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Real Name
Xi'an Coy Manh
Current Alias

Shan, Karma, Gemini, Union, The Gestalt



Neo Exiles


Base Of Operations
Hatchi Corporation





Unusual Features
Techno-organic Prosthetic Leg; formerly morbidly obese.


Marital Status

Adventurer, Business woman, Defense contractor, Student/Teacher, Reality hopper, Vietnamese surgeon general, Vice-chairwomen of the International Science Council.

Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, College grad engineering & mechanics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Human Mutant.

First appearance



History of character is unknown.

Powers and Abilities


Homo Superior Physiology: Shan is an adapt Homo Superior specimen whom has undergone considerable bio-mechanical alterations due to incorporating various engineering practices into her own anatomy. Using the highly advanced technologies presented to her by the Neo Exiles, coupled with vast resources provided by the Hatchi Corporation of her Earth. She has undergone numerous modifications to her genetics and surgical indoctrination of personal enhancement. Her powers have been further bolstered by the absorption of her malefic twin brother Tran into her biophysical matrix.

  • Telepathic Force Manipulation: Xi'an has vast extra sensory perception depth which bestows the potential of incredibly strong telepathy, using the ethereal portion of psychic energy to bring form to TP Force and use it to battle her opponents both in the physical and astral worlds. Karma's telepathic and empathic capabilities are so strong that most any adversarial mind falls instantly under her control, which lets her do just about anything they want to them as a consequence. Xi'an being powerful enough that she can also use such force on non-living things like machinery, golems, urban environments, other highly advanced species, etc. She has received some training with her powers from adept mentalists such as Emma Frost and Charles Xavier back in her youth as a New Mutant. Both of whom; being first order telepath's, regard her psychic prowess as impressive to the point of nearly being boundless in scope and reach. Axiom has proven to be so powerful in fact, that her abilities generates tangible substance and can be blasted onto even the galactic levels, leading Xi'an to controlling anything and everything under her power. Something which can be used for but isn't limited too reading individual thoughts and feelings, sifting through personal memories, or discharge mental blasts to overwhelm opponents. Karma's main specialty is the possession of cognizant minds and influencing their actions. To the point of being able to overshadow the psyche state of another individual even from galaxies away without any sort of back-up.
    • Meta Possession: Shan's psionic hosting power is not limited to warm bodies as she can also animate, reshape and articulate whatever it is she want. This enables her to possess or take over anything and everything, including the living, the dead, objects, animals, plants, locations, powers, attacks, energy, and abstract/conceptual forces. Bypassing and outright ignoring possession immunity. Taking any random elements within reach and turning them into fully autonomous and veritable host bodies her essence can house itself within.
      • Mass Possession: Initially Shan's possession of multiple subjects simultaneously limited her control over the wards under her power. As this fragmented her focus and attentions from person to person. With the power-up she received via genetic, technological and implementation of her Twin siblings essence into herself; Xi'an can now control thousands to millions of people at a time to when she could only overshadow the anima of people ranging in the low hundreds at the time.
      • Remote Possession: Xi'an can host individuals over a distance while maintaining her original body, but her control is limited.
      • Psychic Possession: Ms. Manh's normally focuses her psionic abilities to project her psyche; either partially or fully as mental energy to overwhelms her victims' psyche while placing her mind in command, operating their bodies as if they were an extension of her own independent will, experiencing what the subject's senses perceive. During the possession, her subject's higher brain functions revert to diminished levels, similar to their state in a dreamless sleep, and the subject is left with no memory of the actual possession. When Axiom first takes possession of someone, she can only move her subject's body awkwardly until she acclimates herself to her new host.
    • Clairvoyance: Shan can obtain direct visual information about an object, person, location, or physical event through means other than the physical experience. This allows her to act when they are unable to use their eyes and enables her to 'see' and interact with spiritual/psychic entities.
      • Precognition: Xi'an learned to develop her supernatural talent of foreseeing possible and probable futures. Observing what may happen in a slew of potential forthcoming events,aAs knowledge of the future invariably causes that future to change visions of the future are subject to frequent shifting due to these visions assisting in selecting the most worthwhile possible course of action.
