their foot forward to slow their speed. They are tied and skid to a stop, leaving a dust cloud behind them. They glare at each other.

Trey: Who... Who are you?

Aaron: That's what I should be asking you!

Trey: ... *The nerve of this guy...* My name is Trey... Trey Creel. And you? He stands up straight putting his hands in his pockets but still glaring at him.

Aaron: I'm Kasai. Aaron Kasai. Takes a deep breath, cracking his knuckles as everyone else arrives, Azura coming up to Aaron

Azura: Aaron... Um... You two were running way too fast... People might get suspicious...

Aaron: I doubt it. They're all too stupid or ignorant...

Trey: Huh? Suspicious about what? You hiding something Aaron? He smirks and walks up to him

Aaron: It's none of your f**king concern. Backs away from Trey And what about you? You were running way too fast also! It seems obvious you're hiding something too.

Trey: Tch, I'm just naturally fast! Deal with it. He turns to Azura And who are you?

Azura: I-I'm Azura...

Aaron: She's my sister. The younger twin who's really shy. So excuse her stuttering.

Azura: What he said...

Aaron: Honestly, you're way too shy, sis. It's fine to open up a little more.

Trey: Yea, it's fine to be more open around me too. He sighs and holds out his hand Sorry for suspecting you earlier. You seem pretty normal, Aaron.

Aaron: Yeah, it's cool. Shakes Trey's hand You seem alright too.

Azura: Yay, we have a new friend! She says this with a little bit of excitement

Trey chuckles and looks at Azura while blushing

Trey: *Pretty cute..* Anyway we should probably get going. The rest of the the class goes inside to do other things.

Later before period 4 ends

It's History class. The teacher's slurred speeches drone out as Kane is sitting distracted next to his girlfriend Holly. They're whispering to each other, sitting particularly close, and sometimes kiss. Other students don't seem to care, nor does the teacher, who looks more into torpor than his students. Absent-mindedly the teacher drags his marker across the whiteboard, yapping on about Henry VIII and his six wives. The teachers eyes jump from the board to the clock, then he snaps at the students.

Teacher: Okay class, the bell's about to go. Your homework is to research as much as you can find about the vigilantes that exist in this city. Such as the masked snake, the dragon in the sewers, the warlock in a racing suit, or the murderous banshee. Though these names are just one alias, I doubt you'd find everything from just Googling these names.

The class notes this down, as Kane's ears pay sharp attention when the teacher mentions the so-called "warlock".

Kane: Hey, Holl, what did the teacher say about the warlock or something?

Holly: Oh, that guy who had these pitch black eyes who killed some guys and ran off carrying a ton on his back, a truck or something. A couple days ago, people are calling him a f**king warlock or something. I don't know, probably just a creepy pasta or something.

Kane: He's a demon.

Holly: Yea, crazy, right? I heard one of the cops died, the rest crippled. But he doesn't exist, police wanna create an excuse for losing that drug shipment to a "vigilante."

Kane: Yeah. Some people just create lies to cover up a sad truth. He looks slightly taken aback. The bell rings as everyone gets their stuff and leaves.

Teacher: Uhh Kane? Can I speak to you for a second?

Holly looks at Kane still holding his hand

Kane: You go ahead, I'll meet you later.

Holly: Ookay, bye Kane... They kiss on the cheek then she leaves.

Kane: Sir?

Teacher: Right, Kane, Mr. Kent has informed me that you have to attend a detention in his classroom later after school.

Kane: What?! What for?

Teacher: Don't shout. It's for "Bullying two Eighth Graders" this morning. Hour long.

Kane: They were pushing my brother around!

Teacher: So you knock them both unconscious instead of telling a teacher?! You know just because you're bigger than everyone doesn't mean you have the right to push anyone around when you want. Maybe this detention can give you time to think about that.

Kane: Ugh, fine sir. *I'll kill those snitches.* He leaves the class then catches up with Holly at lunch

Later in the Day at Lunch

As students are eating their lunches, the Kasai twins are eating their lunches in a secluded area. They finish quickly as a demonic voice whispers to them both.

Demon voice: The time has come... and your powers shall now be tested... Before either of the twins can protest, they are suddenly teleported to an empty plain, the sky colored an abnormal orange. The sun is no longer yellow in this world, but an ominous purple. The ground was colored a bloody red, and the twins were about to find out why...

Aaron: Where are we?!?! He yells out as he touches his necklace *Ryoshi, time to ignite.*

Ryoshi: *Understood.* Ryoshi creates a smoke cloud, allowing Aaron to quickly replace his regular outfit with his Ignition outfit, his eyes changing to their new color as Defiance appears on his back

Voice: Welcome, to the Heaven-Piercing Realm. This realm is the realm where your power will be tested. Succeed, and you live; maybe even get new toys to use. Fail, and your life will end.

Azura: Of course... *Tokko, time for the eclipse.* She taps her necklace, and Tokko initiates a similar process to Ryoshi suiting up Aaron, a smoke cloud created to hide Azura's change into her Eclipse outfit. Endurance appears, sheathed, in Azura's left hand; held in an Iaido style.

Voice: Good, you've assumed your Nephalem forms. Oh wait, those aren't your true forms.

Aaron: True forms?

Azura: I don't know either, Aaron.

Aaron: We can ask them later.

Azura: Mhm. They both draw their respective swords, blades ready.

Voice: Here is your first test, and I'll make it simple. Slay these worthless demons. Dozens of demons are summoned, each armed with a simple sword These ones are just the cannon fodder! They're easy to kill, a few slashes ought to end their pathetic lives.

Aaron: So be it... A few demons target Aaron, who rushes at the with Defiance. His moves are quick and stylish, slashing through the demons with relative ease. Each demon falls with a few slashes, and half of them are gone now.

Azura calmly walks towards a cluster of demons, quickly using Endurance to slash through them at speeds too fast for any of the demons to register. Her calm, quick attacks go unnoticed by the demons until her blade has been sheathed. Only a few minutes pass by, and the cannon fodder demons are gone.

Voice: Good, good. Then again, this was the simplest of tests! There's more to this!

Aaron: We don't have time to deal with your bull-s*it! Let us go!

Voice: Do not worry, Son of Kasai. Time in this world flows relatively slower than in the reality you know. An hour goes by here, a minute is lost in Earth-616.

Azura: At least we don't have to worry too much about being late...

Voice: Correct, Daughter of Sakura! Now then, here's the next wave! More cannon fodder are summoned, and the twins defeat them easily. Several waves pass before two demons are summoned. One of them looks like icicles melded together into a humanoid shape, with frost visibly wafting off of its body; the weapon it wields is a set of icicles merged to resemble a set of tripartite nunchaku (basically a large metal ring, with three chains linking a small, mace-like nunchaku head to the ring). The other is a thin, humanoid lightning bolt, wielding a scythe that has electricity sparking on its blade. The final test for now, is to defeat these two. The icy one is known as Kori, who wields a set of tripartite nunchaku. The electrical one is known as Inazuma, wielding a scythe.

Aaron: Elementals?

Voice: More like Elemental Demons. Careful now, these guys are a whole lot tougher than the cannon fodder! Now enjoy!

Azura: We don't have a choice. Let's go! She runs for Inazuma, who blasts her with lightning. However, she's using Angelic Conjured Blades to teleport out of the way of the bolts

Aaron: I'll get the ice then! He launches a few Burning Conjured Blades at Kori, who simply swings its nunchaku and generates an icicle wave to counter the CBs. Oh great, it can counter my fire. Well, that was obvious. Let's fight fire with fire... Prop Shredder. Defiance assumes its Prop Shredder form as Aaron prepares Freezing Conjured Blades Take this! He launches the CBs at Kori, who breaks them apart with its nunchaku. However, this was a distraction, as Aaron had used Angelic energy to propel himself at Kori, slashing it Prop Shredder.

Kori: Not bad... It starts spinning around its Nunchaku at Aaron, who uses Angelic energy to dodge. Unfortunately, Kori is spinning the Nunchaku around too quick for Aaron to dodge all of them, causing every strike to hit him with the force of a blizzard; which is represented by frost showing up wherever the nunchaku hits Aaron

Azura: *Aaron's in a pretty tight spot, huh?*

Inazuma: You should worry about your own fight, girl! Inazuma slashes Azura with several quick strikes infused with electricity to shock her

Azura: Ah! She tries to dodge, but isn't fast enough so she uses Angelic energy to boost away from Inazuma *I need to rethink my strategy. What can I do...?*

Tokko: *Try utilizing Demonic energy. This realm appears to empower that aspect of your powers.*

Azura: *You may be right, let's try it.* She summons Demonic CBs and fires them at Inazuma, who simply swipes them away with a lightning slash

Inazuma: Try harder, girl. He disappears and reappears in front of Azura in a flash of lightning, completely taking her off-guard and using this opportunity to attack her

Azura: Forget this! She blocks just in time with Endurance, and fires a Demonic CB from behind Inazuma, taking it off guard

Inazuma: Aaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!! Blasts away Azura to try and recover Clever girl...

Aaron: *S*it, he's too fast!* He uses Angelic energy to burst him away from Kori *Its too fast to dodge, and I doubt the Blades will be enough.*

Ryoshi: *This world is most likely of demonic origin, so maybe demonic power would work best here.*

Aaron: *Now that you mention it... the Angel Evades aren't as good as they are in the city... Demon power might work here the best.* He switches Defiance to its Demon form, Trinity Smasher, and sheathes it

Ryoshi: *I will use your Demonic power to balance out the weight of Defiance.* Demonic energy transfers into Aaron's body, allowing him to endure the weight of the Trinity Smasher at the cost of most of his speed

Aaron: This oughta do. C'mon, Kori! Or should I say, the Ice chump! *Maybe taunts could get it closer to me...* Sure enough, Kori rushes Aaron, attacking Aaron with the nunchaku *It still hurts, but not as much as before... I'll need to time my counter perfectly so I can finish this damn ice thing off.* He summons a Demonic gauntlet and tanks a few more ice attacks until he catches the next swing, completely surprising Kori

Kori: How? This is abnormal.

Aaron: I know. Nephalem are pretty abnormal! He takes the nunchaku from Kori and swings the nunchaku at Kori, who begins to show cracks in its body *This definitely works!*

Kori: *No, my weapon! I don't have enough time to acquire another weapon or forge a new one.*

Aaron proceeds to beat up Kori with its own techniques, utilizing the momentum of each swing to empower the next. He also amps up the attacks with Demonic force, but Kori dashes away towards Inazuma.

