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Real Name
Yondu Udonta
Current Alias

Pirate, Old Man, Blue Idiot, The Blue Angel, Mary Poppins, David Hasselhoff, Papa Smurf, Daddy



Ravagers: Yondu Ravager Clan (founder and leader), Guardians of the Galaxy (frequent allies and part-timer member), J'son of Sparta (frequent client, close friend, and frequent "business" partners), Spartoi Empire; formerly Ego the Living Planet (former client; deceased) (due to retcon)

Unnamed parents (both presumably deceased), Peter Quill (protégé, trainee, & ward; former adopted son, due to retcon)


Base Of Operations
Mobile across the vast known intergalactic community; formerly Centauri-IV, Milky Way Galaxy, Beta Centauri Star System







Marital Status

Space pirate, privateer; former battle slave and adventurer


Place of Birth

First appearance

Modern Comics: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 1 1


Quote1 I don't ever use my head to fly the arrow, boy... I always use my heart... My heart... Quote2
-- Yondu

Pre-Secret Wars

Early Years

Yondu's past, specifically his childhood, remains a mystery, having him disclosed to have that discussion, every single time he was asked of his true historical origins. Yondu Udonta was the leader of a faction of the Ravagers, a intergalactic network of mercenaries and thieves, that captured Peter Quill when Quill was still a young boy. Yondu was supposed to deliver the boy to Ego the Living Planet just as he had delivered various other children, but he decided to keep Quill after he found out that Ego had been mercilessly killing the children in cold blood. Yondu then raised Peter as his own while keeping him safe from the other Ravagers, but the act of kidnapping children for Ego had already made Yondu and his faction outcasts from the other Ravagers who felt that they had violated the Ravager code.

Yondu trained Quill from a young age to steal for him and when he was of age, Quill was sent on many dangerous missions to find and retrieve artifacts. One such mission was to find the Orb of Morag. He was meant to get money from a Broker on Xandar but when he was told that Quill had not sold him the Orb in fear that it was too dangerous (as it secretly contains the Power Stone) he went out in search of Quill. After a game of "cat and mouse", Yondu met up with Quill once more. Yondu was convinced by Quill and the recently-formed Guardians of the Galaxy to help in battle against Ronan the Accuser's forces and save Xandar.

After the battle, Yondu was tricked by Quill and given a second orb that actually contained a troll doll from Quill's ship. When Yondu discovered the trick, he started to laugh. Despite losing the Orb, Udonta chose not to get revenge against Quill, leading to mistrust among all of his own men.

Battling Ego the Living Planet

Yondu and Rocket then laid waste to the ship and mutineers before escaping with Kraglin and Groot straight to Ego to save the other Guardians of the Galaxy. In the course of the confrontation with Ego, Groot and Rocket referred to him as another Guardian for his role in helping them stop Ego's plan. Ego's victory was finally seized by the fully-assembled Guardians of the Galaxy, along the help of their newest teammates Mantis, Yondu, and Nebula, with the remaining fleet of the Yondu's Ravager Clan.

In the end of the finale, Ego was ultimately destroyed at their hands, ending his chaotic and destructive schemes on the Expansion once and for all. Little did everyone known that before Ego's core has collapsed, the Celestial had a secret hostage, the mysterious Emperor J'son of Sparta, who even managed to escape the planet using his own helmet and jet boots, and was finally justified after his long-time archnemesis had perished, for the greater good. Since the defeat of Ego, Yondu, along with Mantis and Nebula, were once again been honored to be part of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

As a result, Yondu had to leave his Ravager Clan for a while, having his long-time second-in-command and close friend Kraglin Obfonteri to take his position as the de facto leader of the clan while he's momentarily absent, helping his adoptive son Quill, and the rest of the Guardians in their intergalactic heroic journey for once in a while.