      • Retrocognition: Karma likewise honed her powers to divine the past as well, peeling back the veil of times past in order to purview history in the making. She often puts herself in a trance while seeing and hearing a noted past event, be it concerning herself or of an unfamiliar lineage in prior occurrences.
      • Psychometry: Gemini is able to obtains historical memoirs and sensations concerning beings, objects or certain events which came to pass through an object she observes. Through an item of interest she gains knowledge pertaining to its makers, previous users, and even those who have on passing used faculty, and what had been done with it. With living beings or parts of the body she can learn their general life-history, but doesn't gain anything of what they were thinking or feeling.
    • Mind Control: She can control her subject's actions and thought patterns allowing her to alter their perceptions and memories, and command entranced opponents to divulge information.
    • Telepathic Modulation: Xi'an can utilize her telepathic abilities in order to augment or reduce the efficacy of special powers in another individual be they human, mutant, inhuman, etc. Either strengthening their abilities to the point of overloading said powers or weakening the abilities of other supers to the point of deactivation.
      • Neural Jumpstart Shan can use her telepathy in order to boost/strengthen/jack-up the powers & natural abilities of others through telepathic neuro-spychic reordering.
      • Psychic Dilation: Karma is able to use precise psionic application to negate/reduce/dilate the power of others through telepathic force.
    • Telepathic Mimicry: Xi'an can use her vast mental facilities to copy powers and abilities from another person via an established psychic link. So long as such a tithe exists, she can use the supertropical skillset of different supers for as long as she wishes.
      • Psychomimetic: Gemini can gain/replicate any kind of knowledge and/or understanding, be it intel over a subject, a foreign language, or mastery of a fighting style via telepathic mimesis of the desired subject's recollection as well as muscle memory. Either duplicating the information from the psyches or even absorbing it from an inanimate medium of data, such as books, computers, a flash drive, etc.
      • Enhanced Power Replication: Xi'an can duplicate any enhanced humanoid attributes of other people by scanning their hearts and minds, but her doubled powers are set at a much higher level due in part to her natural affinity for bolstering superpowers via telepathy.
    • Psychic Wave Projection: Axiom spent many years practicing and focusing he psionic skills both in her time as a costumed vigilante as well as a shrewd megacorporation owner. Over time Shen learned she can create, shape and manipulate thought waves; utilizing them either in a telepathic manner or materialize the waves into tangible form for physical purposes. Further compression of such psychic waves solidifies them into physical matter which can be shaped and manipulated in various ways.
      • Mental Presence: The Gestalt's combined psionic talent, coupled with the myriad of ability templates they had assimilated over the years expanded their mental reach to an insurmountable degree. Xi'an's psychic skills had evolved to the point in which her mind now exists everywhere on earth and in the macrocosm at the same time.
        • Sensory Link: Axiom may establish a scrying link through her possession abilities and/or her ever-spanning mental presence in order to gauge the feelings and sensations of affected targets. While ranged possession means controlling a body in another location and requires her to see through her victim's eyes, she needs greater focus to control them and has sometimes appeared to be in a meditative state in doing so.
      • Psychic Element Manipulation: Shan can form her telepathic force into physical materialized matter & energy, manipulating such items however she see's fit. These created manifestations can range from substantial to biological in essence and beyond, each psychic quintessence force having a different effect on the mind & body of the effected target. Dealing both physiological as well as psychological damage at their most intense setting. Xi'an is discovering whole new elements every day when she tests out her powers; so far a few elements she can make use of are as follows:
      Psychic Energy Manipulation: One of the core powers of her TP Force; Karma can generate and knead copious amounts of psychic/astral energy into many differing shapes and forms. One of the various ways she can modulate the material force includes manifesting it in corporeal material form. With concentration she can induce the reverse and instead convert physical matter into psi energy instead.
      Psychic Vibration Manipulation: Able to create, shape and manipulate psychic vibrations/vibratory energy, allowing for the to alteration of rhythm in a target’s consciousness and disrupt of their train of thought as well as bodily coordination. At their most extreme Axiom can use these tremor like abilities to not only deliver high octane shockpulse's that can shatter base matter or discombobulate core anima's but she can shake the very world itself by tilting and jolting it around using her bear hands to move it around.
