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Real Name
Wade Winston Wilson
Current Alias

Merc with a Mouth



formerly Weapon X, Team X, Department K

Mickey Wilson (father, deceased);
Hailey Wilson (mother, deceased);





Bald, (formerly Brown)

Unusual Features
Horribly scarred skin.


Marital Status

Mercenary; formerly assassin, government operative


Place of Birth


First appearance


Quote1 None of this is really happening. There's a guy on a computer, and this is all his imagination. Quote2
-- Deadpool (to the Professor)

Early Years

Sometime after Wade's mother died from cancer, his abusive father was killed by one of Wade's drunken friends. Wade joined the CIA years later. Specifically Weapon X.

Team X/Weapon X Program

Team X consisted of Sabretooth, Silver Fox, Kestrel, Maverick, and Mastodon. But Wade immediately befriended Logan, though the latter took longer to have the same feeling.

During Wade's time in the program, Team X was given scenarios & precedures to rewrite their memories. Though Wade's memories of his life before Weapon X left too much of an impact on Wade to forget them. Fearing that Weapon X is planning something with his team, he made sure to make everyone think said scenarios & procedures worked. The team was also given Logan's healing factor, Wade had a more sucessful procedure, gaining the ability to survive having his appendages being cut off. However the procedure also left Wade with horribly scared skin (which he kept a secret) & insane. Wade Wilson then took the name "Deadpool".

In 1968, The team retrieved experimental Carbonadium technology and Janice Hollenbeck, a double agent. However, Deadpool & Sabretooth, apparently aware Wolverine had regained his memories, Sabretooth killed Janice to reinforce Wolverine's conditioning about innocents dying. Wolverine & Deadpool quit Team X soon after.

Department K

By 1972, Wolverine & Deadpool joined Department K, a secret Canadian Defense Ministry branch with ties to Weapon X. Based in Ottawa, they partnered with Neil Langram and worked with Nick Fury, now a high-ranking CIA agent, and with Richard and Mary Parker (Deadpool told them about their future deaths, but they didn't believe him). Years later, Langram was sought as an operative by the Hellfire Club, but he refused, and he was then slain by Sabretooth, hired as a mercenary. Wolverine, Deadpool, and Carol Danvers, a young US spy, investigated and confronted Sabretooth at the Club's Canadian facility. Sabretooth told Wolverine details of the Club's intent to guide a war between mutants and humans. Sabretooth then bombed the facility, but he, Wolverine, Deadpool, and Danvers survived. A troubled Wolverine turned to drugs and alcohol, and he was dismissed from Department K after accidentally shooting a fellow agent. Disgusted with himself, Wolverine planned to lose himself in the Yukon. In turn Deadpool quit Department K and followed Wolverine.

Joining the X-Men

Wolverine & Deadpool were approached by Charles Xavier, who informed them that he was forming a team of mutants to protect both man & mutantkind, the X-Men. Deadpool immediately decided to join, though Wolverine rejected: an attack from Sabretooth (who had joined Magneto's Brotherhood of Mutants) convinced him otherwise. After the battle, Wolverine decided to stay with the X-Men, at the School for Gifted Youngsters, with fellow members Cyclops, Jean Grey, Storm, Iceman, Beast, Colossus, and Lightman, Sky High, and Varion Due.


Deadpool is very comedic, although this appears to be due to the fact he is apparently insane.

Powers and Abilities


  • Enhanced Physiology: Most of Deadpool's powers come from the experimentation's he was submitted to by the Weapon X program.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: Deadpool possesses a superhuman healing factor derived from that of the mutant Wolverine that allows him to regenerate damaged or destroyed bodily tissue with far greater speed and efficiency than an ordinary human. Deadpool is able to heal from injuries such as slashes, puncture wounds, bullet wounds, beheading, and severe burns within moments. His healing factor is significantly more powerful than the rest of Team X's as he can regrow missing limbs and organs. His head or any other limb can be reattached using this ability, but has to be placed in the proper place. Even though being beheaded, Deadpool can still move his body normally. As Deadpool unknowingly had cancer at the time of the gene therapy which endowed him with these abilities, it bound to the "healing factor" so that in a sense the cancer is his healing factor, which is why his skin is still horribly scarred. Unlike Wolverine's natural healing factor, Deadpool's is mentally driven to a partial extent.
      • Foreign Chemical Resistance: Deadpool's body is highly resistant to most drugs and toxins. For example, it is extremely difficult, though not impossible, for him to become intoxicated. He can, however, be affected by certain drugs, such as tranquilizers, if he is exposed to a large enough dosage.
      • Disease Immunity: The unique regenerative qualities of Deadpool's healing factor also extend to his immune system, rendering him immune to the effects of all known diseases and infections.
      • Advanced Longevity: Deadpool's healing factor provides him with an extended lifespan by slowing the effects of the aging process to an unknown degree.
      • Telepathic Immunity: The healing factor causes his brain cells to be in a constant state of flux and regeneration, rendering him immune to psychics.
    • Superhuman Strength: Deadpool is rated as having a superhuman level of strength capable of lifting 2 tons.
    • Superhuman Stamina: Deadpool's musculature generates considerably less fatigue toxins than the muscles of an ordinary human being, granting him superhuman levels of stamina in all physical activities. He can physically exert himself at peak capacity for several days before boredom or stress takes over, and could have possibly gone on further.
    • Superhuman Agility: Deadpool's agility, balance, and bodily coordination are enhanced to levels that are beyond the natural physical limits of even the finest human athlete.
    • Superhuman Reflexes: His reflexes are similarly enhanced, superior to those of even the finest human athlete.
    • Superhuman Speed: Deadpool has superhuman speed thanks to Weapon X, but he sometimes relies on his teleportation device.


