Marvel's X-Men (also known as X-Men and titled Uncanny X-Men in the UK) is a 2015 American superhero film directed, produced and co-written by Robert Bussing-Jones. Based on the X-Men characters appearing in Marvel Comics, the film serves as a reboot to the X-Men film franchise and is the twelfth installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The film stars Mark Strong, Liam Neeson, Jeremy Sumpter, Haley Ramm, Connor Paolo, and Jeremy Irons.

Announced in 2012, Marvel's X-Men entered production in 2013 and had its principal photography finished in February of 2014, with post-production being finished in the following fourteen weeks. Marvel's X-Men premiered in the United States on July 14, 2015 and in the United Kingdom on July 18, 2015. The film received crticial acclaim from various moviegoers and professional crtics and is widely considered to be the best X-Men film to date.


On October 7th, 1944, Max Eisenhardt, a young Sonderkommando working in the Auschwitz concentration camp, organizes a revolt when his powers inexplicably manifest. During the revolt, Max escapes with Magda, a Roma girl he had fallen in love with when he was younger, and lives abroad with her in the Ukranian city of Vinnytsia, where he adopts the name "Magnus" to remain anonymous. During their time in Vinnytsia, Max and Magda have a baby girl named Anya. One night, an angry mob that was aware of Max's powers storms his house and burns it down with Anya still inside. Deeply angered, Max's powers manifest once again, killing the mob and destroying part of the city. Magda witnesses this, and leaves Max.

Some time later, Max begins to search for Magda, and pays a Romanian forger to create a cover name for him after learning that authorities are searching for him. Under the identity of "Erik Lensherr", Max relocates to Israel and befriends a man named Charles Xavier while working at a psychiatric hospital near Haifa. During an outing with Charles, Max is attacked by HYDRA forces, and is forced to kill them. Max then asks to leave Israel with Charles, and he agrees. Traveling to New York, Charles allows Max to live in his prestigious mansion, where he teaches him to control his powers.


  • Mark Strong as Professor Charles Xavier
  • Liam Neeson as Erik Magnus Lensherr
  • Jeremy Sumpter as Scott Summers / Cyclops
  • Haley Ramm as Jean Grey
  • Connor Paolo as Bobby Drake / Iceman
  • Jeremy Irons as William Stryker
  • Carter Jenkins as Warren Worthington III / Angel
  • Chace Crawford as Hank McCoy
  • Erik Knudsen as Mortimer Toynbee / Toad
  • Evan Rachel Wood as Raven Darkholme / Mystique
  • Jamie Bell as St. John Allerdyce / Pyro
  • Kyle Gallner as Dominikos Ioannis Petrakis / Avalanche
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