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Official Name
Team Aliases
X-People, Xavier and his Mutants


Team Identity



Base Of Operations
Xavier School For Higher Learning, Westchester

Team Leader(s)

Brotherhood of Evil Mutants; Galactus

Mutants pledged to protect the world that hates and fears them.

Place of Formation
Xavier's School For the Gifted, Westchester


First appearance

Astonishing X-Men #1



In the 1980s a young Charles Xavier met and befriended fellow mutant Erik Luu. The two grew closer over their shared dream of a place for mutantkind in society. The two would go on and discover the Savage Lands, a forgotten jungle in the Indian Ocean. In this lost tropical world, Xavier and Magneto built a home for the growing mutant population.

Until the 1990s, the two and the other mutants lived in peace at the Savage Lands until Erik began growing egotistical and his hatred for the humans increased, Erik believed that mutants were indeed the next step in human evolution and humans were neanderthals that needed to be enslaved. Charles would then notice that at times Erik would disappear from the Savage Lands, he followed him and eventually ended up discovering that Erik and other mutants would be attacking human cities. Charles and Erik would engage in an argument about the future for mutants, which then lead to a fight that ended in Erik crippling Charles with a metal spear.

Charles managed to escape and returned to the United States where he established his old mansion home as a school for young mutants.

The X-Men

In 2014, after the Mole Man Invasion and the Attack of Ultron Charles realizing that Erik would become even more dangerous and would no longer feel the need to hide in the shadows, he'd continue to try and enslave humanity so in turn Charles decided to form his own team compromised of his mutant students to combat Erik and protect human and mutantkind alike. Charles used Xavier institute to train his X-Men to use their powers for the benefit of both man and mutantkind. The initially shy and aloof Scott Summers, whose eyes could emit concussive blasts, was the boy scout-like X-Men field leader, Telepathic/telekinetic Jean Grey was outgoing and foxy, but also a very responsible young woman and became the unofficial second-in-command behind Cyclops.

Charles would expand the team to include members, Wolverine, Storm, Iceman and even Magneto's own son Quicksilver.

First battle with Magneto and the Brotherhood

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Arrival of Galactus

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