  • Master Martial Artist: Deadpool is an extraordinary hand-to-hand combatant and is a master in multiple unarmed combat techniques. He has been shown fighting such amazingly skilled fighters like Sabretooth and even defeating him in hand to hand combat during his time at Weapon x. This shows that Deadpool himself is among the most skilled fighters in the Marvel universe, although in some fights it has been attributed to him being unpredictable because of his insanity.
  • Master Assassin: He is a master of assassination techniques, espionage methods, covert operations, infiltration methods, escape artistry, marksmanship, and is highly skilled with many bladed weapons (frequently carrying two swords strapped to his back), and a number of other weapons including firearms.
  • Skilled Linguist: He is fluent in Spanish, Japanese, German, and Russian.
  • Medium Awareness: Possibly as a result of his mental state, he is aware that he is a fictional comic book character.
  • Unpredictability: It is difficult for anyone to know what Deadpool will do at any given moment, given that he himself barely knows what he'll do at any given moment. This makes it difficult for most opponents to predict what he will do.

Strength level

Deadpool possesses great, though not unnatural, physical strength. He does possesses the strength of an Olympic level weightlifter. While the exact amount of weight he can lift isn't known, he is able to lift at least 420 lbs. His true upper limit is unknown, but due to his mutant heritage, it should be somewhere around 1400 lbs, and he would only have to stop there due to his forearms breaking under the weight. To date, Deadpool has lifted up to 800 lbs.


  • Mental state: His healing abilities render his brain unreadable to telepaths, but its constant healing also makes him highly unstable and prone to violent outbursts without the slightest provocation, at least against those he knows could handle. Even with his healing factor, Deadpool can still feel pain from damages taken. He also has ADHD.
  • Annoying: Wade's mental state has also proven to make him a very irritating person to be around with other people. Many heroes often find themselves at wits' end around him; this makes for poor ability to cooperate with him in team efforts.
  • Cure for Cancer: Wade's healing factor was specifically designed to replace his bodies cells as fast as they were being destroyed by his illness. Should his cancer be cured then his healing factor would be rapidly producing redundant new cells. Which if left unchecked would cause horrible growths over the body and would eventually explode.


Equipment: Deadpool has utilized different teleportation devices to whisk him out of (and occasionally into) danger and a magic satchel that contains all of his unlimited weaponry and ammo.
Transportation: Teleportation Device, Blackbird
Weapons: Deadpool employs any number of weapons depending on his current assignments. Most often, Deadpool uses guns, grenades, sai, knives, and katanas. Wade can use any weapon known to man and can learn how to use the weapon in less than five minutes than anyone else. Wade is mainly seen using a gun or a sharp object. Deadpool has also been shown as having a magic satchel, often pulling weapons out of nowhere.


  • Like his Earth-616 counterpart, Deadpool's childhood hero is Captain America.
  • Deadpool hates the fact that Earth-10005's Deadpool has no mouth after he got his powers.
  • Unlike his Earth-616 counterpart, Deadpool's best friend is Wolverine.
  • Deadpool believes that Earth-8311 is Marvel's worst idea.
  • Deadpool wishes that Wolverine and the X-Men didn't run out of production money, since he would like to see what happened to his Earth-8096 self after the events of Hulk vs. Wolverine.
  • This Deadpool is also aware that he is a fanon character.
  • Deadpool watches Ultimate Spider-Man every day because of its random humor.
  • Deadpool has knowledge of every cliche in the media, and hates when they happen.


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