Kori: Lend me your power.

Inazuma: Very well. Move, foolish one! Inazuma releases an electrical wave which stuns both Aaron and Azura for a moment

Kori: Oh great Heaven Piercer, grant us the power to merge!

Inazuma: With your might, we will transcend these opponents and finish them for good! Inazuma turns into a storm cloud which then levitates above Kori. Kori is then struck with lightning as Inazuma fuses with Kori into Toketsu Kaminari, a being made solely of lightning encased in ice. The shape is overall humanoid, and it wields Inazuma's scythe, now infused with ice to increase the blade's lethality.

Azura: They... merged?

Aaron: Oh, wonderful. They fused! He looks at Kori's Nunchaku, then back at the new entity

Azura: How are we gonna defeat them?

Aaron: I took Kori's weapon, some interesting nunchaku.

Azura: I see... We should use it to our advantage.

Aaron: Right, but it's gonna be hard to hit something that can taze us and gives us Frostbite at the same time.

Azura: I'll distract it, you charge in.

Aaron: Why me?

Azura: Then give me the nunchaku.

Aaron: No! My new weapon!

Azura: Then you charge in. You have the weapon that works best against it.

Aaron: Should I use both sides?

Azura: Please do.

Aaron: On the count of three.

Azura: One. She summons Demonic CBs

Aaron: Two. He changes his right arm into a Demonic arm and his left arm into a God hand

Azura: Three. She fires the CBs as Aaron rushes in as best he can with the demonic infusion.

Aaron: We gotta put you on ice! He jumps into the air, infuses the nunchaku with the power of the God Hand and the Demon Arm, then swings with all his might at Toketsu Kaminari, creating a massive crack across its chest

Toketsu Kaminari: Foolish boy! It slashes Aaron across the chest with its scythe, then forces him back with an electrical wave You'll need to try better than that!

Azura: Aaron!

Aaron: I'm fine! He lands next to Azura, panting Good news, it works. Bad news, we still have a long way to go.

Azura: Not a really long way. Look. She points at the massive crack across its chest You made a dent in it.

Aaron: Let's change the plan a little. Aim for the crack while I hit it with full force again. Let's see what that'll do.

Azura: Better hurry, that crack is healing! As she says this, the crack begins to fix itself, albeit slowly

Aaron: Got it. Let's go! He charges in again with his arms ready to attack and the nunchaku ready as well

Azura: So reckless sometimes... She summons more Demonic Blades, firing them into the slowly-healing crack on Toketsu Kaminari

Toketsu: Ow! They know our weakness now... we can't afford to let the boy get close and strike again. Toketsu launches an electrical outline of its scythe blade at Aaron, who narrowly dodges and has his right arm burned

Aaron: S*it! He slows down temporarily, but picks up his speed again

Toketsu: The slash will take to long to charge again. We have no other choice.

Aaron: Come and fight me, loser!

Toketsu: Your arrogance will be your downfall! It charges at Aaron, scythe ready to attack

Aaron: Not today! The two get close enough to attack, and Aaron jumps over Toketsu and hits it in the back of the head with the nunchaku, creating another massive crack Finish it Azura!

Azura: Bull's-eye! She had charged up a large Demonic Blade to launch, and fires it directly at the head of Toketsu, shattering it and causing it to drop its scythe

Aaron: Oh yeah! He lands on his feet and picks up the scythe, then teleports back to Azura with an Angelic Blade Here, your spoils of war. He hands Azura the scythe, and she accepts it

Voice: Ah dammit. I really liked those two! A maniacal laugh is heard Hah, as if! Those guys were the lowest ranked of my Demon Guard! I've got plenty more where that came from. But to be nice... A portal big enough to fit the twins opens up next to them I'll let you go home and study. Be on your guard! The portal sucks up the two and drops Aaron off in one of the stalls in the boys bathroom while Azura appears in a stall in the girls bathroom, both with bruises and cuts from the fight

Azura: Phew... This is a pretty nice scythe though... She taps her necklace, which then changes her outfit to its civilian disguise and absorbs the weapons with the outfit

Aaron: New weapon, yes! He taps his necklace and all his stuff is then stored as his outfit is swapped for his civilian clothes Not bad, not bad.

The twins walk out of the bathroom, checking the time to see that only 20 minutes had passed by in Earth-616.

Azura: Hm, it felt a lot longer in that other world...

Aaron: The voice did say time flows differently in there than it does here.

Azura: True, true.

Aaron: Let's get back to lunch.

Azura: Alright. And so the twins head back to where they were before the fighting started, and get their stuff before going to the Library at the school.

Later after school

Kane walked in the classroom where he'll be attending his detention.

Mr. Kent: Sit down anywhere Kane.

Kane: Takes a seat and puts his bag down. Can we hurry this up? I need to pick my brother up from class.

Mr. Kent: No, Kane, you will serve the full time.

Kane: But he can't walk home alone.

Mr. Kent: I've informed Miss Darwin, your sister, that she must pick him up tpday.

Kane: *Crap. If anything happens to them...*

After several lectures about bullying and violence, Mr. Kent decides tp let Kane go. Kane leaves and walks through the hallway.



In a house in the suburbs lived a Japanese/American Family. The Family was special however as they were all Meta-Humans with special abilities, there was the Father Rasa Davis who could manipulate gold dust then there was the Oldest sibling, Fugkau Davis who had control over the Darkforce and finally the younger sibling known as Andrew davis who had power over Iron sand.

The entire family acted like that of a Shinobi Clan, and while they did interact with others outside and acted friendly. They tended to keep to themselves as Shinobi tend to do, the Family had a Dojo in the basement where they trained to hone their powers


The Dojo in the basement

The Family had just moved from California to Los Angeles and Fugaku was enrolled in a nearby school. Fugaku comes downstairs after playing an intensive match of Heroes and Generals with the annoying Soviet union faction who were tryhards. As he reached the hall he found his father watching the T.V. and glanced at him, Rasa glanced back and motioned for him to sit down.

Fugaku did so and his father spoke

Rasa: Fugaku, tomorrow is your first day of school. I hope you're happy

Fugaku: Yeah, i am excited. What about Andrew tho?

Rasa: He'll be a grade lower, but you two will be able to see each other.

Fugaku: i'm glad

Rasa: Remember, only use your powers in a case of emergency. Nothing more or less than that. I gave your brother a Lecture about it as well. Oh and by the way, i've arranged a meeting with the principle of the school and he is eager to meet you.

Fugaku: You say that like it's in an hours time

Rasa: That's exactly what is sounds like.

Fugaku: Oh...i'll get dressed then

Rasa: Yes you should.

Fugaku goes back upstairs and get dressed in regular jeans, shirt and jacket. When the time came, he hopped in his dad's car and they drove off to meet the school principle.

At the School

After Parking the car, Rasa and Fugaku walked inside the building. Fugaku had his hood up, acting ominous as to not attract any unwanted attention yet and had his hands in his pockets.

After finding the office, they went in and started to talk which is the time that Fugaku lowered his hood.

Principle: You must be Fugaku am i right?

Fugaku: Yes that's correct.

Principle: Right then young man, you'll be starting tomorrow and from what i hear you'll be most delighted to meet your new classmates who'll be happy to have you

Fugaku: I'm looking forwards to it sir

Principle: Excellent, now if you'll excuse me i'll just have a word with your father. Why don't you go explore the school.

Fugaku glances to Rasa who nods

Fugaku: Right then, i guess i'll be on my way. Fugaku exits the office and wanders the hallways and eyes the boy running towards him, however he sensed that had a sort of aura that resembled that of a demon. He glances black at the blonde boy who ran out of the school with narrowed eyes and saw a teacher leave the room, perfect for questioning

Fugaku: Um...excuse me sir

Mr Kent: Hello, are you new, i haven't seen you before. I'm Mr Kent

Fugaku: Yes sir i am, by the way who was that boy who just left?

Mr Kent: Oh him? That's Kane. He's a handful sure but he cares about his siblings a lot.

Fugaku:: Siblings?

Mr Kent: Yes, he is however overprotective. He has a sister called Lilly and a brother.

Fugaku: Oh really.....Fugaku narrowed his eyes and focuses on the door behind him

Mr Kent: if you can befriend him, he's faithful and he cares a lot.

Fugaku: Thank you for the info.

Mr Kent walks away and Fugaku's curiosity with this "Kane" now expands. If he is an Akuma (Demon) then why was he here? Was there some sort of agenda in place? He'd have to inform his father about this.

After exploring the school he winds up back the the office, he saw his father Rasa exit the office and shake hands with the principle.

Principle: Well young man what do you think

Fugaku: This'll be interesting

Principle: That's good to hear, see you tomorrow.

Back at the House

Rasa and Fugaku came back home where they heard Andrew training in the Dojo. Rasa however noted that something was bothering Fugaku and asked him

Rasa: What's the matter Fugaku?

Fugaku: I sensed the presence of an Oni hiding as a child name Kane

Rasa: An Akum? This is an interesting development. Keep an eye on this "Kane" at all costs, if he means harm to the city. You must perform you duty as a Meta-Human and a Shinobi to take him out

Fugaku: I will do my best. However, the Akum only seems to be protecting its' own kind

Rasa: There are MORE?!

Fugaku: yes. a girl and another guy.

Rasa: Fugaku

Fugaku: Yes?

Rasa: This is your mission, marked as an A-rank difficulty. I want you AND your brother Andrew to keep constant surveillance on these Akuma. Should they endanger another person step in and issue a warning and if they persist, subdue, if they resist that.....kill them

Fugaku: All of them?

Rasa: Hopefully not all. Do your duty as a Shinobi. Keep your school safe

Fugaku: And if they have good intentions?

Rasa: If they do have good intentions then perhaps, allying yourself with the Oni may prove advantageous for us. However, you MUST remember your duty if their intentions are to harm, spare them only but a moment to reconsider and if they refuse..

Fugaku: Kill them

Rasa: Good lad, now then...go train with your brother.

Fugaku: yes! Fugaku races down the stairs to practice with his brother, Rasa sits down in thought of the recent developments that took place.

Rasa: This...will be interesting

The next day

The sound of an alarm clock woke Fugaku up from sleep, he performed his daily routine and got dressed in a similar way as yesterday's attire. He combed his hair and went downstairs to eat at the table where Andrew was eating at.

