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Sean Maxim had been a special child since birth, his eyes having a lighting like pattern going across his bright blue eyes. His mother, patty Maxim, disregarded this as his father Johnathan did, he lived a normal life until one day when he was twelve in the track and field he was struck by lightening. the last thing Sean could remember was winning the race...while the competition was still at the starting line.

when he woke up Sean was in a hospital bed, a bandage around his head and strangely...nothing else Medically wise. He slid up and out which alerted his nurse who ran to him and kept him in bed, she informed him of his injury and of how somehow he had miraculously healed. Unbelieving of this Sean pushed her aside and got up, he found that he suddenly had forward and hit the wall. While he again lay on his back he felt and watched his broken nose relocate within a minute.

This dramatic change of events made Sean uncomfortable, his sisters and brothers staying far away from him. One day he was on his way home when a group of teenagers, eighteen-year-olds, jumped him yelling freak, loser, speedy the mouse, mutant. before he knew I the was miles from them, outside town at a gas station. Through this traumatic event he decided to leave his parents and siblings to seek out a life where he was accepted.


Sean has the inherent ability to use what he calls, barrier kinetics, to reach amazing speeds, like quicksilver.

-Sean has enhanced strength, speed, stamina and disease resistance.

- Sean can break three barriers, Sound, Sight and Light barriers, although only the last two for a small amount of time.

- Sean can vibrate his molecules in any part of the body to speed up his healing factor, speed of the appendage or strength of it.

- Sean can rub his hands and arms together at super speed to generate static electricity, when this has been done for ten minutes he pulls apart and then claps his hands together to create a gigantic EMP.

-Sean's enhanced speed makes his brain think over eighteen times faster than the normal humans, meaning he can notice how many times a humming birds wings flap in ten minutes easily. This also means he processes and learns knowledge eighteen times faster.he has an I.Q. Of 189

-Sean's stamina has been so augmented that, he could run at the speed of sound for at least a 72hr period before getting slightly winded.

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