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Wilson Fisk, nicknamed Kingpin, is the son of now deceased Fisk Industries CEO, Grant Fisk. Wilson, despising his father, refused to be the new CEO of Fisk Industries, and instead began a life of crime. He was arrested several times for drug use and petty theft, but soon realized that he must make his life mean something, and not just end up another random thug. He began selling drugs as a quick way to get rich, and gained notoriety when he brutally murdered rival drug dealer Yoshiro Hachiman. He soon began getting involved in more complicated crimes, even once serving as an apprentice of Silvio Manfredi. When Manfredi was arrested, Fisk rose up to take charge of his empire, becoming one of the most feared mob bosses in all of New York. He had Jack Murdock, a police detective who had gotten some of his men arrested, murdered by the "Bullseye" Killer. Later on, Jack's son, Matthew Murdock became the vigilante known as Dardevil, and vowed to take down the Kingpin's empire, along with ninja assassin Elektra Natchios.

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