Wendell Vaughn was born in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. He graduated from the S.H.I.E.L.D. . Despite being


considered highly capable by his superiors, they still considered him unfit for fieldwork, due to the fact that Vaughn lacked the necessary "killer instinct" - the willingness to win at all costs.

Its first mission is to provide security for a research unit, where a team of scientists were experimenting with the Quantum Bands taken from the late Crusader. A test pilot selected to wear the quantum bracelets proves spectacularly successful in wielding them, but he perishes when the energy output reaches a critical mass beyond his control. Vaughn wears quantum bands when AIM criminal scientists launch a large-scale test-based attack. Using the power of quantum bracelets to generate solid energy constructs, he repels the attack. When the accumulation of energy begins to overwhelm him, he simply decides to relax and "go with the flow." To his surprise, the accumulation abruptly dissipates. Vaughn realizes that the key to wielding quantum bands is a flexible, rather than indomitable, uncompromising will. Ultimately, his lack of a killer instinct made all the difference.

Wendell Vaughn becomes a superhero, using the code name Marvel Boy in his first appearance alongside S.H.I.E.L.D. He later becomes Marvel Man, and finally establishes himself as Quasar.

Alongside Captain America the Falcon and the Hulk, he fights Moonstone and the Brand Corporation. Then, as Project Chief Security Officer: Pegasus, he fights the original Deathlok, Nuklo, the Grapplers, and the Nth Man when attack the base. Quasar's later journeys with The Thing into an alternate reality. Your mind is temporarily dominated by the Serpent Crown.

Protector of the universe

Quasar travels to Uranus, where the original Marvel Boy had received the quantum bracelets. The true nature and origins of the bracelets are revealed to him by the cosmic entity called Eon. Eon explains that quantum bands were intended for use by his agent, the Protector of the Universe (formerly the late Captain Mar-Vell). Eon offers him the role of becoming the new Protector of the Universe and he accepts. As a result, your mind is open to the true extent of the power of quantum bands, including how to use the quantum bands to teleport through a dimension called the Quantum Zone. He also fights Deathurge. After returning to Earth, he resumes his role as a superhero and assists the Avengers in the battle against the Super Nova. He is introduced to the Avengers shortly after.

Quasar meets Uatu the Watcher. He finds the Stranger, and removes from the Watchtower "The Plague of Forgetting."

After falling so hard with his distant father and Eon, he ends his role as protector of the universe. During this time Maelstrom, the "Cosmic Assassin", kills both Quasar and Eon. However, Quasar is recreated in a form of cosmic energy by the cosmic entity Infinite and battles Maelstrom and Oblivion. Quasar saves the universe from collapse. Maelstrom is destroyed by quantum bands and Quasar is resurrected. Quasar fights Thanos at Eon's funeral. Eon reincarnates in the form of his newborn offspring, Epoch.

When a stargate that was being used by the Shi'ar Empire during the Kree-Shi'ar War threatens to destroy Earth's Sun, Quasar is able to undo the damage with the help of Binary (Monica Rambeau).

During the Infinity Saga, Quasar travels to the Abstract Dimension for an intelligence gathering. With the aid of the Contemplator, he discovers that the cosmic being Eternity that was the embodiment of the universe was in a catatonic state. He leaves the dimension to team up with his fellow superheroes. Quasar tries to use the almost omnipotent Total Nullifier against the divine villain Magus, but Magus uses the Infinity Gauntlet to turn the weapon against Quasar, obliterating him of existence. Quasar is able to resurrect himself through the Star Brand, which he had acquired during a trip to the New Universe before the Infinity War. When presence threatens to kill your loved ones, Quasar fakes his death and leaves Earth.

Avengers Deep-Space / Annihilation

Quasar helps defend the universe of aliens called Infinites. When Earth is threatened by Ego the Living Planet, Quasar absorbs the essence of the Ego and exiles itself into space for fear of Ego expanding to the size of a planet.

Quasar helps operate an Avengers deep-space space monitoring station with the support of Living Lightning and Lady Marvel / Monica Rambeau, and then becomes involved in the War of the Kings. He later assists the Fantastic Four in a battle with Galactus When the Annihilation Wave hits Quasar and Nova try to stop it. Quasar is killed by Annihilus.