      Psychic Pheromone Manipulation: Gemini can generate and control psychic pheromonal spore essence, allowing them to influence train of thought or emotional sensitivity in individuals, towards objects or even effect personal opinion. Useful for moving in and out of large crowds or populated areas unannounced without arousing detection. They are even potent enough to disrupt electronics so as to move about undetected by the most sophisticated systems.
      Psychic Bacterium Manipulation: Arguably one of her more deadlier elements. Karma is able to assimilate, modify and deviate psychic infectious essence/substances, which allows for the ingestion & conversion of earth born pathogens and/or intoxicants before redistributing them as a psionic plague upon people’s physical and mental state. Sickening a target’s consciousness before hideously mutating and/or degenerating mind/body alike.
  • Energy Soul: Through the psychokinetic union between herself and her twin. Xi'an can project her brother as a material astral bodily projection which imbibes power from the spectral plane of existence, to make both him and her sister's spiritual link that much stronger. Allowing him to not only manifest himself in the physical world on his own behalf, but vastly magnifying their shared psionic abilities by drawing upon the limitless resources of the spiritual realm.
    • Psionic Augmentation: Through her brother; Karma can enhance the psionic abilities of their gestalt or the psychic abilities of other's so that they can reach high mastery level and control instantaneously.
    • Astral Plane Tap: Through their combined power and Tran's natural spiritual affinity; the Manh siblings are able to tap into the virtually unlimited psychic resources of the astral plane in order to manipulate matter and energy (even down to the sub-quantum level) and up to a potentially unlimited scale.
      • Astral Energy Materialization/Solidification: Unlike most psychics Kharma is able to give substance to astral energy to solidify psychic forms. She's able to create perfect replicas of normal matter by materializing psionic energy in it's place. These psi forms are independent from Xi'an and can continue to exist even without any support from her, they cease to exist only if she wishes it so.
    • Astral Conversion: Xi'an can, with her brother's assistance, physically convert her corporeal essence into raw spectral energy. Greatly augmenting her and her Tran's combined telepathic capabilities.
      • Psionic Entity: After Gemini transformed her body into raw astral energy, she would disperse her psyche form across every living being on her Earth. Seeding her and her siblings consciousness within the Astral Plane for a time, evolving them both into a psionic being of unimaginable power whom are no longer restricted by the boundaries of the physical world. Having ascended her physical body to become a being of pure psionic force, Shan can switch between corporeal & ethereal forms at will. Irregardless of whether her flesh had been compromised by outside parties or otherwise; just as easily able to reconstruct her original form from scratch if need be.
      • Psychic Siphoning: Xi'an's psi-form enables her to drain others' psychic energy to enhance her own psionic abilities. The boost she can provide to herself depends of the amount and/or quality of the mental clout within her immediate vicinity, hence why she seldomly uses using such a power. The greatest feat she has performed after initiating her Astral Semblance is when she managed to knock around Tath Ki; the Contemplator of the Universe. Infamously known as one of the greatest minds throughout the cosmos, by hurling his incredible acclamation of mental power begotten from his own enlightenment against him.
      • Immortality / Physical Reconstitution: For all intents and purposes, Xi'an is undying as a living astral human hybrid. Easily able to rebuild her body from pure psychic force and just as easily reverse the process, essentially making her immortal, because her consciousness continues to exist on the Astral Plane and thus she can easily create another body for herself if needed.
        • Self-Detonation: Shan can explode her bodies by reversing it back into psi-energy.
      • Psychokinetic Singularity: The greatest asset of her living energy state is that Xi'an or her brother Tran have the innate power to detonate with the force of a black hole. By causing her psycho-ectotheric semblance to implode on itself, Gemini can implode dragging everything around her made of organic or inorganic elements into the spectral realm with all the limitless crushing force depth that it implies. To keep from jettisoning herself out of existence however she need a powerful psychic anchor back to the waking world in order to remain grounded in primary reality. The Manh siblings can take turns between the two to detonate their reality bomb; one goes off with supernova like force while the other locks themselves in place with the universe in order to pull them back from the other side.
  • Psychic Shield: Generates a psychic shield that disrupts incoming psi-signatures, protecting her from all manner of psychic assaults.