Andrew: Ready for the mission?

Fugaku: yes, are you?

Andrew: he smirks and looks up you have no idea. Rasa then comes down all dressed and sees the boys wearing their shoes ready for school.

Rasa: let's go

Andrew/Fugaku: Right.

The brothers hop in the car and drove towards the school, on the way they talked on what they would do if the Akuma wasn't friendly.

Andrew: Trap

Fugaku: I agree, we can't risk more lives.

Rasa: Take him out as quick as possible. This doesn't need to be dragged out. The family arrive at school and Rasa bids them a farewell as they enter the school.

As they made their way inside, the bell had rung and they had to report to class. However, Fugaku had spotted the Akuma known as Kane and followed him towards class as they were in the same grade after all and bid Andrew good luck as he was a lower grade than him

It was there that they he his new teacher, who noticed his and asked them to stand by and introduce himself to everyone. But before he could do that, Kane spoke up

Kane: Weren't you the guy from yesterday i ran past?

Fugaku: Yes, my name is Fugaku Davis. I have a younger brother known as Andrew Davis and my father works at the L.A.P.D.

Kane: Kid cop huh? Cool

Fugaku: Thanks. Fugaku smiles at Kane as he plunks his stuff down next to him and sits on the opposite desk.

Kane: Name's Kane, nice to meet you Fugaku shakes his hand and nods as he smiled.

Teacher: Okay class turn to page 34. While no one was looking, Fugaku used the Darkforce and created a small tracker which he dropped in Kane's bag without him noticing and goes back to solving a problem.

Teacher: Okay class now work with the one next to you to figure this one out. Fugaku and Kane turn around and work with each other, contrary to what Akuma are supposed to be he found out that Kane was on the friendly side of the spectrum. That didn't mean he was clean,

Fugaku: You have any siblings?

Kane: Yeah, 2. A sister and a brother

Fugaku: Nice! She in our grade or...

Kane: yeah...

Fugaku: Hey man it's not like that. I just asked

Kane: Heh, don't worry bout it.

After class

Kane: You know Fugaku, you're a good kid. I'll let ya hang around, just, dont go near my sister

Fugaku: Sure man. You that protective of her?

Kane: You could say that.....Kane catches a glance of Lilly hanging out with another guy, internally Kane wanted to fry that dude, but not in front of Fugaku. Who noticed his agitation and turned to see a blonde girl hanging out with another Asian/American.

Fugaku: That's her then

Kane: Yeah....Kane was really annoyed with his sister, how many times had he told her no boys?! He'll need to set her straight, and if that guy should make a move on her, he's dead.

Fugaku: Looks like i found his target. Anyways dude, we outta go to the next class. Best not be late

Kane: Sure, be right there Fugaku. Kane balled his fist but moved onward with Fugaku who was keeping an eye on him and Kane noted that but didn't say anything of it. The two proceeded to Chemistry lab where he finally found a good enough lab partner to help him out.

At Recess

Fugaku and Kane went separate ways, Fugaku went to get Andrew and Kane went to set things straight with Lilly. Fugaku found Andrew and told him about this situation

Fugaku: He's found his first victim, apparently he doesn;t like this guy hanging out with his sis,

Andrew: How do we find him?

Fugaku: I planted a tracker in his bag, all we need to do is follow the signal.

Andrew: Yes sir!

Fugaku: Let's move!

Fugaku and Andrew followed the signal until they found him at the back of the school and also saw the Asian/America hug Lilly and that was apparently stepping over the line with Kane as he made his move.

Fugaku: Let's get into gear

Andrew: Right! Do it!

Fugaku used the darkforce and turned Andrew's cloths into his combat attire along with himself, they wore black clothing with a grey flak jacket, metal arm guards and gloves, ninja sandals with spikes for travelling into mountainous regions, three ninja pouches on their back-waist and a signature spiral tattoo on their shoulder.

Kane: Lilly!

Lilly: Kane! Oh no....

Kane: Oh no? OH NO?! What's that supposed to mean!?

Boyfriend: Hey watch it pal

Kane: Watch it? She's my sister!

Lilly: Kane! Stop it! I'm not 11 anymore damn it! Leave me alone

Kane: Get away from my sister or else,Kane begins to fume and releases demonic energy which scares the boyfriend and he screams. Which is when chains wrapped themselves around Kane and startled him, making him stop for a moment

Andrew: Alright that's enough Akuma!

Fugaku: Step away from the boy demon

Kane: Who are you?! And...urg! What is this thing made of!!

Fugaku: Darkforce energy, it's strong alright. Don't expect to break out of it!

Kane: When i get out...I'll BURN YOU ALL! And I'll set you straight, Lilly. How many times did i say no boys but again and again! I'll deal with you later but for now....

Kane focused on his Demon Magic to try to break the chains and it was a tense battle of wills, Fugaku had to give it everything he had, Kane was super strong for a demon and he was being overpowered easily.

Fugaku: Sand claw, a little help?

Andrew: Right, sure thing Shinobi. Andrew touched the ground and used his powers to grind the iron in the ground into iron sand, he made it rise from the ground and stretched out his hand where it wrapped around Kane and applied some pressure

Light iron sand coffin!

Kane continued to struggle more and more, unleashing all he had to break out of whatever this was. He growled and snarled but eventually he broke out, he grew wings and levitated in the air.

Kane: You. Are. Dead

Fugaku: Claw, get the boy and Lilly out of here! I'll handle him.

Andrew: yes sir!. Andrew grabbed the boy and Lilly, teleporting out of there an to a safe distance. Now it was just Kane and Fugaku aka Shinobi. Using his Object creation power he summoned his STG 44 and fired

Kane dodged them and went in for the kill with his claws but as he did he saw the gun shift into a sort of fan, no, a gumbaI.

Kane: You think a mere FAN can stop me?!

Fugaku: Oh, it will

Kane scratched it over and over again but it wouldn't give in, he saw it turn silver. Now Fugaku went on the offence and swung the Gumbai which hit Kane's side. It sent him speeding towards the dumpster behind him.

Kane: What was that?

Fugaku: Oh this thing? It absorbs the strength of my enemies attack and stores it, making each hit more and more powerful. it's like they say...

Kane: The best offence is often the best defence. Damn him! I can't go on the offensive without making him more stronger! i can't call in my weapons cause that'll just make his fan way more powerful if i hit it! Damn ninja!

Kane adopted a defensive stance as Fugaku came at him and swung, missing his face by an inch. Kane know that if he got hit more than once he was done for. The power he had put in his previous attacks would be enough to shatter someone's entire skeleton it it weren't for his healing factor and other things the battle would've been over

Kane: You're a demon hunter aren't you?! Fugaku!

Fugaku: Aww, that's no fun.

Kane: It was obvious, you did notice me glaring at him. Damn it dude! I'm trying to protect my sister! It's all i want!

Fugaku: No one has to die because of that, and since you're familiar with me...i'll do you the honour. Fugaku takes off his mask and drops it to the ground.

Kane: What. are. you!

Fugaku: A meta-human, Fugaku charges ready to deliver the last blow when all of a sudden, LILLY shows up and hold out her hand

Lilly: STOP IT!!

Kane: NO!! LILLY!!

Fugaku: Crud! Fugaku turns intangibly and goes through Lilly and Kane leaving both unharmed. He makes the Gumbai disappear and goes back to the start position and, without Lilly seeing, he hides his face, picks up his mask and wears it.

Kane: LILLY! OH THANK GOODNESS! Kane hugs her tightly and refuses to let her go. He then looks up at Fugaku with a death glare at first but...calms down to assess everything, he wasn't aiming for Lilly but for him. Lilly showed up.

Fugaku: You ok kiddo?

Lilly: As okay as I can be

Kane: We need to talk. After school. Here, alone. Can you do that?

Fugaku: I will.

After School

Kane waited as he promised and Saw Fugaku approaching. No smiles were made, only eye contact as they face each other, tensely.

Kane: Alright Ninja boy, i'll back off my sister and stop trying to kill all her lovers On ONE condition

Fugaku: Name it

Kane: YOU look out for her.

Fugaku: Me?

Kane: 1) You almost killed her, even thought that was both our faults

2) i wont be always around, and seeing your combat prowess...i can trust you to take care of her. PROMISE ME you'll look after her and who she's hanging around like her Ninja Guardian angel or whatever, we're demons it doesn't matter.

Do you accept?

Fugaku: He smiles as he extends his hand and Kane shakes it I swear on my families honour that i will protect you sister

Kane: Then we have a deal, go home ninja boy. We have dodge ball tomorrow and you better be in good shape.

Fugaku: ha! I will, don't worry

At a Bank later

Another bank robbery was occurring at the moment. It was all over the news. Aaron and Azura were already on the scene, dressed in their Ignition and Eclipse outfits respectively.

Aaron: What's the situation, officer? He approaches the officer in charge of the situation

Officer: As you can see, the assailants are holding hostages, armed with rifles and shotguns. Heavy-duty stuff, not sure how they got their hands on it. They've broken into the vault and disappeared inside. You can guess what they're doing in there. Who the hell even are you, anyway?

Aaron: Just another pair of vigilantes. We'll do our best to get them out safely. The twins teleport onto the building's roof. Azura pries the vent cover off with her sword before returning it to her storage pocket dimension. The two then channel magic into their bodies, turning them invisible and silencing their movements, before crawling through the vents. They managed to climb into the vault's ventilation system before dropping down. Hello there.

Robber: General Ke- Wait, who the f--k are you?! He fires his rifle at Aaron, but Azura dashes forwards, summoning her sword and cutting through the bullets. The f--k?! KILL 'EM!!

Azura: Take left, I'm going right. Her wings appeared and boosted her towards the direction she indicated as she flipped her blade around and began hitting the robbers with the blunt edge of her blade. And don't kill!

Aaron: Hai, hai.. He dashes left, summoning his ice nunchaku from the random demon encounter a while back and slamming it into the head of the guy who shot at him. Following that, his wings sent him flying towards the left side of the vault so he could bash people's heads in with the nun-chucks. How's this?!

Robber: Someone grab the mone- AH! Azura landed on the robber and slammed the pommel of her Katana into his face while placing a sleeping spell on him to keep him unconscious in the same action.

Azura: I'll get the hostages!!