Wendell is restored to life in a form of quantum energy thanks to scientists at Project Pegasus.

Realm of the Kings

Wendell volunteered to explore the break in space-time caused by the War of the Kings. During the trip, he regains his physical form and discovers an alternate universe planning to invade his universe. Trying to get back to reality, Quasar finds an Imperial Guard exploration vessel. Quasar joins Nova's team to resist the invasion.

In an effort to prevent further galactic disasters, Quasar unites the Guardians of the Galaxy. The team protects Galador from an invasion of the Dire Wraiths and brings an end to the long generations war between the two worlds. Guardians of the Galaxy discover an attempt to revive the Magus by the Universal Church of Truth, and they prevent its resurrection with the help of the Avengers.

Powers and skills

Wendell Vaughn is an athletic man with no inherent superhuman powers. He has received extensive training in close combat, and has moderate experience in it. He is an expert in all basic espionage skills, such as an S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy Graduate.

Quantum Bands

Quasar's powers are derived from the pair of Quantum Bands fused to their wrists (or more specifically, from the seven gems in each of the Quantum Bands). Quasar Quantum Bands are permanently affixed to your wrists. It can make the light bend around them so that they appear to be invisible even though they are still tangible. They are linked to the bearer's nervous system and grant enormous powers of energy manipulation. The Quantum Bands are made up of unknown materials and were originally created by Eon to be used by their designated Universe protector. They were discovered by the Eternal Uranus in a weapons depot left by the alien Sentry Kree and brought to Earth by the Crusader Who Believes. be the hero of the 1950s Marvel Boy.

Among its powers is the ability to tap into an unlimited source of potential energy called the Quantum Zone. Quasar can project quantum energy in the form of devastating bursts of force or heat, but most commonly employs them to form incredibly durable solid energy constructs in whatever shape it can visualize, such as holding spheres, tweezers or more commonly as a field of fire. personal strength. Once they are formed he no longer has to focus on them to keep them intact.

The Quantum Bands allow its wearer to fly through the manipulation of gravitons. The maximum flight speed he can reach is unknown, but he made a trip from Earth to Uranus in about four years and flew it without interruption (this was before he learned how to quantum leap). This would require a constant speed of about 50,000 miles per hour (80,000 km / h). This does not take into account the speed it can achieve in a brief burst of acceleration.

Quantum Band gems have some ability to analyze and process information like extremely advanced computers. This allows Quasar to navigate the Quantum Zone and the depths of space. Gems are capable of detecting, analyzing and controlling energy emissions over long distances. They can also "program" their Quantum energy to record and react to certain predefined conditions. For example, Quasar was once surrounded by an invisible energy trellis that was designed to function as a global warning system against potential extraterrestrial threats. The energy field could detect any energy peaks emanating from exotic sources on the planet's surface, as well as if any object larger than a micrometeorite passed through it; In either case, the field would react by transmitting a warning signal to the Quantum Bands.

Quasar has a direct link to Epoch through his bands, giving him immediate access to his nascent omniscience.

The Quantum Bands contain a finite amount of energy that will disperse if they are isolated from their energy source (as yet unclear) and that they also remain connected in some way to their former users. Wendell later returned as a being of pure quantum energy, apparently due to his connection with the Quantum Bands despite his physical death.

The Star Brand

While he possessed the power of the Star Brand, Quasar gained flying skills, superhuman strength, starworthiness, invulnerability and resilience. He was also able to regenerate his entire body from debris within hours and had no need to eat, drink or breathe. However, virtually all of the energy derived from Star Brand was depleted not long after, and he discarded it. The Living Tribunal later stated that Quasar's body processed only a negligible small amount of Star Brand's energy.

Cosmic Awareness

Quasar also briefly possessed the same powers of Cosmic Awareness as Eon granted to soldier Kree Mar-Vell (later known as the original Captain Mar-Vell). Which allowed him to concentrate for a moment on gaining a thorough knowledge of just about anything in the universe. It is not clear why Eon did not grant Quasar Cosmic Awareness permanently, but being omniscient, he probably determined that he would have been detrimental to Quasar's psyche (as it was to Genis-Vell). The fact that he received Cosmic Awareness while his mind was inhabiting an energy building, and he did not demonstrate it upon returning to his body, may also have something to do with it.

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