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Real Name
Xenilla Parker
Current Alias

SpaceGodzilla, the God of Destruction, Dark Spider-Man, God of the Symbiotes, Gojira, "incarnation of God".



Cabal, Dark Avengers

Timothy Parker (technical brother), Mayday Parker (technical cousin), Benjy Parker (technical cousin), Peter Parker (technical uncle), Mary Jane Parker (technical aunt), Richard Parker (technical uncle), Mary Parker (technical aunt), May Parker (technical great aunt), Ben Parker (technical great uncle), Timothy Parker Sr. (technical father), Diana Parker (technical mother), Erika Parker (technical sister), Norman Osborn (creator, "father").


Base Of Operations
South American temple reworked into a fortress complete with a laboratory.


6' 4" (human form), 75 meters (kaiju form)

235 lbs (human form), 52,000 metric tons (kaiju form)



Unusual Features
*Xenilla has 2 pairs of tusks around his mouth, two spikes sticking out of the sides of his shoulders, whitish-silver hair, and his eyes have orange-red for the pupil and a golden-yellow for the iris.


Marital Status

Terrorist, Spider-Man Slayer, world destroyer


Created by Norman Osborn as a weapon to use against the original Spider-Man. Later became the second worst enemy of the second Spider-Man.

Place of Birth
Oscorp Tower, New York, New York

Max Carroll

First appearance


Quote1.png Do you know of the word Gojira, brother? I believe that the word perfectly describes me. In Japanese translation, Gojira means "incarnation of God". Quote2.png
-- Xenilla to Tim.

Xenilla was created in 1992 by Norman Osborn in order to be used as a weapon to destroy the original Spider-Man after he had managed to get a hold of a sample of Timothy Parker's DNA, and he began to create a genetically modified super-clone, set to be the first of it's kind. Norman then proceeded to add different elements to the DNA; The DNA of the dead super-telepath Yapool, a rare extraterrestrial crystalline element, and the Venom symbiote. The clone would then vegetate underneath the main Oscorp facility for the next 13 years.


In 2005, Xenilla was released from his vegetating chamber by an ignorant Oscorp scientist. When Xenilla awoke, he dismembered the scientist out of fear and confusion and began to make a run for it. However, when he was confronted by Oscorp security, Xenilla used his telepathic powers for the first time, managing to knock the guards back away from him. Taking to the air for the first time, Xenilla fled the Oscorp building and took refuge in a warehouse.

The God of Destruction

The following morning, Xenilla began to have painful memories and flashbacks of Timothy Parker's life. Realizing and accepting his existence as a clone, Xenilla became very angry and vengeful towards his brother. Taking on a more Venom-esk facade, complete with 2 spikes protruding from his shoulders and 2 sets of tusks around his mouth, Xenilla swore to wipe out the one person who could stop his plans; Spider-Man.

Enter thy Brother

Taking to the shadows across the city, Xenilla followed his brother, Tim, while he was swinging across the New York City skyline as Spider-Man. Attacking Spider-Man from high up, the two eventually engaged in a fistfight that took them from the Bronx all the way to Times Square. There, Spider-Man managed to defeat his clone by electrocuting him with a dislodged wire, forcing Xenilla to retreat back to the warehouse. Xenilla then realized that his brother was more powerful and cunning than he had realized and began to plan ways to destroy his brother.

