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Real Name
Wilson Grant Fisk
Current Alias

The King of Diamonds, The Employer, The Brain Washer, Harold Howard, Wilbur, "Fatty"




Anatoly Fyskov (ancestor);

Bill Fisk (father, deceased)
Marlene Fisk (mother)
Vanessa Fisk (wife, deceased);
Richard Fisk (son);

Rebecca Fisk (daughter-in-law);


Base Of Operations
Fisk Tower in New York City, a mansion in Westchester County, Las Vegas






Marital Status

Criminal organizer and mastermind, president and owner of legitimate businesses, crimelord, former ruler of a portion of Hell's Kitchen

Self-educated to college level in political science

Human crime-lord


First appearance


Quote1 I've hurt people. And I'm going to hurt more. It's impossible to avoid for what I'm trying to do. Quote2
-- Kingpin

Early Years

As a young boy, Wilson Fisk lived with his parents, Bill and Marlene Fisk. His father was indebted, using money mostly in an attempt to win the elections for 3rd council district, believing it could change his life for the better. Wilson was heavily abused by his father, who wanted him to make something of himself, he made him to drink, and forcing Wilson to repeatedly kick a neighbor who had insulted both of them. Wilson had the most emotional support from his mother, something Bill disapproved of.

One night, as Bill was going to meet the man to whom he owned money, Mr. Rigoletto, he forced Wilson to stare at a blank wall in their house until he returned, to think of the man he wanted to be. Before leaving, Marlene scolded Bill for their monetary problems he brought home. Bill reacted punching Marlene, and proceeded to whip her with his belt repeatedly. Listening to his father's abuse towards his mother while being forced to stare at the wall cracked Wilson, who grabbed a hammer from a table and tried to confront his father. Bill taunted Wilson, and he was struck on the head by his son when he turned his back. Wilson kept slamming Bill's skull with the hammer.

Marlene recovered from Bill's aggression and decided to dispose of his husband's corpse. Using a saw, she cut him to pieces. Over the next week, Wilson and Marlene carried bags with the remains down to the river. As people in the neighbor knew Bill owed money to Rigoletto, they believed he had left town to avoid paying his debt. After his father's death, Wilson kept Bill's cuff-links.

Wilson was later sent to the farm of some relatives.

The Kingpin of Hell's Kitchen

Years into the future, Fisk had amassed a fortune as a businessman. When he returned to Hell's Kitchen, he became a criminal mastermind on the rising, taking over the operations of numerous other mob bosses, and allying himself with mafias. The first company which he owned completely was one dealing in spices from the Far East. Others included Union Allied Constructions and he had people within the N.Y.P.D.. All while being in the shadows. He planned to take control of their operations slowly to get rid of them so he could reconstruct the city in his image. He used in every single one of his suits his father's cuff links, to remind himself the cruelty of his actions wasn't for the sake of cruelty, and that he wasn't a monster like his father was.

Meanwhile, Fisk met Vanesa Marianna, a art gallery curator Fisk later started dating. On their first date, Vanessa realized Fisk was more than a millionaire, and on their second date, he revealed to her his plans with the city, and she stayed by his side.

Fisk caused a series of explosions in the territories of the Russian mob to eliminate them. In the aftermath, a masked vigilante who had been a nuisance for the Russians' operations ended up in an abandoned warehouse with the leader of the Russians, Vladimir Rankskahov, in order to get information about Fisk from him. As corrupt NYPD officers were about to raid the warehouse, Fisk contacted the vigilante via a handheld transceiver, in an attempt to demoralize him. Fisk admired the vigilante's conviction, and remarked their similarities, but claimed that they couldn't co-exist. Fisk bid farewell to the vigilante, Fisk bid farewell to the vigilante, expecting the NYPD to take care of him, though he escaped after learning the name of Fisk's financier.

With the elimination of the Russians, Fisk's other allies started to distrust him, contributing to their unease at the interference of the masked vigilante, the Devil of Hell's Kitchen. With the support of Vanessa, Fisk decided to make his existence public, giving New York's citizens the impression he was nothing more than a philanthropist worried about his city.

During a charity party, several attendees were poisoned, including Vanessa. This was secretly a plan devised by Leland Owlsley and Madame Gao to remove her from the table and allow Fisk to focus more completely on business. Additionally, Fisk's assistant and best friend James Wesley was found murdered in a warehouse, where he had been shot by Karen Page after he had kidnapped her for investigating and trying to expose Fisk, unbeknownst to him. Finally, the masked vigilante had struck at the drug production warehouse of one of Fisk's associates, costing him large sums of money.