Secret Invasion

During the finale of Skrull Invasion, Yondu arrived on Earth and finally showed up to help the the Guardians, along with him were all the 100 Ravager factions led by Stakar Ogord, where they battled alongside the heroes of Earth against the Skrull invaders and prevent their long-range plot to take over Earth from ever succeeding. In the final, climactic battle against the Skrulls, Yondu, the Ravagers, and the Guardians fought alongside a slew of Earth's mightiest defending forces, including the Ultimates, S.H.I.E.L.D., the Thunderbolts, the Dark Avengers, and more. During the end of the fighting, a seemingly reformed Norman Osborn, who was doing by the heroic persona of the Iron Patriot, killed the escaping Veranke, the Skull Queen, which ended the war and the attempted invasion, once and for all.

As the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Ravagers were finally finished in helping the heroes of Earth, they tried to follow some of the Skrull ships who managed to escape Earth in a while, although they eventually vanish from their sight, implying that they've gone somewhere else, most like returning to their home planet, Skrullos.

However, not necessarily everyone where too happy about the Ravagers' heroic actions, as one of the lieutenants from Yondu's Ravager Clan, Taserface, thought that Udonta, along with the rest of the faction leaders, humiliated one of the Ravager Codes by helping Earth defend themselves from the forces of the Skrull Empire, though in reality, even the leaders themselves felt like they should help out a neighboring planet in desperate need. Despite all that reasoning, Taserface's hidden anger and hatred towards the Ravager leaders and captains became only even much, much worse to the point where it started getting more obvious, according to some of his fellow Ravager teammates, unbeknownst to Yondu.

Infinity Quest

When Thanos the Mad Titan and his Black Order launched an attack on Xandar in search of the Power Stone, Yondu and the Guardians tried to fend off the invaders. There, Parker battled Thanos only for the humongous tyrant to beat them into submission, eventually failing to defend the Power Stone. The quarter of the planet was decimated by Thanos in order to obtain the Power Stone, and that, he could have destroyed all of the planet, if it wasn't for the Guardians and the Nova Corps' persevere defenders. Sadly, due to their lost of failing to defend the Power Stone, Yondu was one of those unfortunate individuals who were eradicated from existence along with the rest of half of the universe due the powerful snap of Thanos' decimation, after he has completed the Infinity Gauntlet.

Infinity War

In the end of Infinity War, Thanos was then defeated when Adam Warlock, along with the helpful efforts of the remainder of Earth's mightiest heroes and the Guardians of the Galaxy, was able to gain possession of the Infinity Gauntlet, and restore all what has been lost before from Thanos' reality-changing snap, bringing back all the lost, innocent lives who were previously erased from existence, back to life, including Yondu and most of the Ravager fleet.

The War of the Ravagers

Following Yondu's absence of leave in order to momentarily support the Guardians of the Galaxy (which occurred a few years after the chaotic events of the Infinity Quest and the Infinity War), Taserface led a secret mutiny against Yondu, claiming he was not a suitable Ravager captain, and according to him, he only made the main Ravager captains just as soft as he was already. Meanwhile onboard the Eclector, Taserface eventually declared himself as the new leader of the Yondu Ravager Clan and executed those who were still loyal to Yondu's leadership on the Ravager Clan.

Taserface even went too far with his already overly extreme measures towards the remainder of Yondu's imprisoned loyalists, though luckily and thankfully, Kraglin, who was also imprisoned and abused by Taserface in order to keep the mutiny safe as a temporary secret, was able to escape the Eclector through a M-ship, where he started sending repetitive emergency messages throughout the rest of the 99 Ravager factions regarding the upcoming Ravager mutiny, while he was on his way to Yondu's current location in order to warm them and get immediate help from the rest of the Ravager factions, before its too late.

Eventually after Yondu and the Guardians have received both Kraglin's recorded message and the response of the other Ravager captains regarding the unexpected cosmic mutiny, Yondu and the other six of the main Ravager captains, Starhawk, Aleta Ogord, Charlie-27, Mainframe, Martinex, and Krugarr, were too surprised to discover that out of the hundred Ravager factions, only 40 factions, including their factions, remained loyal to the old Ravager Code, leaving the other 60 factions to rise up with Taserface's rebellion and joined to ultimately usurp the old Ravagers, which unfortunately included Taserface's (formerly Yondu's) Ravager Clan, and after revealing their newly-acquired, mysterious universal weapon, they couldn't be more horrified on what's about to come and what's about to be unveiled.

