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Scarlet Witch

Real Name
Wanda Luu
Current Alias



Jakob Eisenhardt (grandfather, deceased); Phuong Luu (grandmother, deceased); Erik Luu (father); Magda Maximoff (mother); Pietro Luu (twin brother)


Base Of Operations
Savage Lands





Marital Status


Place of Birth


First appearance




Wanda and her twin brother Pietro were born to mutants; Erik Luu and Magda Maximoff. After Magda discovered Erik had been causing havoc outside of the Savage Lands, she decided to take the twins and flee the Savage Lands, but Erik knew of this and attempted to stop her but Magda used her Mutant ability to escape although, with only one of the twins; Pietro.

Magneto would then swear to take care and protect Wanda with all his power.

Early Life

Wanda was raised with other mutants in the Savage Lands. Wanda grew up hearing stories of her father's childhood and the destruction that Man causes, like her father she also grew to hate humanity.

Magneto had no ill-feelings toward his separated wife and would tell Wanda stories of how great her mother was and that he wished he knew what his son was like and wished that they could have stayed a family.

Brotherhood of Mutants

Upon turning 16, Wanda joined her father and the Brotherhood of Mutants in his terrorist attacks and would take on the name Scarlet Witch.

Meeting her brother

In the Savage Lands, Sabretooth would discover his half-brother, Wolverine was experimented on in the Weapon X project by Hydra and S.H.I.E.L.D. and demanded he and the Brotherhood go to the abandoned facility, to see if there's anything he could use to kill Wolverine or even lace his skeleton with vibranium as well. Magneto agreed to this as it could also prove useful to the Brotherhood as well.

So the Brotherhood venture to the Weapon X facility. Sabretooth would find some remnants of liquefied vibranium, without even speaking Magneto knew what Sabretooth wanted. After a few days of trial and error, Magneto successfully managed to infuse Sabretooth's bones with vibranium with his magnetokinesis. Seeing nothing of use with the remnants of the Weapon X facility, the Brotherhood begin to leave until suddenly Sabretooth catches a whiff of Wolverine's scent and goes into a frenzy, following it, discovering Wolverine and attacking him. He engages in a brief fight with him until Magneto orders him to stop.

The Brotherhood then come face-to-face with the X-Men. Magneto then greet the X-Men mockingly and accurately guesses that the X-Men are here to help Wolverine regain his memories, Wolverine asks who Sabretooth is and why he has claws like Wolverine's. Sabretooth laughs maniacally and reveals himself to be Wolverine's brother.

Magneto then notices Quicksilver and asks Quicksilver if it's really him, confused Quicksilver asks what he is talking about. Magneto then asks what his name is to which Quicksilver tells him his name, tears begin streaming down his face, Scarlet Witch becomes confused and asks her father what is wrong to which Magneto reveals, Pietro is his son. Pietro and Wanda are shocked but they also begin crying, Magneto is relieved that he has finally found his son and asks him to join him, Pietro then becomes conflicted and wonders if this is what he should do. The X-Men and Brotherhood plead with Quicksilver to join/stay with their cause, Quicksilver then comes to the decision that he won't abandon his friends and that his father and sister have hurt innocent people and won't be a part of it. Enraged and heartbroken, Magneto orders his Brotherhood to attack the X-Men.

The X-Men begin to battle the Brotherhood. Wolverine and Sabretooth begin battling each other in more of a personal vendetta, their personal fight takes them away from the overall battle. Sabretooth begins gaining the upper hand on Wolverine and comments on how he was always weak and he'll pay for killing his father. Wolverine begins fighting back as hard as he can, never fighting anyone like Sabretooth before, his sudden rush of past memories begin returning to him and remembers a bit more of his past. Wolverine then remembers his father was killed by Sabretooth's father and enters a berserker rage, destroying Sabretooth and temporarily blinding Sabretooth like he did when they were children many years ago. Knowing he can't kill Sabretooth and that he is mortally wounded and will take a while to heal, Wolverine returns to help the X-Men combat the Brotherhood.

The battle would eventually come to a stalemate after Quicksilver injures Scarlet Witch and Magneto, being a concerned father retreats. The Brotherhood would recover the broken Sabretooth and would return to the Savage Lands. The Brotherhood would be forever changed following this encounter.

Powers and Abilities


  • Probability Manipulation: It has been indicated that the Scarlet Witch actually had to "do the math" in order to use her powers--i.e., that she had to calculate the mathematical probability of an effect she desired; the more unlikely the effect, the more complex the mathematical formula, and the more difficult and time-consuming it would be to make the effect happen. This also allowed her to create a wide range of effects: flight, teleportation of targets, transfiguration, and telekinesis. She could also override the powers of others such as when she managed to slow Quicksilver down.
  • Magic: Magneto revealed that Wanda has magic abilities along with her known mutant ability of probability manipulation. He stated that she inherited these abilities from her mother. Wanda seemed to have little control of her magical abilities, since she unintentionally used them to bend time and space to summon dinosaurs to the Savage Land.


Her powers were developed to such a level that she could teleport with surgical exactness.

Strength level



Even though she could control probability to prevent herself from being hurt, if caught off guard she could have been injured just as any normal human.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.


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  • Wanda was born in 1998.
  • Wanda is of Vietnamese, German, American and Romanian descent.
  • It seems in this incarnation, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch's roles have switched with Scarlet Witch joining her father and despising humans while Quicksilver joins Xavier and believes Mutants and humans can live together.

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