Aaron: Got it! He slammed his nun-chucks into yet another robber, knocking him out cold, quite literally. Frost vapor left the robber's face from where he was hit as he made impact with the ground.


Fugaku was on the rooftop of the building opposite of the Bank being robber, he'd heard about it from the news. Kane had called saying that Lilly wasn't home and that he sensed her close to the scene so Fugaku said that he'd keep an extra eye out for her if he saw her.

Fugaku: Time to go to work. Fugaku wears his mask and flies swiftly towards the roof of the bank and spots some men guarding the back entrance, he uses his Object creation ability and makes about 5 to 6 Shuriken and jumps in front of them, startling them. He throws them and it disarms them as it hits their hands making them drop their weapons.

The fools go for hand to hand, but Fugaku blocks a punch, and counters with a kick to the chin. He senses an attack from behind and turns intangable making the punch go through him and knock out the other man

Robber: What the?!

Fugaku: Too late! Fugaku looks at the man using his Wicked Eye ability and the man falls unconscious. Fugaku unlocks the door and sneaks in, he sees people tied up and frees a few of them via the back entrance, but when he makes his third trip he runs into someone.

Azura: Hey, watch it! She jumps off of Fugaku and tackles a robber as Conjured Blades appeared and began slamming into the other robbers, freezing them in place while also shocking them enough to make them drop their guns.

Aaron: Move it, f--ko! Aaron flies past Fugaku and roundhouse kicks a robber into another, having finished taking out the robbers in the vault and binding them together with magic. The robbers try to stand back up, only for two sword blades to be placed right at their throats. The hostages had been evacuated and the robbers were all trapped in pillars of ice, guns on the ground. Two options. We slit your throats. Or, you turn yourselves in.

Azura: Or three, we freeze you with the rest of your friends. She tried her hand at an intimidating voice, but it didn't work.

Robber 1: The hell was that? You don't sound intimidating at all!

Robber 2: If anything, you sound cu- Before he could say another word, Aaron sent a Conjured Blade flying past them, cutting their masks.

Aaron: Finish that sentence, you immediately get Option 1.

Robber 2: W-we surrender... The twins motioned for the two to get up, personally escorting the robbers to the police before telling them about the situation.

Azura: Robbers detained in pillars of ice in the main room.

Aaron: The ones in the vault are bound up and disarmed. Once you get the cuffs out, the binds will disable and you can cuff 'em proper.

Officer: Nice work, vigilantes... Your names?

Aaron: I go by Ignition in this form.

Azura: I'm Eclipse...

Officer: We'll handle it from here, you two. Move in, everyone! The police proceed into the bank to round up the robbers.

As Fugaku trails them towards a back ally he jumps down in front of them as he has his hand on his scythe which was strapped on his back.

Fugaku: You two, who are you? I've never seen you around before.

Aaron: Good, that means we're doing our job right. He turned around, keeping a hand on his sword.

Azura: ...Ignition, we need to go. She tied her Katana to her waist before summoning a lightning-themed scythe.

Aaron: Indeed we do. Sayonara, b--ch! He nodded and Azura struck the ground with the scythe, releasing a wave of electricity as Aaron threw down several Conjured Blades that exploded into a smoke cloud. Within this distraction, Aaron and Azura teleported back to their homes, swapping out their vigilante outfits for their casual outfits.

Ryoshi: *Aaron, I don't feel so good...*

Aaron: Wait, what?!

Ryoshi: *My being... it's weakening... I've been preparing for this for a long time... I've been transferring my powers into your body, adding in seals and monitoring your condition. I've adapted to your being, and I gift you my existence...* With this, Ryoshi's being was absorbed into Aaron's body. Defiance shapeshifted into a dark red, single-edged sword before compacting into a smaller form.

Aaron: Well... s-it. Thanks for leaving behind cool stuff though. Aaron looked over and saw Azura holding a silver, double-edged sword that compacted into a similarly-small form. He then checked his back pockets and pulled out a pair of heavily-modified pistols. ...f--k yeah!

Azura: A-Aaron! The Nephalem taking care of us just passed! How can you be so rude?!

Aaron: They passed on their powers and wills to us, Azura. It's up to us to carry their legacies, in addition to our parents' legacies. Besides, they gave us what we wanted as one final present... He twirled the handguns then aimed them out the window. Perfectly balanced... You guys really were the best. Ryoshi, Tokko... Rest in peace... He made sure the two pistols had their safeties on before placing them on the table and then looking at his sword. If you haven't named these yet, I'll name this after you, Ryoshi.

Azura: Then... you'll be Tokko. She brushed the blade of her sword gently, staring at her reflection in the polished blade.

At School the next day

Fugaku was annoyed. Those two people had gotten away from him, he had just wanted to talk, damn it all some people are just too suspicious.

Kane: Someone looks pissed

Fugaku: Two Vigilanties, i wanted to talk but they were too shy and poofed off

Kane: Huh. Anyways, was Lilly aright?

Fugaku: Yup, she wasn't one of the hostages

Kane: Thank god. You thinking of trapping them>

Fugaku: They'd only run away again. It's annoying when they do that, i just wanna talk but nooo

Kane: Heh, i knew something would get to you eventually

Fugaku: Oh?

As the bell rang for lunch, Aaron and Azura headed to their usual spot in the library to eat. Azura had befriended the librarians, so they let the two eat in there so long as they cleaned up after themselves. Despite usually not obeying authority figures, Aaron had decided he'd follow the librarian's rules, as it was a quiet spot where he and his sister could eat in peace. They were generally clean eaters, anyway, so there was minimal clean up. As they ate, Alice entered the library, asking for a certain book for her AP Psychology course. She looked over and saw Aaron eating, so she waved to him. He waved back before he continued to eat. Alice walked over and sat down next to the twins as the librarian looked for the book she requested.

Alice: Hey, Aaron. How are you?

Aaron: Fine, you?

Alice: Good, good. Is this your sister?

Azura: H-hello. I'm Azura, nice to meet you.. She waved gently and immediately took a bite of her rice.

Alice: I'm Alice, pleasure to meet you. She offered Azura a warm smile, which was met with a more subdued, but equally friendly smile. I take it you're a more reserved lady? Azura nodded and continued to eat in silence. I won't pry too much, then. So, Aaron... are you ordering anything from Mr. Cormack anytime soon?

Aaron: Still on the delivery training shift?

Alice: For a few more weeks, yes. Better order something within the next 4 weeks, or else you'll get someone else delivering your secrets. She had a teasing smile, nudging Aaron's arm.

Aaron: I might order some stuff that my dad worked on. Gonna tinker around with the parts and components to see if I can make something for myself. He continued to eat even through the nudging.

Alice: Order soon, this limited-time offer is ending soon!

Aaron: You sound like one of those infomercials on TV...

Alice: I kid, I kid. But really, after these next four weeks, I'll be officially on Cormack Industries' employee list. Who knows... maybe I'll keep delivering to you personally!

Aaron: If you insist. He finished his meal, stopping himself from lighting up on his E-Cigar since the Librarian told him not to smoke in the library.

Meanwhile at the back of the school

Fugaku, Lilly, Kane and Andrew were hanging out and discussing what to do with the vigilantes.

Kane: Can you tell me anything about them? Any aura or trace of something?

Fugaku: All i know is that they hid it pretty well, plus they can use lightning.

Kane: Hmm, that's not much to go on with. Tell you what, how's about you take Lilly and go to the Library, i'm pretty sure that there's bound to be some books on mythical creatures who can employ such a thing. May take a while tho, i mean i am part Asguardian so there's that

Andrew: Like Thor?

Kane: Sorta. Well, i'm going my way with Andrew and you and Lilly go the Library.

Fugaku/Lilly: Sure.

As the two made their way to the library, Lilly was asking all these questions that Fugaku knew that she would.

Lilly: So you have a girl yet?

Fugaku: Yeah but it's a long distance thing

Lilly: oh, alright. Library should be....ah there it is.

Fugaku and Lilly made their way in the gathered all sorts of books and saw two girls sitting on a table. They decided to sit there too as they seem to into whatever they were doing to care, however, Fugaku noticed that something felt....familiar about them. He couldn't place his finger on it just yet so he decided to introduce himself.

Fugaku: Oh hey there, mind if we sit here. My name's Fugaku Davis by the way and you are??

Alice: I'm Alice. She looked over to Azura, who got up.

Azura: Bathroom... She walked away, taking her stuff with her as she visited her locker to put away her lunchbox before heading to the bathroom.

Aaron: I'm going for a smoke. He got up, taking his stuff with him, and leaving the library. He went to his locker to put the stuff away before heading to a corner of the school that students weren't allowed to enter, leaning against the wall and taking puff of his e-Cig. *Can people just leave us alone? God...* As he thought this, a completely undetectable portal opened and swallowed him up, throwing Aaron into the Heaven-Piercing Realm, where he saw Azura standing with Tokko deployed. Brilliant silver and blue energy shaped into a sword blade coated the weapon's rather short physical blade. Slowly, her Eclipse outfit appeared. However, it didn't seem like an outfit anymore. The white bodysuit had a rather scaly appearance, and her coattails seemed to have a feathery texture to them. Even her face mask had changed, with a pair of small blue horns protruding from her forehead and a silver halo above her head. Not this s--t again...

Voice: WELCOME, CHILDREN OF THOSE I SCORN. I HOPE YOU'RE READY TO KILL SOME MORE THINGS, BECAUSE I'M BORED AND LONELY WITH AN UNGODLY AMOUNT OF DEMONS AT MY DISPOSAL!! As the voice spoke, Aaron summoned his sword, generating a red energy blade that flowed with golden energy throughout. His Ignition outfit covered him, but it was very different alright. It felt like he was wearing nothing, yet something. His skin didn't feel as cold now, due to the scales that covered him. His halo was gold, but smaller than Azura's. His red horns were also large than hers.

Azura: Leave us alone!

Voice: HOW COULD I WHEN YOUR PARENTS RUINED ME!? One demon appeared, pulsing with intense light and generating deep shadows at the same time. ANYWAYS! THIS DEMON IS ONE OF MY EXPERIMENTS. I FUSED TWO OPPOSING BEINGS INTO ONE FORM, AND THEIR POWERS HAVE ALSO FUSED. DON'T WORRY, YOU'LL BOTH GET THE SAME PRIZES IF YOU LIVE!! ENJOOOOOOOOY~ With that, the demon charged at the two, emitting a blinding light to distract them as it manipulated the shadows below them to trap them in place.