The following day, after Madame Gao had left New York, Fisk confronted Leland, having discovered some irregularities in his records. Owlsley admitted the blame for stealing money from Fisk as well as trying to kill Vanessa before revealing a piece of information to prevent Fisk from killing him: he had kept Carl Hoffman, a dirty cop who could expose Fisk's entire operation, in hiding as leverage. Despite this, Fisk killed Leland out of rage and set out to find Hoffman before he followed Owlsley's orders to surrender himself to the police if he didn't contact him every 24 hours.

After overhearing a corrupt officer talking in the radio about the search for Hoffman, the masked vigilante managed to find and rescue him from a group of dirty cops trying to kill him on Fisk's orders. After the masked vigilante made sure he got to the precinct alive, Hoffman turned himself in. With Hoffman's statement, the names of every single person on Fisk's payroll were revealed, and they were all soon arrested by the FBI along with Fisk. Not only were Fisk's schemes thwarted, but the masked vigilante was able to clear his own name.

However, the FBI transport carrying Fisk was assaulted by more of Fisk's men, who managed to retrieve him. After pinning down the location of Fisk's transport, the vigilante caused the truck to crash, forcing Fisk to abandon it before trying to escape. Fisk was cornered in an alleyway, and after a furious battle he was subdued and arrested.

With the elimination of the Russians, Fisk's other allies started to distrust him, in addition to their worries about the interference of the masked vigilante, the Devil of Hell's Kitchen. With the support of Vanessa, Fisk decided to make his existence public, giving the public the impression he was nothing more than a philanthropist worried about his city.


Quote1You may have made a name for yourself on this outside, but I run the big box. I just wanna make that clear, in case you got any ideas about stepping up."
"I have no intentions of doing that.
--Dutton and Kingpin

Wilson Fisk was taken to Ryker's Island in an armoured van with a team of SWAT officers keeping a close watch over him to ensure he could not escape a second time. When he arrived, with his face still covered in bruices and cuts from his battle against Daredevil, he was ordered by the guards to remove all his clothes and personal items for storage, including his coat and his father's cufflinks.

Fisk was then given a white uniform to wear, with a guard rudely hitting Fisk over the head with his baton as he indicated towards the uniform which was for newcomers. Once he had his uniform and fresh towels, Fisk was walked down the corridors as the other inmates mocked him and his was led into his prison cell. Fisk could do nothing but sit quietly on his bed, stare at the blank white wall in front of him and begin planning for his eventual return to the city, regaining his power and getting his cruel revenge on those who took away his life and destroyed his plans for New York City.

Fisk later had a meeting with his lawyer Benjamin Donovan who warned him that the case was not looking good for him due to the long list of crimes he was being held accountable for. Fisk asked Donovan about Vanessa Marianna and was assured that she was safe, although Fisk insisted that she could not be allowed to visit him. As Donovan warned him that although Marianna had been sent more than enough money, the government had seized a vast majority of his assets and advised him to keep his head down and not cause trouble.

While sitting in his cell and reading quietly by himself, Fisk was visited by another inmate named Dutton who had Fisk's cell door opened by his men so he could mock Fisk's current situation. Fisk made it clear that he was aware of who Dutton was by his reputation as a drug dealer. Dutton told Fisk that although Fisk may have made a name for himself on the outside, Dutton was the Kingpin of the prison and did not wish for Fisk to even attempt to change this, threatening his life if he tried it.

In the cafe, Fisk sat alone and watched Dutton from across the room. He was visited by Stewart Finney, who claimed that he wished to meet Fisk as he felt they could help each other, as they were both formally rich men who were not common criminals and thugs. Finney explained that Dutton ran around eighty percent of the contraband running through the prison. Seeking to meeting his position, Fisk asked about the men Finney was perviously sat with, who he learned were the violent Valdez brothers who had a sick mother.

Taking Control

Quote1You won't suffer alone, I'll be here, because you were right. In prison, there's only room for one Kingpin.Quote2
--Kingpin to Dutton

Fisk called for a meeting with Benjamin Donovan where instead of being updated on his legal case, Fisk ordered him to assist with Stewart Finney's case and pay the rent on the Valdez brother's mother's home in Spanish Harlem. Despite Donovan's objections as he had perviously advised Fisk not to get involved, Fisk ordered him to get it done and ensure that the transactions were untraceable.

