The Young Avengers is a TV show based on the popular comics. The show stars Malina Weismann as Kate Bishop/Hawkeye and Asa Butterfield as Eric O'Grady/Iron Lad. It has had 3 seasons of 10 episodes each, and debuted in 2017.

Season 1

Episode Name Episode Synopsis
1. Pilot In a flashback we see Arnim Zola explaining to Werner von Blitzschlag that to help HYDRA he must train young heroes to become assassins dedicated to the organization. In the present day, Blitzschlag is overseeing Ava Ayala, Kate Bishop and Shang Chi destroying 5 LMDs. Then, he brings in a boy called Billy Kaplan, who uses sorcery to destroy 5 at once. Blitzschlag then tells the quartet that they must bring a dangerous criminal called Sam Wilson to justice, and gives them gear.

Season 2

Season 3

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