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Real Name
Wayne Tonda
Current Alias




Gina (mother) Tiffany (older sister)


Base Of Operations



White, formerly hazel



Unusual Features
Bat-like features, including brown/grey skin, bat-like wings, pointed canines (fangs), a flattened nose, and white eyes


Marital Status

X-Men Trainee

High School


Place of Birth

Blood-Ice, Fusedtwilight

First appearance



Physical Description

Slim with brown skin and dreadlocks. Wayne has a big smile and has a toothy grin. When his mutation manifested, he grew a pair of leathery bat-like wings on his back and his canines became more pointy. When he went through secondary mutation his became more bat-like. His skin developed a gray pallor and his ears became pointy, his nose became plat and his teeth became sharper and his eyes became white.


Wayne like Devin is a fun loving trickster who loves to use his abilities to annoy his peers. He is very curious and loves using his enhanced hearing to listen in on private conversations and is a notorious gossiper. He is very bold and courageous, he tends to act before he thinks. After his secondary mutation, he becomes a little withdrawn and sensitive of his new look. But with the help of his friends, he comes to accept his appearance.


Rise of Kid Devil

Wayne grew up in the quiet town of Bellwood with his mom and older sister Tiffany.

When he was twelve his mutation activates. He grew a pair of bat-like wings from his back and his hearing became much stronger. Wayne was delighted and did not stop to think of the dangers being a mutant would bring him, his mother and sister however made sure Wayne kept his mutation a secret.

Wayne found his powers affected him psychologically. He was sleepy during the day but more active at night and he found he had a new taste for blood (though he was capable of controlling his blood lust.)This made school difficult for him because of his new sleeping schedule.

At night Wayne would sneak out to fly around the woods of his home. Despite the warnings from his mom and sister, Wayne could not resist the urge to fly around the night sky of his home.

Over time he became more and more reckless, flying closer and closer to town until eventually, people began to see him flying around and soon word began to spread of the Devil of Bellwood.

The town soon saw an influx of tourists who came to see the infamous Devil, hoping to get a selfie.

Wayne's mother and sister were upset and tried to explain to him why it was important for him to stay a secret, but the way Wayne saw it was that he was doing a service to the town as Bellwood had enjoyed the financial success of Wayne's exploits (they even made figurines!) and he also enjoyed the publicity of it all.

But his life of pseudo-stardom soon came to an end. A hunter hoped to capture the infamous Devil of Bellwood, whom he correctly believed to be a mutant, but incorrectly thought to be a terror to the community so he spent weeks, studying reports in the woods in wait with his rifle.

When he finally saw Wayne flying around he did not hesitate to shoot Wayne. The shot hit him in the arm and he landed on the ground. The hunter did not care that Wayne was a young boy having a little fun. Before he could finish the job Wayne discovered another aspect of his powers, his sonic scream.

The scream was powerful enough to knock the hunter out and gave Wayne the time he needed to get back home where his sister and mother quickly took him to the hospital.

Word soon spread and people quickly realized Wayne was the infamous Devil of Bellwood and his family was quick to take him to Xavier's School.

Making New Friends

Wayne was quick to adapt to life at the school and joined a group of students, including Devin Annable who terrorized the school and it's faculty. Earning many detentions along the way.

Wayne loved to brag about his time in the spotlight, trying (and failing) to gain stardom at the school.

Wayne also became a source of knowledge and gossip. With Devins help Wayne began his own little business, accepting money or other forms of payment in exchange for him using his enhanced hearing to spy on people and learn useful information.

Becoming A Champion

Both Wayne and Devin decided they wanted to be X-Men (mostly because they wanted the glory) and joined Warren's team the Champions.

Warren and Devin amused (and annoyed) their teammates by making themselves the teams official PR reps. Going so far as to make their own fansite and used social media to gain publicity.

Attack of the Purifiers

When the Purifiers attacked the mansion Wayne suffered the loss of several of his friends. He also was forced to kill several of the Purifiers, something which caused the gentle-hearted mutant a great amount of personal grief.

When the school closed Wayne returned to live with his mother and sister. He was far more quiet and reclusive then they had ever seen him and his mother considered sending him to a therapist.

But when a group of men arrived at his home to harass him and his family Wayne once more was forced to defend himself and his kin, but this time he did so without killing anyone.

Realizing there was a difference between murder and self-defense Wayne and his family celebrated by taking a selfie surrounded by their attackers; who were all unconscious.

Growth Spurt

When Wayne got a call that the Champions were getting back together he was happy. He quickly went to join them but it was around this time his body began to change.

One night Wayne underwent secondary mutation; developing more powerful abilities.

For a time he was feral and began to hunt people for their blood. He even went s far as to attack his team. Forcing them to reluctantly attack him.

Luckily they were able to subdue him and Franziska was able to use her powers to snap him out of it.

With the help of his friends and family, Wayne is transitioning to his new form slowly. But like always Wayne is sure to find uses for his new abilities for his amusement and his loved one's annoyance.

Powers and Abilities


Chiroptera Physiology: Wayne's mutation grants him many powers and abilities similar to a bat. He posses a pair of leathery wings on his back and sharpened incisors. After his secondary mutation, his powers increased and he now has more physical similarities to a bat.

  • Enhanced Strength: Wayne has superhuman strength that varies depending on how well he has fed himself on blood. At his peak, he can lift ten tons.
  • Enhanced Speed: Wayne can move faster than the best human athletes and fly at speeds between 120 to 160 MPH.
  • Enhanced Stamina: His body produces fewer fatigue toxins allowing him to exert himself physically for several hours before he becomes tired.
  • Enhanced Senses All of Wayne's senses are greatly enhanced, he can smell blood from several miles away and tell what the blood type is. His hearing is strong enough that he can hear peoples heartbeats and use his hearing to eavesdrop of a conversation a few blocks away and use his hearing as a form of echolocation. He used to be able to see in the dark but after his secondary mutation, his eyesight has become very weak.
  • Screech: Wayne's vocal cords are strong enough to let him let out a scream that can shatter glass or cause a person to die from internal bleeding if exposed to it for too long.
  • Hemophilic Healing: If he is injured Wayne can speed up his healing process by ingesting the blood of another. The amount of blood needed depends on the severity of his injury.


Expert Comedian- Wayne is known for his sense of humor and is often a source of comic relief.

Strength level



Blindness: After his secondary mutation Wayne almost completely lost his vision, but he uses echolocation to see similar to Daredevil.

Bloodlust: After his secondary mutation Wayne developed a stronger craving for blood and must consume at least a pint or more every several days, otherwise he becomes weaker and risks entering a berserk state and attacking someone for blood.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: X-Jet. His wings.
Weapons: None known.


  • No special notes.


Noah Gray-Cabey is his character model.

His favorite color is black

Loves to be the center of attention.

His favorite blood type is AB-.

He can drink animal blood but prefers human.

His best friend is Devin. He has even stated that when he gets married Devin will be his best man.

His favorite hero is Luke Cage.

Was created by Black-Ice for Fusedtwilight.

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