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Real Name
William Grant Nelson
Current Alias

Cat Man, Son of Tigra



Young Avengers, New Avengers Squad

Greer Grant (Mother), Criti Noll (Biological Father, Presumed Deceased), Hank Pym (Genetic Father), Danielle Pym (Genetic Paternal Half Sister), Chris Rand (Maternal Half Brother), Gregson Grant (Paternal Grandfather, deceased), Janet Grant (Paternal Grandmother, Deceased)


Base Of Operations
Avengers Academy, Los Angeles, California; Formerly Chicago, Illinois






Unusual Features
Resembles a were-tiger with fur, feline ears, vertical pupils, fangs, claws, and tail


Marital Status

Student, Hero; Formerly Vigilante

High School level


Place of Birth

First appearance



Quote1 I dare you to say "here kitty, kitty". Quote2
-- William Nelson

Early Life

Compared to most of the Young Avengers, William is by far the oldest among them, being born four to five years before his classmates and before the Age of Heroes ended. William is the result of the Skrull spy Criti Noll taking on the disguise of Henry Pym and trying not to only gain information on Earth's heroes but also cause mayhem among them. He set about trying to tear apart Wasp and Ant-man, flirting and eventually having an affair with Tigra that resulted in William's creation. Unfortunately, Criti Noll was ousted when Hank and some prisoners escaped confinement on the ship near the planet and revealed their plans ahead of time preventing the chance of global war and a schism among the heroes.

In the few months to follow, Tigra grew fearful her child would be a Skrull as well, but tests by Hank proved that he was in fact human due to Criti Noll's impersonation of him on a molecular level. This resulted in Tigra keeping the child to full term and deciding to raise him after all, the young child being born as a mutate resembling her werecat form. In the years to follow Tigra eventually had a brief romance with Iron Fist that resulted in a second child. Though William was initially ecstatic about the prospect of a father around and a brother the romance eventually died out. Though disappointed, young William accepted this and watched as a mutual agreement was struck with Tigra and Danny that Chris would be raised in K'un-Lun to become the next potential Iron Fist.

From then on, it was just William and his mother who continued her heroics and began teaching her son how to properly use his powers. But on the side William became a sort of informant and unofficial agent for SHIELD in helping them in hostage situations, tracking targets, and hired hand. Much of his teenage years was therefore spent time in his normal life, heroics, and helping SHIELD where he could. At one point when he reached fifteen, Tigra was called upon to help the Cat People in a moment of crisis, causing William to follow in concern and curiosity since his mother had mentioned them before. Unrest had fallen among the Cat People in leadership and there was growing concern of going to war with humanity within the area and beyond.

Although Tigra helped to settle things and usurp the then leader aggravating the situation she declined to become the new leader. But in her place William stepped in, deciding to help them in rebuilding their fractured society and mediate the differences that had caused the unrest in the first place. Bidding his mother farewell, Tigra left her son among them for the time being.

Nine lives to Live

Unfortunately, William didn't remain as their leader when a day came the sorcerer, Belasco, invaded the Netherworld of the Cat People and bested William. Unable to fend off against his magic, the young man was forced to admit defeat and was thrown from the dimension and back in his hometown of Chicago. The phenomenon didn't unnoticed and the mystic portal opening cause Dr.Strange to find the source and coming across the severely beaten and exhausted William. Returning him to the care of SHIELD, William remained in their infirmary for an extended period of time to recover and was also reunited with his mother who was relieved to see him alive.

Once he reached twenty years of age and was finally fully recovered, Tigra told her son of her plans to become part of the Avengers Academy staff. Intrigued, William decided to move there with her where he became a student and also reunited with Chris while also meeting Danielle and Hank Pym for the first time in person.

Powers and Abilities


  • Feline Physiology:Like his mother and half brother, William inherited many of his mother's abilities including a werecat form, although his is permanent. But some of his superhuman abilities are greater than that of his mother.
    • Superhuman Strength:Like his mother, William has shown to have greater strength then any human, but at a greater degree of being able to lift 25 tons without strain. The strength extends to his legs to allow him to leap 20 feet in the air from a standing jump.
    • Superhuman Speed:William is capable of running at speeds beyond most human athletes, being able to run at 50 mph which is slightly slower then Tigra.
    • Superhuman Stamina:William can exert himself in physical activity or other actions for long periods of time before fatigue toxins begin to impair him.
    • Superhuman Durability:William's musculature and skin tissue are far more resistant and tougher then ordinary humans, allowing him to withstand impact forces and high caliber bullets. He is capable of going toe-to-toe with superhumanly strong individuals and taking quite a bit of punishment with mild discomfort.
    • Superhuman Agility:William's agility, balance, and bodily coordination are beyond any human, allowing him to perform complex acrobatic maneuvers with little training where others would take years to do.
    • Superhuman Reflexes:William's reaction time is far beyond any normal human, allowing him to react to close range attacks and dodge low caliber bullets if he is aware of them.
    • Accelerated Healing:William is capable of healing faster then the normal human rate. He can heal from minor wounds within minutes while broken bones or more fatal wounds take merely days to heal. He cannot, however, regenerate limbs or organs.
    • Keen Senses:William's senses are much like his mother's, being ten times greater then a human's and five times greater than a normal cat. He is capable of seeing in total darkness, infrared spectrum, and has great visual clarity thanks to his vertical pupils allowing him greater range of vision. His hearing is acute enough he can hear sounds up to 6 decibels and is able to decipher a specific smell or odor among many others. He can pick up the subtle alterations in ones mood or emotion and is heavily affected by pheromones.
    • Claws/Fangs:William has razor sharp fangs and claws which can go through flesh, bone, stone, wood, and weaker metals.
  • Size Alteration:Due to Criti Noll's copying of Hank Pym's DNA down to a molecular level, William inherited the natural biological production of Pym Particles in his system. This allows William to either increase his size or decrease it. When growing, William can reach between 15 feet to 25 feet tall, allowing him to increase his strength and durability but puts a great strain on his body, causing muscle tears and pain to his joints forcing him to return to normal size within a few minutes. When shrinking, he can shrink to the size of an ant while maintaining his usual abilities, but like growing it does put a strain on his body and he can only maintain this state for a short period of time. When growing or shrinking, William either gains mass or loses mass from the Kosmos Dimension.


  • Adept Hand-to-Hand Combatant:William has been extensively trained by his mother and Avengers Academy to be a skilled hand-to-hand combatant, being skilled enough to hold his own against several opponents.
  • Skilled Tracker:Due to his keen senses and training by his mother, William has shown himself to be a skilled tracker, having served much of his time being able to locate criminals.
  • Stealth/Espionage:Over the past few years William has also received training in stealth and espionage, being able to get in and out of places unseen and knows various ways of sabotage.

Strength level

In his normal feline state William can lift a maximum of 25 tons while this can increase when he grows in size.


  • Due to his keen senses, certain smells and sounds can affect William, disorienting or incapacitating him.
  • Strangely, William has a weakness for catnip and is allergic to mint.
  • William also suffers from having a semi-feral mind, sometimes being unable to control his feline instincts and has shown some chances of suffering mental breakdowns.



  • Image Inducer:William makes use of an image inducer to alter his appearance as he sees fit. This is normally for when he goes out in public to hide his appearance and keep his secret identity.

Transportation: His own power, SHIELD vehicles
Weapons: His claws and fangs


  • William is a What If? idea if Tigra's son were older.


  • William has stated he feels more cat then human, mainly due to a greater love for fish and other meats, being somewhat overprotective, and purring, just to name a few.
  • William also has a love for rock and roll and fast paced music.

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