Original Multiversal Invasion

A few weeks after his first battle with his brother, Xenilla stole blueprints for Reed Richards inter-dimensional portal, He then began to improve upon the design, eventually creating a more powerful portal. Xenilla planned to use it to travel to alternate dimensions in order to conquer it and rule it as his own realm. However, he was interrupted by Tim who had arrived via a tip from the Avengers. The two then battled all the way into the opened portal and eventually ended up on Earth-6489, a parallel version of Earth-616's past. Xenilla quickly fled the scene and took refuge at an abandoned apartment building. He then set to work on creating a new super weapon to destroy this worlds existing heroes. Eventually, Xenilla managed to combine the DNA of that of his brother, his brother's current girlfriend and Earth-6489's current Spider-Woman, Mattie Franklin, and a rose, eventually creating a new super-clone which he named Erika. Xenilla then sent Erika to menace this world's Peter Parker in order to goad Tim into battle. Later, after Erika was brutally injured by Tim after she had attacked Mattie, Xenilla launched his ultimate plan to conquer this world, destroying his lab and attacking the Avengers at their mansion. After defeating Captain America, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, and Vision, Xenilla faced Thor in the sky above the mansion, where he managed to best the Thunder God and reverse engineer Mjolnir in order to empower himself. Tim, Peter Parker, and Mattie Franklin, this world's current Spider-Woman, then arrived and attacked the God of Destruction. Peter was taken out of the fight quickly, but Tim battled Xenilla from Avengers Mansion all the way to Times Square, where Tim finally managed to de-power his chaotic brother with an electrical shock. After revealing his identity to Mattie, Spider-Man then dragged Xenilla back to Earth-9022.


Soon after returning home, Xenilla went into a state of hibernation in the ruins of a temple in South America, later on constructing it into a fortress complete with an advanced lab.


After Tim was seemingly killed during a battle with Galactus, Xenilla fell into a coma due to the sudden psychic backlash caused by the explosion in New York Harbor, which also temporarily severed his mental connection to his brother.


After Spider-Man had returned to New York, revealing that he had not died but had in fact gone comatose as well due to his injuries, Xenilla awoke as well, his mental connection reestablished. Filled with an all new rage, Xenilla began attacking several super hero headquarters' ranging from Avengers Compound to the Baxter Building.

Arrival of Erika

When Erika arrived from her "home" reality of Earth-6489, she kidnapped the Parker family and goaded Spider-Man to fight her. Xenilla sensed her arrival and went to destroy her, as he perceived her to be his biggest mistake. He arrived just as Erika was beginning to overpower Spider-Man. Battling Erika to a standstill, Xenilla forced his creation to flee after she had sustained too much damage. Xenilla then warned his brother that the next time they would meet, it would not be as friends before flying away, but not before he had given a look to April Parker, the symbiotic clone of Mayday Parker.

Days later, Xenilla, intrigued by April, sent out a "blind" contact for her and they met up near the Queensboro Bridge. Xenilla then offered April the chance to forget her crusade of dark justice and help him take over the New York underworld. April refused and battled Xenilla, although she was easily outclassed due to his telepathic powers and longer experience. April then escaped and returned home.

After failing to enlist the aid of April, Xenilla, sick and tired of his "brother" getting in the way of his plans, began to subconsciously evolve his powers. Eventually gaining a power boost, Xenilla set out to finally destroy the legacy of his brother once and for all. However, Xenilla was soon stopped by Earth Sentry, an ally of the Avengers, of which Tim was a part of.


When the Inheritors began their persecution of the various Spider-Totems from across the Multiverse, Earth-9022 was one of the first to be invaded. After Tim went off to fight the Inheritors along with the rest of the Spider-Totems, one of the Inheritors, a female, traveled to Earth-9022 in search of more food. After gaining Xenilla's scent, she traveled to South America, to Xenilla's temple fortress. After getting past the facility's defenses, the Inheritor barged into Xenilla's private lab and engaged the symbiote god head on. However, even after absorbing some of Xenilla's life force, of which he regenerated, the God of Destruction managed to kill the Inheritor. To this day, her body is still kept in Xenilla's private lab within the temple, where the God, being a scientist as well, could learn everything from Inheritor anatomy.

Secret Wars

When the Incursions began to affect and destroy various realities across the Mutliverse, the Kaijuverse was destroyed and remade by Earth-616's Doctor Doom, rechristened into God Emperor Doom, on the patchwork planet known as Battleworld. Xenilla, being reborn onto the planet, was made into Doom's personal executioner and enforcer of Battleworld.

