This team of X-Men resided in the Megaverse. This X-Men was founded by Charles Xavier, a billionaire human who was crippled in an accident. Charles created the X-Men to protect mutants from the oppresion of humans.


Early Beginnings

Weapon X

The X-Men was formed by Charles Xavier. Xavier was a human who was crippled in a car accident when he was six-years old. When he grew up, he was angered at the fact how humans treated mutants and when he became an adult, he took his families fortune and created a team of mutants called the X-Men to protect other mutants. The X-Men consisted of Jean Grey, a nineteen year old psychic mutant, Hank McCoy, who's nickname was Beast, was a thirty-five year old African-American scientist with super-strength, and Longshot, a genetically created mutant whose left eye, which glowed, served many functions such as X-Ray vision and thermal sensing. Longshot was created by Weapon X, an organization which, killed, tortured, but mostly experimented on mutants. Xavier's goal was to destroy Weapon X.

Nate Peters joined the X-Men when the X-Men saved him from the robotic giants known as the Sentinels created by William Stryker and Bolivar Trask, the main leaders of Weapon X. Nate could absorb other mutants' powers by skin contact. As the X-Men readied themselves to fight Weapon X, Weapon X released their most powerful Sentinel, Iron Man.

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