Fisk's plan worked and Finney and the Valdez brothers became loyal to him as they began working on a plan to assassinate Dutton. Despite Finney assuring Fisk that there was currently no way to get into Dutton's cell block, he did hand him the latest copy of the Daily Bugle which featured an article on the Punisher's trial and conviction for the murders of various criminals including Kitchen Irish's leader Nesbitt, the Mexican Cartel and the Dogs of Hell. Fisk and Finney began working out a connection between these gangs and Dutton.

Fisk recruited the assistance of Roy Olsky to ensure that the Punisher pleaded guilty and was sent to Ryker's Island. Fisk had another meeting with Donovan to move his final funds to bribe the guards into joining his side, although Donovan warned that any other money he would need would be taken from Vanessa Marianna's protection, Fisk however assured Donovan that he would not need any more money after this was completed. Donovan asked if he wanted to know what the Punisher would be doing but Fisk did not answer.

Recruiting the Punisher

Quote1How could one man be capable of such, violence? But then I saw it, with my own two eyes. And when one comes across someone with such talent, with such a gift well, you don't let that go to waste."
"No. No, you don't.
--Kingpin and Punisher

While exercising in the outdoor gym alone, Fisk was visited by the newly arrived Frank Castle. Fisk tried to comment on how he felt the deaths of Castle's family was a tragedy, but was ordered to stop, so Fisk moved on and discussed Nelson and Murdock who had handled Castle's case in the courtroom and had tried to claimed that Castle was suffering with PTSD, Fisk called this move an insult to Castle and offered to help him find closure instead.

Fisk informed Castle that Dutton had some kind of connection to the massacre at the Carousel in Central Park, explaining that despite the fact that he was not part of the Kitchen Irish or the Mexican Cartel, who had a hand in all of their activities. When Castle questioned why Fisk did not kill Dutton himself, Fisk claimed that he desired to be unnoticed in the prison. Castle at first refused to help Fisk but Fisk offering him a chance to kill Dutton and gain safety. Stewart Finney gave Castle a shiv and they explained that Roy Olsky would assist him get into Dutton's cell block.

However, while Fisk ensured that the plan went off as he and Castle had planned, and the Punisher successfully assassinated Dutton by stabbing him in the cut while learning that the Blacksmith was responsible for the massacre, when Castle returned, Fisk ordered Olsky no lock the cell block door. As Fisk watched from up high, Olsky unlocked the other cell doors allowing Dutton's loyal men to find his corpse and attack Castle. Fisk thanked Castle before leaving him to die by being beaten to death by the other inmates.

Castle survived the assassination attempted and killed every attacking inmate, having witnessed this Fisk decided to make a new plan involving Castle. Fisk visited Castle and offered him the chance to escape the prison and use his skills to kill all the crime rings in New York City for Fisk would have no rivals when he finally got free. Castle initially refused and attacked Fisk, but after being beaten into submission, he agreed, promising that one day he would target Fisk himself. Fisk then allowed Castle to steal a guard's uniform and walk free.

With the Punisher gone, Fisk went to Dutton's bedside and ate his dinner beside him. Fisk explained to Dutton that his wounds were indeed fatal and he would soon suffocate on his own blood. Fisk promised that Dutton would not suffer alone, as he felt Dutton had been right previously, that in prison there was only room for one Kingpin. Dutton died shortly after this exchange and Fisk took command of the prison, doubling the cut of the guards and gaining more influence than Dutton had ever had as Kingpin.

Matt Murdock's Visit

Quote1But I have something to say to you: when I finally get out of this cage, I will dismantle the lives of the two amateurs who put me in here! You Mr. Murdock, and Franklin Percy Nelson!"
"No, I put you here, not Nelson."
"The two of you took the morals, you'll both take the blame!
--Wilson Fisk

Matt Murdock arrived at Ryker's Island to question Fisk, being brought in by Benjamin Donovan, where Murdock told him that he knew that Fisk was behind Frank Castle's escape, which Fisk initially denied as he claimed to have no interest in the Punisher's activities. Fisk continued to deny any involvement, leading to Murdock threatening to use the law to keep Vanessa Marianna out of the country and ensure that Fisk never saw her again.

