This is the list of Episodes of X-Men - The Underground Season 3.

  1. The Dark Verse – the Underground X-Men joins forces with the Agents of SHIELD, News Reporters of JADU (Journalists Agency Department Union) and the Invisible Woman of the Fantastic Four against the evil Madame Viper.
  2. Waves of the mutant – Namor’s sister Namora McKenzie joins the X-Men.
  3. Mutants of the 6 Elements – Fire, Wind, Water, Earth, Spirit and Light brings the Underground X-Men to the origins of their mutant powers.
  4. Fenris rebirth – Andre and Lillie’s Father Oliver and Aunt Katya Strucker revive Fenris but as an alliance of the X-Men.
  5. Telekincic alike – Miley, Quentin and Andre combine forces to help Hellion deal with his issues.
  6. Magnets and More – Polaris unveils her new X-Uniform and soon learns her mom is in trouble.
  7. Tidal Fusion – Aquastreak and Namora join forces to battle the sinister Belasco.
  8. The Winged Witch Adventure – Pixie joins forces with Magik.
  9. Uprising of the Wing Brigade – Ashley, Guardian, Pixie help a fellow mutant defeat Enchantress.
  10. A Hive Minded Conversation – Celeste confides in Miley for support to confront the evil Dr. Sublime.
  11. The Magnets of Reconcile – Polaris confronts her biological mother Suzanna about the affair with her father Magneto and trying to change him to be a better man.
  12. The Family of M – Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, longtime members of the X-Men pay the Institute a visit on Genosha
  13. and visit their little sister Polaris for the first time.
  14. The Family of M – Getting to know her older half-siblings Polaris learns that both Wanda and Peter considered the Professor more of a father figure to them than Magneto.
  15. Sisters in Arms – The Frost Sisters (Sophie, Michelle, Kimberly, Celeste and Alexandra) combine forces with Miley and her older sister Marvel Girl in an effort to foil Dr. Sublime’s diabolical plan of capturing Emma Frost (The sisters’ mother and Miley and Rachel’s stepmother)
  16. Sisters in Arms - The Frost Sisters and the Summers Sisters unite to foil Dr. Sublime's evil plan once and for all.
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