Aaron: F--king hate this. So much... He shut his eyes and threw a Conjured Blade to the side to teleport out of the way of the light and shadow traps. Azura did the same, dodging to the other side of the charging behemoth. It collided with an invisible wall, leaving it stunned and weak. Azura teleported forwards and began slashing while Aaron placed his sword on his back, collapsing it and shutting off the energy flow as he twirled his new pistols and rapid-fired into the demon's back.


Azura: None of your concern! Her sword may have changed, but her style was relatively the same: quick, precise slashes to the enemy's weakpoint. Its back had definitely softer flesh than the rest of the harder scales protecting the demon's limbs and face as it turned around and roundhouse kicked her away. Unfortunately, she wasn't quick enough to dodge, so she was sent flying into another invisible wall.

Aaron: Sis! He dashed at the demon, swapping back to sword and stabbing into the demon's chest as the energy blade deployed and solidified inside of the demon, piercing its tough hide and emitting a shriek of agony.'s stuck! The demon slapped him away into the same invisible wall Azura hit, so she had to help him as the demon roared and Ryoshi the sword fell to the ground in its inactive form. He held out his hand, and sure enough, the blade flew back to him like Mjolnir to Thor. Is this a permanent tether? This'll come in handy, often.

Azura: Demon's weakpoint is its back. Its limbs are much tougher than the rest, especially forearms and shins. The flesh on its back is much softer, we'll do the most damage there. If we can unleash some super-powerful attack on its back at the same time, we'll take it down.

Aaron: Rider kick?

Azura: What? We have swords, brother! Rider Slash!

Aaron: Let's do it. He got up with a smirk under the scales that protected his mouth in this form. Take left, I got right. They both nodded before dashing to their designated sides, unleashing a barrage of projectiles as distraction. Azura stuck to the Conjured Blades, imbued with explosive magic, while Aaron fired volleys of bullets infused with angelic energy. Slowly, they whittled away at the demon's health, dropping it to its knees from exhaustion as it tried to deal with the angelic energy and explosive magic thrown at it. Now's our chance!

Azura: Hissatsu! Rider... She overcharged her sword's energy blade, expanding it exponentially. Aaron was approaching from the opposite with a similar energy blade, both of them running up towards the demon's back.

Aaron: Slash!! The twins slashed upwards at the same time before kicking off and propelling themselves back at the Demon to unleash a combo of slices and slashes before ending with a downward slash that cleaved the demon right in half. Kore de kimari da...

Azura: Now to take these weapons... She hacked off the limbs of the half closer to her and put them on her own limbs, Aaron taking the other half and putting them to his own. The limbs immediately split down the middle, attached to the other arm/leg that wasn't covered, and transformed into a pair of armored gauntlets and boots with the same pulsing light and waving shadow as the demon had.

Voice: Really thought it'd do more against you... Whatever. BEGONE, F--KS! The twins were then spat out of the Heaven-Piercing Realm, returning to their human forms as they passed through the still-undetectable by any means portal in their regular human forms, the new weapons already stored in their pocket dimension. They both appeared where Aaron was before being transported over.

Aaron: I hate that s--t, so much... He got up and helped Azura up before dusting himself off. All good?

Azura: Yeah... He got just as I was about to wash my hands, so... The two headed to the bathrooms to wash their hands.

At the library again

Fugaku: Found anything yet?

Lilly: Nothing much really

Fugkau: *sigh* fine, it's a dead end. I'll stop chasing em until i encounter them again

Lilly: You know....sometimes, things aren't worth going after. Sometimes patience is the best way forward, isn't that right ninja boy

Fugaku: chuckles.Yeah i suppose so. But for now....Fugaku stops as he senses something horrible, he then sees Andrew in his Shinobi outfit crash through the window.

The library begins to panic as people run out, but Fugaku suits up on the spot using his Darkness manipulation to morph his regular cloths into his Shinobi garb.

Fugaku: Lilly! Stay behind me!

Lilly nods as stays behind Fugaku, he then drags Andrew to a corner and goes to see what was up. He sees Kane fighting off a bunch of demons and is pissed

Kane: FOOLS! What are you doing?! DO YOU NOT KNOW WHO I AM!

Demon 1: That's why we're doing this

A few shuriken land on the ground near the demons making them back off as Fugaku leaps into action with Kane. Fugaku then uses his Object creation to make a scythe and uses his Psychic darkness manipulation to turn some of the demons on themselves

Kane: What did you just do...

Fugaku: Psychic darkness manipulation, essentially...

Kane: yeah i get it

Fugaku: Right..

Suddenly, a faint boom was heard from outside and a BLACK BOOIIIII came through the window in pajamas. He was huffing and puffing, looking around as his eyes were oozing a black aura and lightning was sparking around his arms. It was revealed to be... TREY CREEEEEEEEEL, who has awoken from his slumber because drugs.

Trey: WHAT UP, I'M BACK. The demon slammed him into the ground, and threw him across the library.

Fugaku: Uhh.....who was that?

Kane: more on him later, demons remember??

Fugkau: this. As the sun get's blocked by a rather huge cloud, shadows engulf the area, Fugaku concentrated and made spikes errupt from the ground as it impaled every demon at once, killing most and injuring one who tried to escape. Kane then goes to the escapee demon and tries to interrogate him whilst Fugaku goes to this Trey person and uses the Darkness to heal him.

Trey: He suddenly wakes up and grabs Fugaku's throat and stands up, staring into Fugaku's eyes with a serious expression. Who are you... You're hunting my friends...

Kane runs up to Trey and kicks Fugaku away from him

Kane: LEAVE HIM BE! You!!! I recognise you from the drug deal, to be honest I'm still high, crazy paracetamol right??? Anyway, these demons are crazy, I'm so badass why are they challenging me??? Hell fire can be seen erupting from his eye lids as he is very angery

Fugkau: He activates his intangibility and phased through Trey's hand and Kane's kick. Then, using the shadows around him, he binds Trey to the ground. This would be time to note that the shadows had the density of Steel. Now then, no need to get violent. Kane over there is my friend, I'm also his sister's guardian angle. My name's The wandering shinobi. Aaron and Azura run into the library and hear this.

Aaron: LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME. He's looking for Alice, taking puff of his e-Cig to keep calm as he looked for her. Alice?! Where are you!?

Alice: Over here! She waves her hand runs up to him. That was close... We need to evacuate, c'mon!

Azura: Let's go, Alice.

Alice: What about Aaron?!

Aaron: I'm going to help other people evacuate, don't worry about me.

Alice: Are you sure...?

Aaron: Absolutely. Azura, get her out of here.

Azura: Got it. She led Alice out of the library as Aaron ran into the Library to rescue any people trapped by the debris.

Trey: Who?! You'd better stop hunting them! His body electrified and he spit out a shot dark lightning at Fugaku, electrocuting him greatly and making him get down to the ground. Trey then dislodged his joints, getting out of the shadow binds and once more, realigns his joints. He runs past Fugaku and starts to help civilians as he forms a mask out of lightning to hide his identity. Kane help!

Fugaku: LILLY!! Fugaku had trouble standing but he eventually did and healed himself via the shadows. He then told Kane to go after Trey and he'll handle Lilly as part of his promise, so he went in and saw Lilly and Andrew trapped under some rubble.

Fugaku then just merely touched the rubble and it melted into shadow, which then lead him to save Lilly and Andrew. They made their way out and Fugaku healed both of them with the shadows and Lilly smiled

Lilly:You know, that's really useful.

Fugaku: it is actually

Lilly: Does this mean we're friends?

Fugkau: I mean, I guess so.

Lilly: Yay me

Aaron emerged from the rubble with a burnt jacket and ashes on his face. He had been working to put the fires out, but some of it got to him. He coughed while making his way out of the library, taking a puff of his e-Cig to keep calm.

Aaron: *Thank you, Ryoshi. Truly...* He sighed and took another puff, blowing the simulated smoke into the air before walking away, taking off his jacket and patting it down. Damn... Sorry, Dad. Messed up your jacket... Hm. I guess... I'll get my own jacket. You've served me well, but it's time I grew up, yeah? He folded the jacket up and headed to his locker to put it away with the rest of his stuff.

A few months after the library fire

The number of these rogue demon attacks keep increasing, Fugaku, Kane, and Andrew had to work overnight to stop them and yet still Kane had NO IDEA what was going on, why were they rebelling. They had a run in with the vigilantes a few times but being the cowards they were they fled before even making contact. Which continued to annoyed Fugaku who vowed to use the Physic darkness ability to get them to talk as they were on EVERY scene with rogue demons imaginable...well on most scenes but on enough to warrant suspicion.

However tragedy struck one night as demons had attacked the place that Fugaku's long distance girl was staying and they killed her but not before he sensed the vigilantes nearby AGAIN. Fugaku was now a mess crying over his dead girl in his arms when Lilly walked over as she decided to come over this mission

Lilly: Fugaku...i....i'm sorry

Fugaku: i sensed them

Lilly: The Vigilanties? Where?

Fugaku: Not far from here. They're trying to hide their presence but it's night time. i can sense them more clearly.

Lilly: look, Ninja, i'm really sorry you had to go through this...really i am. P-promise me that IF you did go after the you wouldn't do anything stupid

Fugaku: I make no promises Fugaku melted into shadow as he began perusing the two in search of some bloody answers, his girl had just died tonight and he was NOT taking no for an answer. Even if he had to mentally traumatise on of them to near insanity to do so. Then again he's just cure her of there's not really a problem. At a nearby mall, Aaron and Azura were out shopping for clothes. They'd decided to change up their outfits, and were looking through the racks of clothes.

Azura: There's been a lot of attacks recently... She was looking at a rack of flannels.

Aaron: Think it could be him? He was looking through the men's hoodies, picking out a red zip hoodie and inspecting it. *Might pair this with a blazer or flannel or something... Got it, pair it with a casual blazer or some s--t. Yeah...*

Azura: It's a possibility, who knows? Hey, you think we should've brought Alice with us? She could've helped us pick out some outfits. She looked at two different flannels before picking the blue and white option.

Aaron: She's at work. She also wasn't kidding about being my personal delivery-woman... His eyes widened, surprised that she actually went through with that, before shaking his head and asking a sales associate if they had casual blazers. The associate gave him a confused look, but pointed him to where the blazers were nonetheless.

