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| CurrentMembers = [[Dirk Garthwaite (Earth-1010)|Wrecker]], [[Eliot Franklin (Earth-1010)|Thunderball]], [[Henry Camp (Earth-1010)|Bulldozer]], [[Brian Calusky (Earth-1010)|Piledriver]]
| CurrentMembers = [[Dirk Garthwaite (Earth-1010)|Wrecker]], [[Eliot Franklin (Earth-1010)|Thunderball]], [[Henry Camp (Earth-1010)|Bulldozer]], [[Brian Calusky (Earth-1010)|Piledriver]]
| FormerMembers =
| FormerMembers =
| Allies = [[Loki Laufeyson (Earth-1010)|Loki]], [[Amora (Earth-1010)|Enchantress]], [[Skurge (Earth-1010)|Executioner]], [[Masters of Evil (Earth-1010)|Masters of Evil]], [[Ricky Calusky (Earth-1010)|Excavator]]
| Allies =
| Enemies =
| Enemies =

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When Dirk Garthwaite, the original Wrecker, reclaimed his powers by gripping his enchanted crowbar in a lightning storm, a bolt stuck the tool as three other men held it as well. Ex-Physicist Dr. Eliot Franklin became Thunderball, Ex-Army Master Sergeant Henry Camp became Bulldozer, and Ex-Farmhand Brian Philip Calusky became Piledriver. Although this quartered the Wrecker's prodigious strength, the team remained together and remained a formidable force. Their powers are of mystical origin, and Thor is one of their common opponents.

The Wrecking Crew are also members of the Masters of Evil


Equipment: Bulldozer has a specially-made armored helmet, neck and shoulder apparatus that gives him added protection and invulnerability when ramming an opponent. The helmet partially affects his peripheral field-of-vision.
Transportation: None known.

  • Wrecker's Crowbar: The Wrecker wields a four-foot long cast iron crowbar which has become virtually indestructible through extensive contact with the Wrecker's enchanted skin. Wielded by the superhumanly strong Wrecker, the crowbar becomes a weapon of vast destructive potential. The Wrecker has used the crowbar to demolish entire buildings in minutes and to hold off the thunder god, Thor, in battle. The Wrecker has used the crowbar offensively as both a throwing weapon and a bat. Because of the teachings of Ulik, The Rock Troll, he can throw his crowbar and have it return to him, much like Thor's own hammer.
  • Thunderball's Ball and Chain: Thunderball possesses a highly durable wrecking ball, altered because of exposure to the Wrecker's power, much in the same way the Wrecker's crowbar. The ball is attached to a four foot long chain and is capable of projecting electrical energy bolts and an energized exoskeleton suit. The suit is only used when not in possession of his regular wrecking ball and superhuman powers. The wrecking ball, when thrown, is capable of returning to Thunderball in a similar fashion as Wrecker's crowbar and Thor's hammer. Thunderball has sufficient strength to spin the wrecking ball on it's chain fast enough to deflect bullets and automatic gunfire. By slamming the wrecking ball on the ground, Thunderball can cause minor localized quakes, knocking his opponents off-balance. It is also durable enough to be thrown into buildings and other structures, knocking them down with no damage to itself. In the past, The Hulk and Hercules both have, with extreme effort, destroyed the wrecking ball with their bare hands. When this happens, Thunderball doesn't suffer any ill psychic effects and simply obtains a new wrecking ball. However, the wrecking ball then has to be energized by The Wrecker himself to gain the increased resistance to damage.


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