Secondary Mutation: Having undergone such profound cultivation of self throughout her experiences as a hero, manufacturing tycoon, dimensional explorer, political figure, disciplinary study authority and the like. Shan's experience's have bestowed her with a powerful new ability as a result of internal personal growth and considerable remuneration on her part.

  • Organism-Artificial Intelligence Synergy: Ms. Coy Manh's second mutant power focuses her vast psychic and mental ability into forming a coactive union between her organic semblance and any Artificial Intelligence/Super Artificial Intelligence construct via natural or synthetic means, forming a synergistic unit far more powerful than the individual sum total of it's parts.
    • Digital Form: In part of being at one with it's complex algorithms, Xi'an can become most any form of coded information in order to immerse herself into the system for better synchronization with any and every cybernetic utility she comes in contact with.
    • Remote Technoformation: By hosting the expert systems powering any complex technological appliances and vice versa, Shan can caste herself or her brother into each and every individual quibit comprising of singular to collective components derived for fabricating complex cursory implementation's. Turning all pieces of an applied science (including hormonal output in biochemical or neural synaptic discharge controlling physiological operation in living bodies) in the surrounding area into an extension of herself, allowing the twin siblings distant interfacing with the intricate blueprinting of any kind by their own power; they can just as easily use this facet in "slaving" and "pirating" the ins and outs of any kind of exotic machination they come across towards their Stealth Cyber Gear to copy and superimpose it on other devising's later on.
    • Activation & Deactivation: The A.I. portion of her abilities allows Xi'an/Tran to interact with the direct mechanical energy which most functional systematization's runs on, including access and proper utilization of special capability in augmented hosts. Able to turn on or shut off as well as manipulate the array of complex arrangements in place which lets the Gestalt interact with them at will.
    • Techno-Empathy: Working her technological savvy with her natural empathetic skills, The Gestalt can establish a bond with any and all forms of mechanical/cybernetic devices. Able to synergize with most standardized appliances by feeling what the underlying consciousnesses present within every nut, bolt, latch, rivet and spark plug feels or thinks for the purpose of better unionizing the active and reactive relationship between man and machine. All so as to prevent cataclysmic tech singularities later on down the line. Such insight bestows Xi'an with a detailed means of creating designer product which works to a consumers intuition in order to help guide them in they're proper use.

BiomTekka Active Plasma: Axiom's prosthetic leg incorporates the latest in cutting edge design pertaining to the Hatchi Corporation's nanotechnology cut with the next-gen organite biotech hailing from the mutant home nation of Krakoa. Along with a host of other micro-mechanical innovations gathered from across her travels through time & space, the mechanical extremity has the added effect of flushing out Xi'an's baseline hemoglobin with a semi-sentient polyalloy fluid teeming with several trillion micro-robotic supercomputers. Each one a living, thinking storage space of nearly infinite memory with which to store and withhold endless bits of acquired knowledge as streamlined fluid data she can transfer to and from herself across an infinite number of means. The micro machines coursing in her veins function similarly to the various symbiote-esque designs built by other prominent geniuses; like Tony Stark's endo-sym based power armor derived from extremis. Either using this feature to coat herself in a density and tensility altering nanomolecular fluid bearing the pliancy of a klyntar to build and re-form around her body to produce micro-mechanical constructions or a protective outer casing which lets her alternate her physical semblance and ramps up her physical resilience to injury. More creatively, shan can repurpose her mictro-tech to spread and infect and give other organic/non-sapient objects properties similar to her own while puppeteering their actions through a cybernetic variation of her hive mind abilities. Creating an instant subservient army of unkillable cyborg soldiers at will.