The Universal Weapon

For the next few months after the mutiny has been unleashed by the winning Ravager usurpers, the Ravagers had started a great cosmic civil war that continuously outspread across the galaxy, and with it, the loyalist factions of the old Ravager Code, who was now unfortunately only composed of 10 factions, had no other choice but to retreat and remain in hiding throughout the unknown regions of the Beta Centauri Star System, where none of the rebellion would most likely find where they were.

Thanks to the informative help and support of the Guardians of the Galaxy along with Nova and the Nova Corps, it was only then revealed that for the past few months of the chaotic war, the reason the other 30 loyalist factions were easily decimated by the mutiny, was all due to their secret universal weapon, which was shown being held by Taserface in different sorts of ways, although the Guardians had no idea where they were able to acquire such powerful killing machine that could literally decimate an entire fleet of warships, and possibly even a planet, for that matter.

Trying to find the source of the weapon's origin, the Guardians helped Yondu and the first incarnation of the Ravagers as they search where Taserface was able to get the weapon. Eventually considering the idea that Taserface and his Ravager allies might have bought the weapon in a black market arms dealing instead of actually finding it in the first place, they thought if there could be another duplicate for the weapon, if not, a weapon that could counteract the devastating blows of the universal weapon.

Their search for the possible source of the weapon eventually ended after locating the secret headquarters of the Hoarders, an intergalactic black market community, aimed specifically on dealing with some of the most powerful firearms and ammunition across the entire galaxy. As they explained the Hoarders, the Ravagers had a long history with the Hoarders, with the Ravagers being one of the, if not, the best customers the black market community ever had since their first deal together, taking back several millennia ago. They tried talking to the tyrannical but approachable leader of the Hoarders, Imprint. Disappointingly enough, Imprint told the Guardians and the Ravagers that the weapon they were looking for was not bought by Taserface and his forces, but instead were stolen. However, he revealed what the weapon truly was and what more could it do.

The universal weapon was then revealed to be the Tactigon, an powerful "sentient" weapon of an unknown extraterrestrial origin. As Imprint explained how the mysterious but powerful weapon worked, it supposedly bonds to the arm of its host and can form any weapon the host imagines, explaining why they could only see the weapon like it was any other ordinary rail gun. The Tactigon was also a very powerful weapon that found any enemy's weakness and adapted itself to exploit it. The Ravagers and the Guardians, now followed by Imprint and several of his deadly Hoarder forces, decided to track down the weapon across the intergalactic community, through its immensely powerful heat signature, so that they may able to take it from an insanely-driven Taserface and end the Ravager mutiny and conflict, once and for all.

Unexpected Betrayal

After a short while of successfully tracking down the weapon, the heroes have finally found the hidden headquarters of the Ravager Mutiny, the barren home planet of Taserface, Stark. Along with it, they were able to easily locate the main base of Taserface's Ravager Clan in the planet's surface, which was the Eclector, which had landed on a desert, near a canyon. The heroic Ravagers then confronted Taserface onboard the landed ship, only to be unexpectedly surrounded by Imprint and his forces, showing that the Hoarders have already made a great deal with Taserface and the Mutiny Clan since the very beginning, revealing that was all a big lie in order to gain their trust.

Perplexed by the sudden change of sides made by the Hoarders, Imprint angrily explained further that ever since Stakar Ogord has become the main captain of the Ravager network, the business started collapsing and its popularity and recognition among the intergalactic community has started fading, all due to Ogord's ultimate decision of dealing with several other market communities, other than the Hoarders, who were once their only main source of resources and equipment. In Ogord's defense, he was just trying to balance his relationships and retained the Ravagers' reputation in order to avoid favoritism among their dealers, though this explanation only made Imprint hate the entirety of the House of Ogord even more than he used to hate their lineage before.

