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Official Name
Weapon X
Team Aliases
Weapon X Program, Weapon X Project, Weapon Chi, Chi Protocol


Team Identity



Base Of Operations
Weapon X Facility near Roanoke, Alberta, Canada

Team Leader(s)
William Stryker Jr., The Professor (science department leader)

Current Members
Agents and test subjects:

Former Members
Agents and test subjects:
Aurora, Deadpool, Sabretooth, Weapon X (Logan)

Department K

Weapon X focuses on using and eliminating mutants. Weapon X's trademark involve the use of mutant test subjects, memory implants and sometimes endowing healing factor and/or retarded aging to its agents.


First appearance


Weapon X was a code name for a secret US government project led by Major William Stryker Jr. intended to deliberately induce superpowers for military purposes. The mechanism was genetic engineering, specifically, creating mutations in normal humans and enhancing existing mutations. The successive projects had Roman numerals, so Weapon X was the tenth such project. Some confusion has arisen because this same name has applied to several different projects as well as several of the project's "graduates."

The first Weapon X project took place in the US in the 1960s, sponsored by the CIA.

In the 1970s the Weapon X project expanded into Canada, where it was run by Department K but still funded by the CIA.

Stryker located Wolverine and, in a secret lab (near Roanoke, Alberta province, Canada), augmented his skeleton with adamantium. Temporarily insane from pain, Wolverine massacred most of the lab personnel and escaped.

Other people related to Wolverine such as Sabretooth and Deadpool were brought in too.

The Weapon X project had reached the height of its power. They recruited Aurora and many more mutants. Some joined willingly. Most did not.

They retrieved Rebecca Shaffer's mortally wounded body from the road where Ultron had left her, got her back to prime health and gave her mutant powers.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: Each teammates' arsenal


  • Weapon # is normally used to denote specific known agents. Weapon X is unique in that it has had entire teams, not to mention multiple agents with the name.


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