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Real Name
Wanda Maximoff
Current Alias




Magneto (Father) Quicksilver (Brother)






Born as a mutant, powers were enhanced by The High Evolutionary and Chthon

Place of Birth

Stan Lee, Jack Kirby

First appearance

Captain America: The Animated Series


Wanda Maximoff was kidnapped from Serbia and brought to Wundagore Mountain, base of the High Evolutionary. For years, she and her twin brother, Pietro, believed that they were the children of the married couple Django and Marya Maximoff. The High Evolutionary supposedly abducted the twins when they were babies, experimented on them, and after becoming disgusted with the results, he found out they were mutants, he returned them to Wundagore, and disguised them as humans. Both Wanda and Pietro found out they had weird and unusual powers. When Django began to steal food to feed his starving family, enraged villagers attacked the Romani camp. Using his speed, Pietro fled from the camp with his sister. The circumstances of their separation from their family were so traumatic that not until well into adulthood could they remember anything but the barest details of their childhood. For the next few years, Wanda and Pietro wandered central Europe, living off the land.

Joining The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants

They were later recruited into Magneto's Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and, as the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, fought the X-Men on several occasions. At the time, none of the three were aware of the siblings' paternity.

Captured by Chthon

When Wanda chose to leave The Brotherhood while Magneto was imprisoned by The Stranger. She went traveling across the city to find The Stranger and instead found The demon Chthon. He found out she was a mutant and wanted to know who she was. He experimented on her only to realize she had Chaos Magic. He told her of her true parentage. She was able to flee only to find out she had greater magical abilities.


Respect Thread

Hex Bolts

Spontaneous combustion or melting

Rapid or spontaneous decaying, breaking, healing, or fixing Molecular destabilization

Energy control, transference, disruption, amplification, and transmutation

Inertia redirection, amplification, disruption, and transference

Lighting flammable objects

Containing or removing air from a particular volume

Canceling other's powers and abilities

Stopping the momentum of projectiles

Blocking, unlocking, closing and opening doors, objects and technological devices

Exploding objects

Creating force fields

Deflecting normal and magical attacks

Negating or distorting physical laws and manipulating physical forces

Altering, affecting, and controlling matter, the molecular composition and physical state/form of physical objects

Causing various forms of energy to spontaneously appear or disappear

Causes a large building to crumble

Makes it so Hope misses her punch

Saved Captain America

Brings down an entire cliff on Wonder Man

Alters gravity

Disrupts Ultrons circuits

Made a fire hydrant explode

Shatters a flawless titanium bar

Makes a gun jam

Makes all the bullets in a machine gun turn out to be duds

Makes a machine to explode

Causes Count Nefaria to feel extreme pain

Makes drapes catch fire and blows up a control pannel

Causes Hawkeyes arrow to lose all momentum doubles as a reaction feat.

Causes Hawkeyes bowstring to snap

Makes Mole Mans machine explode

Makes Radioactive Mans powers stop

Makes The Swordsman drop his sword

Drops a ceiling on Beast

Makes a robot fall over

Makes a sword get stuck in a wall

Makes Beast and Ice Man trip over each other

Makes Cyclops lose his balance

Makes Minotaurs horns get stuck in a wall

Makes rubble drop and tie up Angel

Short circuits Magnetos control panel

Spills crap on Mastermind

Magic/Reality Warping

BFRs Namor who has 1/5th of the Phoenix Force

Dispels all the foreign energies in Rogues body, except Wonder Man

Injured Wanda blocks Thors lightning and hits him with a truck

Hope and Wanda managed to beat Dark Phoenix Cyclops

Hope and Wanda's fight was putting the entire planet at risk Hope was copying Wanda's power and was also amped by the Phoenix Force being on Earth.

One shots Magik, who had 1/5th of the Phoenix Force

Saved Magneto from Dark Phoenix Cyclops

Slows down time and BFRs Thor BFR means Battle Field Removal, for those who don't know.

Stops a powerful cyclone

Together, Hope and Wanda wish away the Phoenix and restore the Mutant Race

Wraps a monster in water and sends it flying

Accidentally set fire to a cottage

Blocks a blast from Phoenix Force Namor She's eventually overwhelmed tho.

She can teleport

Causes a street wide hurricane

Causes seismic shockwaves

Destroys a building with a hex blast

Hurts Cyclops who had 1/2 of the Phoenix Force

Levitates a carriage

She made it so bad guys cant recognize She-Hulk when she isnt hulked out

Moves a rock slide

One shots Arcanna

Sends Hawkeye flying for being annoying

Off screen saved Wolverine from a nuke

Sends She-Hulk flying with a hex bolt

Summons a thunder storm

Throws a cauldron across the city

Transmutes War Machines armor into pure iron

Turns metal debris into sweet smelling flowers

She says with a strong enough power source and enough casting time, she could wipe out the mutants again.

Her and a team of other sorcerers send away a celestial

Completely rewrote reality, making it so mutants are the dominant species.

Creates a pocket dimension where she has childeren, until Xavier makes her fix it

Makes a Kree armada

Accidentally makes Hawkeye stop existing

Ressurects Jack of Hearts as a zombie and makes him blow up Avengers Mansion

With 3 words, she rewrites reality and depowers 95% of all of mutants

Brings Pietro back to life

Uses the building blocks of reality to display past events

Power Grid [1]
Energy Projection*
Fighting Skills
* *Higher Intelligence and Energy Projection when accessing large amounts of Energy, Chaos Magic, and Hex Bolts*
  • Teleporter*


None known.

Strength level



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Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.


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