  • Regenerative Healing Factor
  • Invisibility
    • Camouflage
  • Amorphous Physiology
    • Malleable Anatomy
    • Weapon Transformation
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Endurance
  • Superhuman Speed
  • Superhuman Reflexes
  • Superhuman Agility
  • Superhuman Stamina
  • Superhuman Senses
    • Vast Sensory Awareness
  • Sonic Scream
    • Hypnotic Voice
  • Adaptability
  • Invulnerability
  • Micro-Tech Constructs
  • Neuro-Psychic Pulse Emission
  • Cavorite Energy Perpetuation
  • Living Database
  • Flight
  • Tekka Worm Dispersal
    • Conversion
    • Mind Control
    • Physical Augmentation
    • Mechanical Replication


  • Master Combatant
  • Super-genius Intelligence
  • Accomplished Saleswomen
  • Intuitive Inventor
  • Weapon Proficiency
  • Expert Surgeon General/Surgical Consultant
  • Master Engineer

Strength level



None known.


Orgamech Prosthetic Leg: In a harsh battle with Nimrod series sentinels, Karma ended up losing a leg while battling on the front lines. She would eventually get a replacement prosthesis to compensate for her hobbled state. Over the coarse of time Axiom would repeatedly modify the bionic stand-in chassis with technology harvested from differing era's and alternate dimensions. Even integrating her own companies highly advanced nanotech designs, in her travels across dimensions, Shan even amalgamated the advanced Nubotech of Krakoa into her legs schematic. Creating a transgenial blend of microtechnologies both natural and artificial to create something entirely new.

  • Psimitar Implements: Using the technologies of Clan Askani, Xi'an's robotic limb incorporates the mental power augmenting and combining facilities of a psimitar, potent telekinetic & telepathic concentration and amalgamation technology which gives her innate psychic talents a predominant boost in power, scope and even range. Borrowing the specs from such a weapon in the possession of her old mentor Cable's psimitar, Shan modified the design she would integrate into her chassis by fusing the technology with Cavorite crystal; a rare artificially created mineral that can absorb, channel, magnify and transduce limitless quantities of raw energy for the purpose of enacting space/time warp drive ignition. By fusing it with her T.O. active limb she created an infinitely charging psionic drive modifier as well as personalized perpetuating energy source which she can use to power anything and everything by focusing her psychic energy through it and into other energized production.
  • Technorg Active Fluids: Her mechanized extremity pumps a chimeric blending of various micro technologies up and in throughout her bodily system. Such a process converts Xi'an into the most highly decorated trained soldier gifted in many forms of hand to hand combat and usage of military ordinance. The Tekkamites that inhabit her bloodstream in tangible form give Xi'an vast biophysical alteration abilities; able to regenerate from minor to severe injuries such as gunfire, immolation, an impact event. Surviving in hostile environments ranging from temperature extremes, lack of or caustic atmospheric conditions and even total atomic cancellation. Her tech'd out blood cells also grant other physiological enhancements making her faster than linear acceleration discharge, more powerful than xenoform heavy machinery; able to topple power cranes and kree spaceships barehanded, quick and agile enough to dodge laser fire or leap great distances in a single bound. The micro-technology in her system is highly modular, meaning Axiom can freely upgrade and further enhance her machinery alongside the atomic structuring they are housed within on a whim. To better facilitate other whole new defensive mods and form shifted alterations in order to generate and appropriate genealogically produced weaponry, paraphernalia or protective array's. Her physiology largely comprises of vastly deviant compositional chains; akin to unstable molecules coined by Mr. Fantastic, this makes her body more fluid and adjustable like clay form or silly putty. Granting Ms. Manh vast shapechanging powers to accommodate her technologically enhanced morphology.
  • All-Seer Drive: A hyper octane accelerated probability algorithm crunching program procured from an intergalactic genius designer by the name of Lahar. Through the amalgamation of said apparatus with a tachyon transmitter/probability generator system within it's complex data processor, the All-Seer helps Xi'an better comprehend and capitalize on the best coarse of action in regards to engineering, navigation and social interaction. Giving her a multi-scenario projection simulation which then enables her to chart out the best coarse of action to take in any given situation. A pre-play sim which puts Xi'an's techno-organically modified super brain in a calculative immersion dive where she runs, replays and remixes an infinite number of reoccurring scenario's differently over a million different trials in her head so as to decide upon the most efficient path to take geared towards receiving the greatest benefit for herself. Such vast computational proclivity also extends towards calculating and divvying success rates between the likelihood of myriad progression points in which the user can get the ball rolling. Strategic points popping up around areas detailing the desired outcome for Shan to take during an exercise in conflict or politics.
  • Rift Trekking: Combining the natural ouranochronal warping properties of the cavorite in her leg with the cross-dimensional application installed within her cyber gear lobe piece. Xi'an can open and close rift gates too and from different places on and off earth. The technoformic device charts the coarse for her desired destination while the Tekka drones in her leg calibrate the specific energy wavelength needed to gauge proper translocation. Xi'an can utilize this in a remote fashion; able to relay information through a relay of Scalar Wave powered orbital satellites able to phase between multiple dimensional planes to track anyone, anywhere and at anywhen for the purpose of inter reality transportation to the far ends of reality and back. Using these sputnik's she can calibrate longitude and latitude for discerning proper place and location displacement with backing by her prosthetic's ceaseless internal warp wave energy matrix to supply the charge for mass transport. Able to zap people to any desired spot within reality and the reality adjacent she desires. Through the unique brand of reality displacement effect such transport has, Axiom can also decouple herself from the physical rotation pace of any given planet she's set upon in order to travel at incredible speed. Speeds either exceeding or marginal compared to global rotation in order to get anywhere faster than usual.