Xenilla was tasked with aiding the Thors, Battleworld's police force, against the rebellion Knightwatch, whose leaders were unknown. After destroying an outpost in the Wastelands, Xenilla and a group of Thors began to suspect that a high-ranking individual in the wastelands was one of the Knightwatch's many leaders. Taking these findings to Doom, the overlord proposed that Xenilla investigate the Domain of Manhattan, whose heroes were of Earth-616 and Earth-1610, believing that the leader of the whole resistance was residing there.

Going to Manhattan, Xenilla and a group of Thors confronted the New Warriors, suspecting Speedball of being a primary leader of the resistance, only to turn up with no evidence. Xenilla' becoming suspicious of frequent mentionings of the Isle of Monsters, the Kaijuverse patch of Battleworld, Xenilla traveled to the aforementioned domain and confronted his brother about his connections. However, Xenilla was subdued by the Avengers and brought before Tim, christened as the Baron of the domain, and questioned for his acts of trespassing onto private property.

The Clone Conspiracy

Stranding on Earth-982


Endgame: Attack on Reality

End of a Hero: The Death of Spider-Man

To be added...

Powers and Abilities


  • Telepathy: 1/4 of Xenilla's blood is Yapool's DNA resides within Xenilla's blood, Xenilla is an extremely powerful telepath and telekinetic. He can control people's minds, cause painful memory flashes, levitate objects, and fly. As an additional power, Xenilla can consciously create physical constructs of an opponent's greatest weaknesses. This ability was first used on Earth-982 when Xenilla managed to spawn physical manifestations of many of Spider-Man (Timothy Parker)'s old enemies, such as Doctor Octopus, Emperor Scorpion, Hogan, Ice King, Living Sculpture, and Goblin Master.
  • Symbiotic powers: Another 1/4 of Xenilla's blood is from the Venom symbiote. Xenilla can use this along with the crystals that reside within him to morph his arms into various bladed weapons, and even momentarily shape-shift.
  • Crystals: As previously mentioned, 1/4 of Xenilla's body is made up of a rare, extraterrestrial cystalline element. In fact, Xenilla's skeleton is made out of this crystal. Xenilla can summon crystals from out of the ground in order to act as energy receptors that feed him in battle or he can use them as missiles.
  • Corona Beam: In addition to being 1/4 Timothy Parker, Xenilla gained some modified versions of Tim's powers. One of which is Xenilla's heavily altered atomic breath, known as his Corona Beam. The Corona Beam is a deadly, manipulative stream of lightning that Xenilla fires from his mouth.
  • Regenerative factor: Like his "brother", Xenilla has a highly accelerated regenerative factor that, thanks to the symbiote, is amplified a thousand folds. Xenilla can literally regrow a lost arm within a split second.


  • 11th degree intelligence: Xenilla's intelligence is further amplified to the 11th degree, and maybe even more, due to his telepathic powers. Xenilla has been known to construct highly complex machinery in less than a few hours. He can also easily pinpoint an enemy's greatest weakness, physically or mentally.

Strength level

  • Xenilla's strength level is relatively unknown, although it is believed that he can lift up to a shocking 100 tons with full telekinesis.


  • Massive ego: Xenilla's ego, like that of any tyrant or conqueror, is very fragile, and can be exploited by defying his rule.
  • Electric shock: Due to the Venom symbiote residing in his DNA, Xenilla is very vulnerable towards electricity, mainly artificial electricity. Oddly, however, Xenilla is not affected by lightning whatsoever.


Equipment: None known
Transportation: None known
Weapons: Xenilla's body is a weapon in itself.


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  • Xenilla is the human analog of the extraterrestrial kaiju SpaceGodzilla, due to him being a technical Godzilla-clone.
  • The song which Xenilla recites during his battle with Tim on Earth-982 is Persecution of the Masses, the main theme song track from the 2016 film Godzilla: Resurgence.

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