Momentary Alliance

As a failed attempt to light up the situation, Yondu ridiculed that their business was already failing, ever since they started making a deal with both the Badoons and the Sakaarans, after pointing out that their ugliness had failed their business all along, to which it made most of everyone from both sides break out into laughter, except for Imprint, who became ever more enraged by the joke, causing for him and his forces to start mercilessly shooting at the Guardians and the Ravagers, both at the Mutiny Clan and the Original Clan.

During the unexpected battle between the Ravagers and the Hoarders, both the Mutiny Clan and the Original Clan had no other choice but to momentarily team up in order to decimate most of Imprint's forces. Yondu killed Imprint by the last second using his Yaka Arrow to save Taserface. During the last battle against the Hoarders, Taserface and Yondu worked together as they finish off and apprehend the remaining forces of their incoming foes, like there they had no sort of hatred with each other, right until Taserface himself realizes that there is one more thing that's needed to be dealt with.

The Final Battle

Now that the battle against the Hoarders was finally over, Taserface, who was still full of hatred, unexpectedly unleashes the powerful Tactigon at Yondu alongside the original clan, and the Guardians of the Galaxy, emitting an uncontrollable amount of destructive energy blasts. Yondu and the old clan tried talking Taserface down and calming him, with Martinex begging Taserface that this doesn't have to end like this. However, as he was fully consumed by uncontrollable anguish and worsening aggravation, ultimately caused by the weapon, towards his old crewmates, with him responding that it always had to end in a conflict.

Having no other choice but to try and combat an enraged Taserface into submission until they would have the chance to get rid off the Tactigon from Taserface, Yondu finally unleashed his all of extra Yaka Arrows at Taserface as he fights alongside the Ravagers and the Guardians. The heroes tried taking down Taserface on with all their effort and their most powerful weapons, but it proved ineffective, having the weapon itself was the main reason Taserface was still alive, but was also living in tormenting agony as the weapon is attached to him.

The Righteous Sacrifice

Seeing that Taserface's festering condition from continuously using the Tactigon has only made the situation even worse, the landscape of the canyon started breaking apart due to the destructive effects of the universal weapon, which also caused Taserface to potentially spontaneously combust, releasing a massive amount of shockwaves within the ground, causing slight tremors at first, only to be followed by deadly unstable earthquakes. As a result of this, the Ravagers and the Guardians had no other choice but to evacuate some of the planet's inhabitants and immediately launch off before its incoming destruction. However, little did they know, Yondu decided to stay behind.

In the end, Yondu decided to sacrifice his own life in order to prevent the Tactigon from destroying the entire planet and decimating the rest of its inhabitants. Before he decided to end his old brother-in-arms in his painful misery, he apologized to him, but not without having to scold him first, sarcastically blaming him that he had to leave his own very son just to save his home planet. In his last few words to Taserface, Yondu admitted that he was like a brother to him, along with Kraglin and the rest of his crew. Using his last few remaining arrows at the Tactigon, he was able to finally destroy the once universal weapon by shattering its main energy core, resulting in a massive explosion that caused the canyon to collapse underneath them, ending Taserface's agony and killing him in the process.

As the spacecrafts returned into the planet's surface after Yondu ensured its safeness from the Tactigon, Quill immediately ran towards the very spot where Yondu died, as he screams and cries out looking for him, where he then finds and holds his lifeless body onto his arms, sobbing for his loss. His teammates then comforted Quill as he mourned for his loss, losing the very one person who was like a true father to him all this time.