Azura: Ah, I see. Is her shift over yet?

Aaron: C'mon, Azura. She's gotta make a living on her own. He got a text from Alice saying she was working overtime to deliver stuff. Ah, overtime. Hope Uncle Shane's paying you well, Alice.

Azura: I still can't believe you accepted her so easily... She was looking at different tank-tops.

Aaron: She's proven to be a fairly nice girl. I can trust her, even if she flirts... He picked up the blazer he wanted and proceeded to check out to buy all his clothes. Azura joined him shortly after, holding an abundance of tops, flannels, and shorts. Really...?

Azura: I wanna try something new...

Aaron: Fine, fine... He purchased the items, which were kindly placed into bags for the two of them. They thanked the associates before leaving the shop and heading back into the mall. Want new shoes?

Azura: We're gonna be there for hours.

Aaron: ...I'm taking that as a yes. He sighed and headed to the resident shoe store in the mall, buying a couple pairs of Converse High-tops as Azura spent a long time looking around, just like she said.

The next day...

Fugaku felt stupid trying to chase after those two for answers, he was too enraged and depressed to think clearly. He left Lilly alone and abandoned his duty, he felt stupid...he went to school with the mask of a smile, he didn't want anyone knowing he was depressed....

Lilly: hey...about last night

Fugaku: Look, i'm sorry for leaving you ok.

Lilly: hey, listen. You did what you thought what you had to do ok? Don't go blaming yourself for things you can't control. Your girl most definitely wouldn't...and neither would i. We're friends you know...i can listen if you want to talk

Fugaku: Smiles softly sure Lilly

Lilly: Here's my number in case you wanna talk.

Fugaku accepts the number and waves her goodbye as he goes into class and sits down next to Kane who knows instantly that somethings wrong. But before he could ask the teacher announced that they would be working on a project for school, a poster on the 2nd World War. Unfortunately for Kane he got partnered up with someone else and Fugaku got partnered up with two kids called Aaron and Azura who he recognised as the people he had tried to say hi to in the library all those months ago before it blown to kingdom come

Fugaku: Hi's Fugaku Davis. I assume you're Aaron and Azura?

Aaron: Fugaku? You're Japanese too? He was sketching something on a note pad while Azura was reading the information concerning the project.

Fugaku: Yes that's right. I didn't know you were too. Anyways, i got a lot of info about this topic as my dad has a lot of material on that time period.

Aaron: Good for him.

Azura: Aaron, it says here you can draw a propaganda poster for whichever front you want to support. Color is mandatory, so we might need to take it home and water brush it.

Aaron: Got it. He flipped to another page in his notepad and looked at the paper to determine what front they wanted to illustrate.

Fugaku: Let's do the Western Front...after all he did claim that his dad was on D-day. So he has a lot of stuff related to the western front. Plus the Western Front is easy.

Aaron: I'll be here drawing the thing. Find some inspirational s--t to put on it. He looked up the Flag designs used during WW2 and began sketching them out roughly on the notepad.

Fugaku: Inspirational? Like Quotes? Sure i memorised some of them by heart.. K, we have German Commander Erwin Rommel: "One of the most important aspects, not only in military matters but in life as a whole is the ability to direct ones whole energy towards the fulfillment of a single task." How's that?

Aaron: It'd work on a poster for the German Front, if it's by a German Commander.

Fugaku: Okay tell you what, let's divide this between the three major faction of the war. I take the German faction, you take the American Faction and Azura takes the Soviet faction. And afterwards, we each take one of the smaller factions i.e. the British, French, Italian and japanese

Aaron: What do you wanna do, sis?

Azura: Hm... we only need to do one poster for the entire group. We can just switch to the German Front and apply that quote.

Aaron: I'll go look up some tanks and Erwin Rommel. He ripped the page out of his notepad and tossed it into the recycling bin, landing it perfectly, before researching Rommel on his phone.

Fugaku: no need, I have everything you need to know in my house. My grandpa told me war stories about Rommel, for example: When British SAS Commandos captured a senior tank commander, they eavesdropped on his conversations with the other POWs and he said that "Hitler needed to be killed"

Aaron: Dude, I just need an image of Rommel to draw and some tanks in the background to make him look cool. We don't need to do an extensive report.

Fugaku: I'm not being extensive, plus, why draw when there's the internet to get his pics off of, or you want more genuine photos my grandpa has 4 photos of the German Commander that were found in an outpost. Plus, while I appreciate the coolness factor this is still a project no less. I'm going all out, but you are right in saying that we don't have be too extensive. My grandpa has letters and what seems to be one of the commanders many journals. It should also be known that Rommel wasn't a Nazi to being with. He never joined the party and forbade his son to join Heinrich Himmler's SS, who, fun fact: Has living descendants directly related to him in modern day Germany. That would be a good point.

Aaron: We're making a propaganda poster, do you really need any of this? I'm looking up Rommel's picture on my phone right now.

Fugaku: Well the teacher didn't specifically say a propaganda poster she just said A poster. But if it's propaganda poster you want the Rommel, being Germany's Hero has quite a ton. My grandpa had a few friends who fought in the Africa campaign, and they managed to nick a Poster of Erwin Rommel with those tanks you want to add in so much

Aaron: ...dude, I just need some references on how to draw these things. The internet is fine. He held up the rough sketch, showing a fairly accurate drawing of Rommel and the tanks in the background with his quote embedded throughout. See?

Fugaku: i never said i doubted your drawing skills, i'm only saying that it be more.....oh what's that word, legitimate if we got the actual thing and used it. Plus, we don't just have to stop at 1 of those things, i mean we could essentially compile everything we have and all the info into a huge poster where we may get more credit for using authentic sources rather than a drawing. Plus Rommel is my idol in a way, i'd feel better about honouring him with a more compiled piece rather than a single drawing

Aaron: The whole point of this assignment is to do it with our bare hands. Using memorabilia from a century ago might as well be cheating. I'm doing only one of these. If you want to use your Rommel posters, ask the teacher if you can work on your own and submit that instead.

Fugaku: He never said we couldn't tho. Plus we're supposed to be a team, assuming you know what that means.....since you're on your phone all the time, and the other ones not doing anything. But just to be sure i'll ask

Azura: I'm going home to water paint all this. Aaron lays out the design, I color it in. Simple as that.

Aaron: Dude, you keep forcing your "authentic German sources" onto us when we're just doing the assignment. If you have differing views, just ask the teacher to split from us. Everyone knows I'm not a team player.

Fugaku: *sigh* well this isn't going why do you say that like i'm lying. The teacher notices the tension and comes over to see whats wrong and asks

Teacher: What's wrong you three

Fugaku: Sir, can we use authentic sources for this?

Teacher: like?

Fugaku: My grandpas a War vet and he has all these crazy stuff that i think would work great. But we're at an impass and can't agree as Aaron insists on doing a drawing. Which by the way is surprisingly accurate. I just feel however it would be more beneficial. Plus we may get extra credit.

Teacher: Well, i did say you had to create a poster however what i didn't say was was you couldn't put on it. Tell you what, how's about you combine that drawing with your authentic posters into 1 with those huge A-2 posters and attempt to create something nice out of it... oh and Aaron, please for the love of god try to work together with people other than Azura? Teamwork is a valuable skill. And NO i can't put you for Fugaku on another team as all are full, you have to learn this Aaron...besides in this team project you all get judged as a whole. Meaning that 1 person fails YOU ALL FAIL.

Fugaku: oh s--t i was not expecting this...S--T

Aaron: Alright, I'll take the "L." Honestly never liked history, anyway. He shrugged and tore the sketch of Rommel out of his notepad, putting it on the table.

Azura: Aaron, come on.

Aaron: We're doing well enough in this class as is. Worst-case, I retake it over the summer. It's not like I'm going to major in history anyway. I'm only doing this for the graduation credit, nothing more.

Azura: Can't you at least put in some effort?

Aaron: I did. The drawing.

Azura: More than that.

Aaron: He can get his authentic whatever and put it on the poster, then send it over to us so I can draw around it and then you can paint it. Bam, done deal.

Azura: Is that seriously it?

Aaron: We're all putting in an equal amount of effort. He's got his grandfather's war trophies, I'll draw in the designs as needed, and you can have fun painting it in.

Azura: Better than the alternative...

Fugaku: well at least Azura has initiative. Right then, i'll grab the posters however....we're sticking it on the A-2 as it is with bluetac, no way in hell am i even going to consider taking the risk by sending it over to someone i've barely even offense Aaron. Azura, perhaps if you came with me we could work on the art supplies and decor of the poster...i like that kinda stuff. So perhaps after school either at your or my place we could meet up and do it? 

Aaron: We'll meet at my place. Parents are gone, so we have room to work. Try anything on my sister, you're a dead man.

Azura: All of my paints and brushes are at home, too. We'll give you the address, we're free after school today. She wrote the address on the Rommel sketch and passed it to him.

Fugaku: thanks but i'm sorry did you seriously just say "Don't try anything on my sister?". Dude! Fugaku then frowns and lowers his voice as he cracks I don't need you sister, i had a girl and she bled to death in my arms yesterday after one of those "Demon things" attacked us. I know you're concerned but next time....try to watch what you say.. The bell rang and Fugaku left in misery. Aaron and Azura went up to the new school building's rooftop to eat lunch because the library is still undergoing construction.

Aaron: Yeah, f--k that guy.

Azura: Really? Was that really necessary.

Aaron: You know how I am.

Azura: That doesn't g- They were both sucked through a portal to the Heaven-Piercing Realm, which lived up to its name by stabbing Azura through the heart as they landed.

Aaron: Azura!!

Azura: Nii-san... I don't.. feel.. She started to turn to dust, but Aaron grabbed her amulet and, using every ounce of his powers, contained her soul and power in the necklace. Huh?

Aaron: You aren't dying on me... Not now, dammit... I don't want to be the last of the Kasai bloodline.

Voice: HOW TOUCHING~!! YOU TURNED YOUR SISTER INTO A PENDANT! I GUESS IT'S NOT THAT BAD ANYMORE, CONSIDERING SHE DOESN'T HAVE A BODY ANYMORE! Azura's body reformed, with the crystal from her necklace embedded in her chest, right where the collarbones met with the top of the sternum. Oh, spoke too soon.

Aaron: One of these days, I will kill you.