This threw the aggressive Fisk into a rage and caused him to rip off his handcuffs and brutally slam Murdock's head against the table multiple times. Murdock attempted to fight back; however, taken by surprise, Murdock was not a match for the far stronger Fisk, although he did hit him leading to Fisk remembering that Murdock's father was a boxer. Fisk admitted to taking control of the facility and allowing Castle to escape before telling Murdock that once he is free, he will dismantle his life, as well as Foggy Nelson's, and that Castle's actions should be the least of his worries. Murdock left Fisk shortly after.

While eating a perfectly cooked steak and drinking wine in his prison cell later that night while two other prisoners stood guard outside, Fisk took a sip of wine and was hurt by the cut on his lip from the earlier punch. While re-examining the cut Murdock left on his lip, Fisk seemingly remembered the same damage being inflicted upon him by Daredevil when he was arrested, the suspicious Fisk told his men that he would like to re-examine Murdock's files while he began planning on how he would destroy Nelson and Murdock and get revenge for his current situation in prison, which he blamed on them.

Eventually, Fisk escaped from prison and went back to get revenge on those who did him wrong.

Two years after their marriage, Wilson and Vanessa had their first and only child, Richard.

About two decades later, Fisk, now known as the Kingpin, had become one of the most powerful criminal leaders in both the New York and Las Vegas areas, and had won the respect of many of the other crime bosses.

Eventually, Vanessa, sickened by the Kingpin's life of crime, demanded that Fisk abandon it or else she would desert him. Unwilling to lose Vanessa, Fisk agreed to her terms, and the two retired to Japan. Vanessa even persuaded the reluctant Fisk to turn over his files on the activities of other leaders of organized crime to American legal authorities. To prevent this, the new leaders of the Kingpin's crime syndicate kidnapped Vanessa, who was killed by a Kingpin aide who correctly saw her as the only obstacle preventing Fisk from returning to crime.

The enraged Fisk indeed made a comeback. Not only did he resume leadership of his former organization, but he also turned over his files on other criminal leaders to the law through the costumed crimefighter Daredevil, now with the motive of ridding himself of any rivals. The ploy worked: as a result of the evidence in the files, many criminal leaders, both inside and outside the Maggia, were convicted. In the ensuing power vacuum the Kingpin rebuilt his coalition, stronger than before. Today he controls the great majority of non-Maggia East Coast gangs dealing in conventional crimes. The Kingpin's organization is now stronger than any single Maggia "family" in the New York area.

Leader of the Hand

After the Age of Ultron, Kingpin became the new leader of the Hand.

Powers and Abilities


None known.


The Kingpin is composed almost entirely of muscle that has been developed to enormous size, much like a sumo wrestler, and he possesses peak human strength with only the bare minimum actually being fat. His vast bulk shields him from many forms of injury, either providing padding or causing penetration wounds to only strike him relatively superficially. He has extraordinary skill in hand-to-hand combat, specializing in a number of martial arts, including sumo wrestling, judo, and hapkido. His fighting skills and unusual agility for a man of his size compensate for a great difference between his human level of strength. The Kingpin is a criminal genius and a highly skilled planner and organizer. He employs numerous henchmen, scientists, and even superhumans, almost all of whom are fiercely loyal to him due to dedication, fear, or both.

Multilingual: Fisk can speak English, Chinese, and Japanese.

Strength level

The Kingpin possesses the peak human strength of a man of his age, height, and build who engages in intensive regular exercise. The Kingpin is virtually as strong as it is possible for a man of his age, height, and weight to be without having superhuman strength. His great bulk does not consist of fat as it seems to be but of muscles that have been developed to enormous size, as in a sumo wrestler. The Kingpin has demonstrated strength sufficient enough to crush Spider-Man's webshooter without intent, casually fling open his large vault door with one arm; when others such as Daredevil have struggled to open it with two arms, lift and use his heavy oak desk and a large sofa as weapons, and crush people's skulls without effort. His strength is nearly superhuman.


None known.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: The Kingpin sometimes carries a walking stick which contains a concealed laser beam weapon that fires a short pulse of 300 watts, enough energy to vaporize a handgun. The walking stick can also be used to fire a concentrated spray of sleeping gas. The Kingpin's diamond stickpin also contains a small, highly compressed container of sleeping gas which is effective when fired directly into an opponent's face at close range. The Kingpin uses the stickpin gas as a last resort.


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