Arcanjo Asas de Luz Psiquicas


Warren Kenneth Worthington III, originally known as Angel and later as Archangel, and currently as Seraph, is one of the five founding X-Men who Professor X assembled to overcome the threat of evil mutants and fight for the dream of peaceful coexistence and equality between humans and mutants. He is the heir of the Worthington family fortune, and this privileged background resulted in Warren being stereotyped as self-absorbed and unable to deal with hardships during his early years with the X-Men. In the late 1980's, Warren gained new metal wings and additional powers, and began using the codename Archangel. During this time he became a more introspective and brooding character.

Recently, as a result of a secondary mutation, Warren gained new wings of psychic light upon his back that gave him a whole new range of mutant powers. Realizing that he had evolved enormously in both power and responsibility, Warren Worthington III took on the new superheroic identity of Seraph (one of the Supreme Angels surrounding God's throne according to the Kabbalah of Angels). He once again gained the joy of life he once had, along with his sense of responsibility and awe-inspiring leadership among the X-Men.

Powers and Abilities

Warren's X-Gene originally gave him a pair of large feathered wings extending from his back, which in turn allowed him to fly. In his Archangel persona, he developed blue skin and razor-sharp metal wings, with additional unknown powers.

As Seraph, Warren Worthington III is able to make wings of psychic light appear or disappear on his back, allowing him to fly, teleport over long distances and whose psychic light is capable of breaking the psyche of his opponents. By flapping his wings, he can unleash a veritable storm of sparkling psychic light shards that appear like feathers but function as blades of psychic energy that can shatter the minds of his opponents and reduce them to catatonic vegetables. Seraph can also materialize claws of psychic light under his fingers that work just like Psylocke's telepathic daggers, and can cause both psychic and physical damage, and even kill his opponents. His wings also generate a psionic light aura that acts as a personal force field, protecting him or those in contact with him from energetic attacks, projectiles, explosions and direct physical attacks. They also allow him to fly with elegance and resourcefulness in the air and he is able to perform extremely elaborate aerial acts with superhuman agility, speed and reflexes. He is also capable of utilizing a clairvoyant "Scanner Sense," which allows him to find the psychic signature of a single mind among millions of others, and to restrict it until he meets it personally. This power works even when the individual is hundreds of miles away. Lastly, Seraph is able to conjure super psionic strength that enables him to lift and press up to 20 tons and can use the psychic light of his wings to heal serious injuries he has sustained while facing opponents.

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