Voice: BUT THAT AIN'T TODAY, F--KO! Have fun with this. A pair of demons dropped in, each holding a futuristic SMG. But then another voice spoke out. This second voice was much more calm, and bore no ill will.

Voice 2: Boy. You've nearly lost your sister, and these demons are beneath you. Shall I offer you a new power?

Aaron: What's the catch?

Voice 2: Your new weapons will need to be regulated by your younger sister.

Aaron: I see... so what about my current weapons?

Voice 2: They'll be reconfigured by my fellow council members. Are you aware of the name "Higashikata?"

Aaron: ...JoJo reference?

Voice 2: How about Higashikata Haruto?

Aaron: Nope.

Voice 2: I see. Not surprising. This isn't Earth-2025, after all.

Aaron: What are y-

Shin: My name is Shin. I am a multidimensional existence equivalent to a polytheistic god. I represent all that is new to the Arcana, the council of gods and goddesses I belong to. Young Nephalem, what is your name? A silver humanoid figure appeared in front of him

Aaron: I'm... Aaron. How can I trust you?

Shin: I'm not trying to kill you. I have only offered help, have I not?

Aaron: I guess... still doesn't make you trustworthy. Aaron and Azura glowed as Aaron's Nephalem form took on a slightly more mechanical appearance, with asymmetrical striping and compound eyes. Azura was dressed in a white and blue skirted leotard with silver armor adorning her legs and arms, and an armored scarf over her mouth.

Azura: This power... It's too much for me... She held out her hand to Aaron, and a stream of silver energy connected the two. It's easing up now...

Aaron: This overwhelming power... my soul's surging with energy... And the other weapons I was promised?

Shin: Here. He handed him the Tokko and Ryoshi swords, now symmetrical in design with their unique colors. Both were now single-edged swords similar to Ryoshi's blade design, with Tokko's hilt and guard designs. You seem to be adept at dual-wielding. We shall entrust these two you for to use while we convert the rest of your weapons. These two demons ahead will be instantly converted into the new weapon style for you. Be prepared for another paired weapon.

Aaron: Hm... got it. He smirked and dashed forwards, Azura following to keep the energy tether going. Shin wasn't wrong. The power output was easily an exponential increase, and it was still going thanks to Azura's tether. Said tether was turning blue, as the link seemed to be establishing itself.

Azura: Nii-san... I'll be fighting within you.

Aaron: Wait, what?! He turned around and saw Azura hug him tight as his necklace made contact with the gem in her chest, fusing the two together. His right eye gained a dragon-like visage, while his left eye took a rabbit-like appearance. Vibrant red flowed from his eye around his head and down to his right arm, coating part of his right pectoral as navy blue flowed from his other eye around and down to his left arm to cover the remaining demonic flesh. A blue jacket-like fang appeared on his left arm, stretching down to make contact with a red stripe, and extending sideways to create spiked shoulder armor. His wings, folded up to resemble a trench coat, had taken an asymmetrical appearance. His right wing shared the same navy as his right eye, while the left wing reflected his vibrant red left eye. What is this...?

Azura: *Our combined form... I don't have any names...* Her voice echoed in his head, but no one else seemed to hear her.

Aaron: We can think of it later! When he spoke out loud, something compelled Azura to say the same thing, giving him a feminine echo in addition to the angelic and demonic voices that spoke in tandem to his voice. When he blasted forward, the speed output was insane, allowing him to easily close the multi-meter gap with a single dash. He slashed away at the two demons in front of him at a similarly-fast pace. Within seconds, they were whittled down to nothing. All that remained were two SMGs with a strangely demonic appearance despite being a highly-futuristic design. Nice...


Aaron: I'll be going now. He sheathed the swords on his back and picked up the guns before holstering them on his thighs and exiting the demon world. When he did, he saw Azura's corpse on the ground and a swarm of students around it. F--k, right...

Azura: *I'm still here in your head. But my body's gone...*

Aaron: Think we can have the principal bring your body back to our home?

Azura: *You're my only blood relation. He ought to be able to.*

Aaron: ...Damn that voice.

Azura: *Which one?*

Aaron: The unnamed one. The second one introduced himself as Shin, or whatever.

Azura: *Mhm... I'm amazed you managed to keep me in the pendant, though...* Aaron looked at said pendant, seeing a half-and-half red and blue crystal, striped diagonally like how it was in his Nephalem form.

Aaron: I'm going to the principal now. He took the stairs down from the roof, walking out of the building to pick up Azura's body with a grim expression and a single tear falling from his face.

Principal: What happened?!

Azura: *Tell him... some boys bullied me and tried to pressure me into doing bad things, so I ran away.*

Aaron: Charlie whatever his last name is. Football star. Tried to drink a beer in a convenience store. Pressured my sister into dating him. She said no. He kept pressing, getting unlawfully close. She couldn't stand it anymore. I tried to talk her out of jumping, but she did it anyway... More tears slid down his cheeks. He bit his lips to keep himself from bawling. Even if his sister's soul was still close, he couldn't help but mourn her physical death. I'm her only blood relative. Our parents fell victim to unfortunate circumstances, and we don't know our grandparents. Can I at least keep her body?

Charlie: Hey, I didn't do s-

Aaron: SHUT IT!! YOU TRIED TO GET HER TO DATE YOU!! BUT THIS IS WHAT YOU GOT INSTEAD! ARE YOU HAPPY YOU DID THIS!? IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT, B----RD!! His anger for the man burst out, and he was hugging Azura's body tightly. Azura...

Principal: Charlie, in my office!! If I don't see you there, immediate expulsion!! Charlie grumbled and walked to the principal's office. Who's your legal guardian?

Aaron: Shane Cormack... Yes. The CEO of Cormack Industries.

Principal: I'll need to have him sign the forms for you. I'll let you take her home and grieve for tonight. The sooner Mr. Cormack is available to sign the forms, the sooner you'll be able to lay her to rest. The principal headed to the office to enact disciplinary punishment for Charlie.

Aaron: Got it... He sat down at the nearest bench, resting Azura's head in his lap and lying her down on the bench. *This is weird, knowing you're still here but you're not in your body...*

Azura: *If you keep the body, I'll be able to inhabit it at home.*

Aaron: *You're gonna have to stay hidden, you know.*

Azura: *I'll just turn into a shut-in. Maybe even go around the house in just my underwear~*

Aaron: *Azura, what the f--k. I'm your brother.*

Azura: *I kid, I kid. However, we will need to tell at least a few people. Uncle Shane, for one thing.*

Aaron: *And Alice?*

Azura: *If you want to have her over for every date, yes. If you're planning to just smash a few times, I'll have to be quiet...*

Aaron: *I'll have to tell her too, then.*

Azura: *You're sure?*

Aaron: She hasn't lied to me so far. Worst-case, I'll just keep your coffin in your room. That was what you wanted, right?

Azura: *You said that out loud. But yeah, that's what I wanted. Ooh, replace the bed with my coffin! Or make my bed coffin-shaped!*

Aaron: *Really...? Do you really want a coffin bed?*

Azura: *Yes! Gothic~*

Aaron: You think I'll get to leave early today? I don't feel so good... He felt his stomach turn, getting up and folding his jacket as a pillow for Azura before walking towards a nearby trashcan and vomiting into it. *Oh god, why...?!* After the puke subdued, he got up and held his mouth to avoid any of the mess dripping onto the ground. He made a beeline for the bathroom, washing his face and mouth so he was relatively presentable. When he returned, he saw Alice sitting where he was, using his jackets as a blanket for Azura and resting Azura's head on her lap. Alice?

Alice: Hey... I'm... sorry for your loss.. She had a pack of tissues next to her, wiping her tears away.

Aaron: Thanks... Listen... can we talk after school today?

Alice: I'd love to, but my job...

Aaron: I need to visit Cormack Industries anyway. Legal guardian's signature and all.

Alice: I see... I'll let you know when I'm on break.

Aaron: Got it... I'm hoping I can go home early and just... grieve. I can't do s--t at school right now...

Alice: I get it... Azura... You were too pure to go so soon.

Azura: *I appreciate the kind words, Alice. Even if you can't hear me. Thank you, Alice. You'd better keep her, Aaron.*

Aaron: *Yeah, yeah...* She's in a better place now. *Just roll with it.*

Azura: *Give me a notice whenever you're going to do something personal. I don't want to be around to see you shower, or worse.*

Aaron: *I'll try.*

Alice: Lunch is about to end... I'm gonna have to go to class soon.

Aaron: Yeah... I'll take over. You can get going.

Alice: You sure?

Aaron: 100%. Go. She's my sister, after all. Alice got up, and the two switched spots so Alice could go to class just as the bell rang to end lunch. Aaron sat there, all alone, listening to music, until the bell that signaled the next class had started rang. Once class was in session, the principal approached him.

Principal: Given your circumstances, I'll allow you to either go home, or visit your guardian at work so you can get these forms filled. He handed Aaron a bundle of papers to sign. You've been excused from the rest of today's classes, and I'll excuse you from classes for as long as you need until you feel better. We have psychologists at this school, so feel free to let them know what's on your mind if you're hurting hard. Alright, son?

Aaron: Yeah... He muttered, having removed an earbud to listen to the principal.

Principal: I don't think driving would be a safe idea in this current state. Do you have a ride back home?

Aaron: Yeah...

Principal: You'd better call them now and let them know where you're going.

Aaron: Yeah...

Principal: Are you really paying attention to me, Aaron?

Aaron: I am, I am... This is hard on me, you know.

Principal: I apologize, just wanted to make sure. I'll leave you be now. May your sister rest in peace. She was a great student, even if she was shy.

Aaron: Yeah... With that, the Principal left. Once he was clear out of sight, Aaron put his jacket back on and carried his sister's body off of school campus, making sure no one was around before teleporting back home and laying Azura's body down on her bed, keeping the lights off. This is... still almost as bad as I thought it'd be. Seeing your body like this is... depressing and off-putting, especially since your soul's still here.

Azura: *You'll get used to it. Eventually.*

Aaron: It'll be a while... He sighed and collapsed on his bed, tired from all this.

The next day

Fugaku woke up and told his dad to leave him at the address that was written on the paper, he said it was for a school project and that he'd gotten everything he needed. Rasa then dropped Fugaku off at the location, however Fugaku couldn't help but notice that something was off. Fugaku went to the front door and knocked, waiting for a reply. Aaron opened the door and sighed in annoyment.

