Wolverine: Transformation is a video game about Wolverine. It's for X Box 360, Nintendo DS, and Wii. It's about the origin of Wolverine, his transformation into Wolverine.


The story tells that before he became Wolverine he was a man named James Howlett. James Howlett was a young Union soldier who fought in the civil war. He hated slavery. In the first level of the game you be James Howlett and fight Confederate soldiers. You fight your way to a cavern. In the cavern is a boss, the general of the Confederates. Once you defeat the general it shows a cutscene. In the cutscene the general is killed by James Howlett. But for unknown reasons the cave starts collapsing. James fails to escape and gets buried beneath the rubble. His comrades believed he was dead but James was still alive though unconscious and his legs were broken and he was bruised up. James while knocked out and injured severely is captured by the Confederates. He wakes up in a prison. He is in a wheelchair and he is wearing prison clothing. His hands are cuffed. A man visits his cell and tells him that scientists have been experimenting on people and animals and they are going to experiment on him. James tries to escape but then the scientists catch him. They chain James to the wall and then they eject him with the serum. James becomes strong and breaks out of the chains and he can walk again. James clenches his fists and he grows metal claws. Now he is a mutant. On the second level you be Wolverine and fight all the scientists and Confederates and try to escape. After you defeat all the Confederates and scientists you escape the building. Outside the building there is a car. You steal the car and drive off. Then it shows a cutscene, James car crashes and he dies but then he comes back to life because when they experimented on him they not only gave him claws but healing powers too. So James wanders across the country. more to be added

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