Stealth Cyber Gear: On her jaunt through the timestream to the alternate future of 2099, Shan managed to procure one of the most innovative technological designs of the 99th century. A remote control cyberpathic interfacing apparatus which lets a user interact with most any and all technological and digital mechanization via wireless up-link. Shan managed upgrade the technology and place it as a piece of jewelry (an earring in her case) which any individual can use and wear as a fashion accessory, as well as mentally dive into whatever cybernetic system one focuses on in order to gain access to it, to assume operative control and fix most any appliance she can connect with using only the power of ones mind. Thus giving its wearer pseudo-technopathic abilities. Another augmentation the device offers its host is the ability to broaden ones awareness of surroundings, easily allowing Shan to discern functional reality from a convincing hard-light holographic projection as advanced as a Cerebro danger room fabrication. It can even copy and assimilate the technology of other pieces of advanced systematization no matter what world, era or even reality it is from. Karma often making use of her cyber gear to modify the technology in her own physique with all new assimilee's from across the infinite dimensions which she's traveled.

Yellow Eye Bugs: Harvested from the facilities of Mojoworld; Xi'an made use of bio-mechanical insectoid spy drones implemented by said realities demented talk show promoter Mojo. The robo bugs act as nigh-omnipresential spy drones which are physically, mentally and extra sensorial imperceptibility to prying eyes and ears; people wont even pay them any mind while they are buzzing about in their faces most of the time. Whenever someone or something of interest pops up on her radar, Xi'an can dispatch a new one of these observatory idler's to the desired target in a heartbeat as they have 'planet dissociative travel' capabilities to get them to and from an object of study near instantly. While virtually undetectable themselves, these floating eyes can easily see and track anyone and everyone even through any form of scanning or homing evasion. Such as the likes of ForgetMeNot's existential superposition that writes him out of the story purview of most anyone else's depth perception. But this requires some sort of disruption in the quantum flux that renders the individual both real and unreal at the same time in any causal plane of apprehension. To an infinitely more deadly degree Xi'an can use the parasitic T.O nature of these mechanicloid arthropods to convey a slew of her more infectious abilities into unsuspecting targets without them ever realizing it until it is too late. Other uses to such deployment is the implementation of potent psychoactive viruses of her own devising, taking notes from the Apocalypse augmented physiology of Caliban; Xi'an can afflict people with a host of mental converted diseases which she uses both productively and hazardously; either conveying psychoreactive sicknesses that gradually deteriorate both the mind and body until the subject veritably decomposes into a cytoplasmic slop puddle, distribute bioaugmentative modification T.O. virulent's such as the likes of Extremis to modify select proponents of a specified race. Even simply using the eye-spies in order to convey her hypnotic voice/psychosomatic chemistry in order to remotely influence thought process and personal perception of a multitude of sapient minds.

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