Aaron: My sister's dead, f--k off. He slammed the door shut and returned to his room, where he was tinkering with the weapons that Shin had given him. *It's the f--ko from yesterday. He actually showed up here. How the actual hell did he not hear about your death? The teacher should've emailed him or some s--t. Dumb-ss...*

Azura: *He still showed up? Seriously?! How do you not hear about the death of a fellow student?! Especially a person you were partnered with for a school project?! This guy...*

Aaron: *I know, annoying... I was supposed to get the forums signed yesterday, but I passed out...* Fugaku was shocked because it wasn't on the news yet, this be the first he'd heard of it. He thinks about going in but then backs off in order to allow her to grieve.

Fugaku then went back home and explained the situation to Rasa and his brother Andrew before going up to his room and texting Lilly.

Fugaku: hey

Lilly: oh hi!

Fugaku: did you hear apparently the girl i was partnered up with aka Azura died. Demons no doubt

Lilly: Oh god...

Fugaku: Are you alright?

Lilly: huh? Oh. No i'm fine thanks for asking ma dude ;)

Fugaku: ma dude? Warming up to me aren't you??

Lilly: Hard to stay away when your always so close by

Fugaku: Heh, i am your guardian angle after all my little devil

Lilly: *blush* i'm part Asguardian too ya know!

Fugaku: Right right :)

Lilly: What will you do now?

Fugaku: This ends tonight. I'm hunting them down, every single one i can find tonight and sending them back to hell.

Lilly: Won't they just comeback? I'd hate for them to go after you

Fugaku: my my, is that worry i detect Lilly?

Lilly: Obviously!

Fugaku: ....oh

Lilly: Yeah i worry about you! You're the first real friend i've had since Kane keeps chasing every potential one away! *angry*

Fugaku: Ah Kane....classic. #mondaynightraw

Lilly: OMFL!!! Seriously?!?!?! That was such a bad joke

Fugaku: HAHAHAHAHAHHAH Sorry i had to do that

Lilly: heh okay okay i admit that was a little funny. Be safe out there okay?

Fugaku: You bet, this ends tonight.

Lilly: I'll come.

Fugaku: Are you sure?

Lilly: Positive, give me a weapon or something

Fugaku: Kane's gonna kill me...but i'll be looking after you so....i guess it counts

Lilly: Rooftops?

Fugaku: Rooftops

At Cormack Industries Headquarters

Aaron was trudging towards the door when a portal opened and spat out a demon! Seeing this, he ran for the door, kicking it open and yelling into the building.

Aaron: There's a monster outside, everyone please evacuate!!! *We need to ensure the civilians here don't become casualties...*

Azura: *Shall I do some possessing to get people to evacuate?*

Aaron: *No, I need you to transform and keep my power up.* Ladies and gentlemen, please evacuate the building through the back!! As the demon roared outside, he turned around and pulled out one of his pistols, firing it through the glass windows and hitting the demon's eye. *I need to find somewhere to transform without my identity being revealed.*

Shin: *Hello there.*

Aaron: Ah, how did you do that?! He continued to fire at the demon, running out the door and luring it away from the building.

Shin: *You accepted my gifts. This is but one method of compensation. A direct telepathic link between you and I.*

Aaron: Can you get me a place to do the thing in private?!

Shin: *Alley on your left, dive in and Henshin.*

Aaron: How do you know that?! He dived into the alleyway Shin mentioned before tapping his necklace's crystal, transforming him into the half-and-half form he used when he fought in the Heaven-Piercing Realm recently. Unfortunately, it's just Ignition coming to save the day...! He flew out of the alley and towards the Demon, summoning his swords and slashing at it in mid-air.

Shin: *I shall leave you with one more tip. Your father, he fought a demonic entity known as Kuroi Tensho. He was killed in combat with your parents, but it seems he survived and has been driven even further insane. That is the voice that calls you into the Heaven-Piercing Realm.*

Aaron: Guess I need to ask this demon about it! He slashes upwards before sheathing his swords and switching to his SMGs, raining a hail of energy bullets down on the Demon.

Shin: *That is all I can provide at this moment. Farewell.* With that, Shin's presence in Aaron's head disappeared. On the Rooftops opposite he noticed that there was a commotion taking place and saw one of the Vigilantes taking on a demon

Fugaku: Perfect, Lilly lets go

Lilly: Sure thing, weapon?

Fugaku gave her his STG 44 as Fugaku used the Shadows to teleport him and Lilly towards the demon that the Vigilantly was fighting.

Fugaku: YOU'RE FINISHED! The demon turned around, surprised as it saw the blade of a scythe coming towards his face and blocked it, it drew out a sword and swung it at Fugaku but he dodged and touched the Demon's blade, melting it into shadow.

Demon: WHAT?!

Fugaku: Like i're finished. Fugaku moulded the shadow into a scythe and cleaved the demon in half. Then he turned towards the Vigilanty

Fugaku: And you, owe me answers. Don't think you can just show up and do whatever you please.

Lilly: Ya know, he's been working hard to get you to brothers half Asguardian so you better talk.

Aaron: Who your brother is doesn't matter to me. If you're asking questions, I'm asking you a couple too. The demon corpse turned into pixels that gathered around his arm, turning it into a demonic shotgun. He checked to see if it was loaded, inserting demonic energy in the shape of shotgun shells into the weapon before closing the barrel and holstering it behind his waist. Who the hell are you? Who do you work for? What business do you have with demons?

Fugaku: My name is Shinobi, my name is self explanatory. I do not work for anyone and as for my business with demons, i am a demon hunter. These bastards killed my lover and a student from school that was a good kid, their names were Lara and Azura. One i loved and one i wanted to befriend, this is personal business...i may not have known about Azura that much but from what i concluded, she was a shy girl that was really friendly if you how to interact with her, can't say much about her brother tho....there's nothing much to say except he's a very closed off person and i don't for ONE SECOND buy that suicide bullshit the media told, she was too much of a joyous soul to ever commit such a sin, i believe she was murdered by demon scum.  Fugaku sighs as he makes the shadow scythe melt away into the darkness 

Fugaku: It's not like I don't completely understand where the brother is coming from tho, all of us have dear people we have to protect. Lilly there has an Asgardian brother who worries greatly for her, and i just lost the love of my life but I have a younger brother to compensate for that loss. And I intend to keep him safe, I trust his ability as he too is a Shinobi like me named Claw.  

Lilly: Fugaku.....

Fugaku: Now it's time for OUR questions, 1) Who the hell are you or more specifically...what are you. Usually I can sense auras of people and use that to trace them but you......I can sense nothing. 2) why do you constantly run away?? I meant you no harm, although I see that only you are present and not the other one......there are 2 of you usually....although I have my suspicions as to who you really are. It would explain a lot based off your personality but it would still be a hypothesis. 3)I wish to know WHY there are so many of these Demons are coming all of a sudden, my Asgardian pal is confused as well. Now then, if you wish to make all our lives easier, I suggest you get around answering them. 

Aaron: Shinobi... Japanese... He looked at his hands, seeing the asymmetrical coloring. Considering the appearance, I'm surprised people still recognize me. If you don't think a girl as shy and good-natured as you claim this Azura to be can be driven, you are in for a very rude awakening. Not everything in this hell-ridden world revolves around you. He pointed Fugaku upon saying "you." There are people who seem fine on the outside like this Azura, but are so twisted with negativity and societal pressure that they take their own lives. My partner has chosen to take an astral form and hand over their physical power to me, rendering her invisible to all but me and a select few god-like entities. You hunt demons because they killed people close to you... How pathetic! Revenge for those they've killed will only get you so far! I hunt these monsters to carry on my father's legacy. His past enemy has resurfaced to torment me, so I'll just have to get him back, simple as that. What business do Asgardians have with demons? I thought they had their own pantheon to worry about. This demonic surge is either my father's enemy's doing, or hell has launched a plan to take over this world and conquer it.

Fugaku: at what point did i say it revolved around me? Yes it's tragic i lost my girl but that does not mean this is about me! Countless people have been killed by these demons, think how many people have lost loved ones! We shinobi have been hunting demons to maintain the natural order of things, i should know! I dwell in the realm of Darkness and Shadow. It is true I get some personal gain from this but that is not my sole purpose! I have a duty to keep, the duty of a Shinobi. We live in the shadows so people like Azura may live happily in the light, you have no idea how many of us DIED to keep the order the way it mother, a famous Kunoichi sacrificed herself to maintain the balance of this world and countless other lives! Now then you say your father's enemy has resurfaced...this is interesting. My whole family are Shinobi and we know countless more, please! Let us help you,

Lilly: Plus we're not fully Asguardian, we're part demon so we're an exception.

Fugaku: I know not of your father, but what i do know is that our families have both sacrificed themselves to try to prevent this, you lost a father i lost a mother. Let me help you. Fugaku engulfs the area in darkness and takes him mask off If my hypothesis is correct, they you are Aaron are you not? Your personality and outlook on life gave it away..

Aaron: False. This form is my true form. No human body hides under this face. I'm not human, after all. He even peels off part of his face, revealing the skeleton within. Do you see it? My skeleton? I'm not human. I do not possess humans, they would only hinder me. He rips out his left eye, the vibrant red one, and tosses it on the ground before stepping on it. When he removes his foot, a bloodstain is left on the ground where the eye was as his face regenerates the missing parts. I do not know who this Aaron you mention is. I will operate independently to finish what my father started. You will stay out of this familial matter. With that, he walks back into the shadows and disappears, teleporting into the Cormack Industries building in his human form and evacuating with everyone.

Lilly: Fugaku, maybe we should....

Fugaku: he is lying, it is Aaron and his little outburst confirmed it. I'll confront him more about it in school, but for now with this new intell i'll give it to Kane. And we all know how impatient Kane is for information like this. 

Lilly: Fugaku....maybe we should let it go for a while. If it IS Aaron, he just lost his sister...regardless if she's now a spirit. 

Fugaku: Alright then Lilly. Tonight was hectic, let's go home

Lilly: or.....we could hang out? 

Fugaku: Where do you wanna go?

Lilly: Some place to eat, i'm starving

Fugaku: There's a chinese place down there. If you're in the mood?

Lilly: Mmh...sure! 

Putting the incident behind them, Fugaku and Lilly went to get something to eat...unaware of thir deepening bond between them.

Next Issue...

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