Udonta's lifeless body was retrieved and was given a funeral by the Guardians and Kraglin Obfonteri, later in outer space, followed by the remainder of the Ravagers, led by Ogord, who gave Udonta a Ravagers Farewell. Udonta's selfless actions during the Great Ravager War went on to inspire Ogord and the rest of the captains to finally disband the entire Ravager network, and for all, and just simplify it's organization by reassemble his previous team which Udonta was previously a part of, as he believed that Udonta would be proud to know that they're together again, reforming as the league of outlaw vigilantes they were once before. Yondu heroically died, held in his son's arms and was hailed a hero by the Guardians of the Galaxy, the new incarnation of the Ravagers, and some parts of the intergalactic community who have heard his heroic sacrifice in saving the planet Stark.

Post-Secret Wars

Origins Revealed

After the chaotic and complicated events of Secret Wars, the multiverse and everything else was restored thanks to the efforts of several heroes and villains who had stopped the tyrannical power of the Beyonders led by the Great Mother. Only at the cost of resulting several differences and changes throughout the entire history, and one of those who was or were drastically affected was some parts of Yondu's entire history, and along with it, he was finally resurrected since his noble sacrifice during the end of the Great Ravager War, and since then, Yondu has finally returned, with his current new life. During the current timeline, Yondu had a little bit more complicated history than the previous life that he once had, due to some altered events.

However, most of Yondu's painful childhood remains the same, as he later remembered and revealed that both of his early years as a child were exactly the same. Yondu's early years were not easy for him as his parents sold him to the Kree Empire for money, and he spent most of his youth closed in a cage. After twenty years of slavery, a legendary space-pirate, Stakar Ogord, freed Udonta (for the very second time in his new life) and welcomed him into the Ravagers, once more. Udonta then became the leader of one of the 100 Ravager Clans, as usual same as his previous incarnation.

Udonta, however, would made a deal with the would-be-emperor of the Spartoi Empire, Prince J'son, who hired him to collect his human child, Peter Quill, on Earth and safely bring him to J'son, after the unfortunate death of his former lover, Meredith Quill, who sadly died at the hands of two Badoon spies, who once tried to track J'son while he was still stranded on Earth at the same time. However, in reality, J'son also wanted Yondu to keep Peter until he was a ultimate thief and bounty hunter for his own benefit, along with the belief that having him trained would let Peter eventually become prepared to be a great warrior, and the succeeding monarch of the Spartoi Empire, since he was the rightful heir after his future reign after all.

Mentor and his Protégé

Unlike what happened back at his previous life, Yondu and his crew, who were travelling inside the Eclector, would accidentally find the young Peter Quill inside a small spacecraft in the edge of the Earth's orbit, the same one where one of the Badoon spies were piloting before. Figuring out that the kid was indeed J'son's son Peter, Yondu easily infiltrated the small space craft as they rescued Peter from the clutches of the remaining Badoon spy, and at the same time they would abduct him from his home planet. At first, Yondu planned to have him delivered to J'son, as he promised in their deal, but he eventually chose otherwise, believing that J'son wouldn't truly see the great potential in Peter in becoming his own man, to which Yondu saw Peter as compatible contender to be a Ravager.

In his final decision, Yondu kept Quill and raised him as his own while keeping him safe from the other Ravagers and leaving out any knowledge of his father or heritage, something that would remain not until later on during Peter's young adult life. Yondu had raised and trained Peter to be a skilled thief and one of the greatest Ravagers he had ever met out of the hundred thousand members of the one hundred Ravager factions. Yondu's history would remain almost the exact same afterwards for the next following years, with the exception of a few changes, including his own demise during the Great Ravager War, and possibly even the conflict itself for that matter.

Powers and Abilities


Power Grid [1]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills
* Yaka Arrow's highest potential speed


  • Leadership
  • Master Pilot
  • Master Thief
  • Yaka Arrow Mastery

Strength level

  • Class 10+


None known.



  • Yaka Arrow Controller
    • Prototype Yaka Arrow Controller


  • Eclector (formerly; destroyed)
    • Third Quadrant
  • M-ship
  • Milano (formerly)


  • Yaka Arrow
    • Duplicate Yaka Arrows


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  1. Modern Comics: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 1 17


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