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Fantastic Spider-Man
Volume X, Issue 29
What If Vol X 29
Date of Release 5/31/15
Written by Uncanny X-Factor
Illustrated by Uncanny X-Factor
Synopsis What If: Peter Parker journeyed into space with Reed Richards?
Issue Guide
What If? Samuel Sterns became the Superior Hulk?
What If? Mystique formed the X-Men disguised as Professor X?
Quote1What if Peter Parker journeyed into space with Reed Richards?Quote2
--Uncanny X-Factor



Fantastic Four

New Fantastic Four

Fearsome Foursome

Heroes for Hire

Doctor Strange


Johnny Storm


Frightful Four



Greetings, fellow life-forms. My name is Uatu, and I am the Watcher. If you have discovered these files, then I have died, and you have recovered my files on the multiverse. It is crucial that you understand other universes in order to save your own.

One such event is due to the failed flight of Reed Richards and the "Fantastic Four." The classic crew is known to all: the hotheaded Jonathan Storm, his beautiful and bashful sister Susan, her fiance and future husband Reed Richards, captain of the mission, and his best friend, the protective pilot, Ben Grimm. But what if Johnny Storm had gotten sick and couldn't make the journey, and thus had to replaced? What if Peter Parker had made the flight into space with Reed Richards?

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