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Real Name
Wade Winston Wilson
Current Alias

Wadey, Captain Deadpool, Weapon XI, Mutant K̸i̸l̸l̸e̸r̸ Lover, Merc with a Mouth, Ryan Reynolds, Deadpoolyo, Regenerating Degenerate, Annoying Asshat, Despicable Deadpool, Unoriginal Adaption (by himself), The Better Deathstroke, so many nicknames


X-Force (co-founder and substitute leader), X-Men (part-time member and ally), Thunderbolts; formerly Death, Weapon X (defunct)

Thomas Wilson (father; deceased), Hailey Wilson (mother; deceased); Vanessa Carlysle (on-and-off lover)


Base Of Operations
Mobile, mostly Sister Margaret's School for Wayward Girls, New York City (why is everyone in New York, am I right?); formerly Weapon X Facility, formerly mobile across Canada




Bald, (formerly brown)

Unusual Features
Marks around eyes, heavily scarred face


Marital Status

Mercenary, assassin, arms dealer, sometimes a fugitive, enforcer, government operative, soldier, assassin, bodyguard, pirate, mob enforcer, "master of magic," unicorn lover (trust me, they're more than real), and thousand others

High school dropout, Canadian Special Forces training, otherwise unrevealed

Human mercenary mutated by Weapon X's addition of Wolverine's healing factor which bonded to the cancer in his body

First appearance

M̷̶̷o̷̶̷d̷̶̷e̷̶̷r̷̶̷n̷̶̷ ̷
Meta-A$$ Comics:
X̸̷̸̶̸̷̸-̸̷̸̶̸̷̸M̸̷̸̶̸̷̸e̸̷̸̶̸̷̸n̸̷̸̶̸̷̸'̸̷̸s̸̷̸ Deadpool
Vol 1 1


Quote1.png Jeez... Does this kid not have anything else to do but write his hopeless f*ckin' fanfics? Cause if he does write mine, then I definitely ain't complaining about that... Keep it up, man! Plus, I look great in that photo too, so I gotta give the artist a lotta props for makin' that one hell of a bad boy... God, I love everyone, especially me... Quote2.png
-- Deadpool

Early Years

Wade Winston Wilson was born around the late 1970s in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada to Thomas and Hailey Wilson. Wade had conflicting memories of his childhood, other than the fact that he was considered to be weird and strange by his friends and relatives (and not in the mutant kind of way, cause that would be racist). Serving in the Special Forces as an adult with countless unspecified kills (because comics) and was (definitely not dishonorably) discharged because of it, Wade eventually spent his new livelihood as a mercenary operating at the Sister Margaret's School for Wayward Girls in New York City, where he met, and began a romantic relationship with one of its regulars, Vanessa Carlysle (the most beautiful lady known to mankind). Unfortunately for him, when the once euphoric and contented Wade was diagnosed with late-stage cancer shortly during five-year anniversary. In an effort to find a cure at all costs in order to be with Vanessa for the rest of his life, he reluctantly took a break in seeing her and enrolled in the last living branch of the clandestine Weapon X program under the head of Ajax (ah, Francis... that f*cking piece of shite...) and Angel Dust, which gave him a healing factor from a spectacularly-regenerative mutant and set him to work for them contractually (I really own it all to Hugh Jackman's beautiful long lost twin, don't I?).

However, instead of giving him a chance to work with Weapon X as their soldier, he was only subjected into more and more experimentation, revealing that Wade himself was the last living piece of the Weapon X, explaining that Weapon X is no longer a military-based program. From that point, he went through a painful and torturous process which slowly deformed his body into a heavily scarred and mortified one, in order to prove and test the extent of his newly-gained regenerative powers and further amplify it. Wade only endured through the entire experiment completely awake thanks to his undying sense of humor, something that has vexed every single person who experimented on him. Wade attempted to escape and destroyed the facility in the process (which killed most of Wade's former teammates), but ultimately lost to Ajax in battle due to Wade's weakened state. Wade was presumed dead, in which he first dreamt of Death herself which became interested in him during his near-death state, but thanks to his abilities, he survived and was immediately determined to unleash a path of vengeance after returning to New York (which most of you must all know by now what would happen next, unless you're thinking of the movie, which is wrong, 'cause there was no X-Men in this one, or "save the girl" trope. Vanessa doesn't deserve to be anywhere within my complicated-@$$ crap).

Merc with a Mouth

Realizing that he would no longer have the chance to reunite with Vanessa or live a normal life unless he finds a way to get back at Ajax, Wade took on the mercenary moniker Deadpool after his former notorious nickname back at Sister Margaret's, and began hunting for Ajax with the help of his best friends Weasel, Blind Al, and Dopinder, in a mission to force him to fix his deteriorated condition. Ajax was still involved with illegal activities, secretly experimenting on mutate and mutant children alike, discovering that he never stopped, masquerading his schemes as a headmaster of the Essex House for the Gifted (Francis said that he was hired into working for someone "more sinister," but I couldn't give two sh*ts. I only came for him, not for some subplot.). The Merc with the Mouth, unconsciously inhibiting the spirit of a superhero in spite of his bloody methods, (as my favorite actor has famously an perfectly delivered it: "I may be super, but I'm definitely no hero.") confronted Ajax and his men within the house, where Deadpool was able to intervene his plans, save the mutant orphans (while I do save lives, there's always a price. children are exception, of course.) before burning the house down. After a tough and distressing duel to the death, Wade mercilessly kills a defeated Ajax with a shot to the head, thus fulfilling his vengeance when Ajax revealed he could no longer fix his face.

Despite not being a mutant by original genetic status, Deadpool's heroic mutant-related actions eventually piqued the interest of the terrorist group Brotherhood of Supremacy, and later on, the more egalitarian X-Men (oh could you believe that all I could ever dream of was joining Professor X's group of weaponized children? I know I am!). Later on, Deadpool was present, though publicly unnoticed, during the Chitauri Invasion's Battle of New York when a pack of Chitauri manages to make it outside the streets of Sister Margaret's School, in which the mercenary suited out of nowhere as he and fellow mercenaries took care of the extraterrestrial invaders from wreaking havoc inside the school by causing destruction outside the streets until they executed all of the Chitauri, leaving for the authorities hours later to do nothing else but clean up the mess that they've made (someone should really tell the Avengers and their street buddies that they're not the only ones kicking alien-asses that day. Me and my merc pals needed some credit too, you know).

Greatest Adventures

To be added, but I assure you: this one's gonna be one hell of a ride, at least if the writer does write it.

The Retconning

To be added, while I try to make sense on what the hell's gonna happen here.

Civil War

To be added, but I'm definitely Team Stark all the way, and I'm feeling' good about it!

Powers and Abilities


Enhanced Physiology: Most of Deadpool's powers come from the experimentation's he was submitted to by the Weapon X program. Deadpool possesses superhuman healing factor derived from that of the mutant Wolverine that allows him to regenerate damaged or destroyed bodily tissue with far greater speed and efficiency than an ordinary human. Deadpool's healing factor provides him with an endless lifespan by halting the aging process.

  • Regenerative Healing Factor
    • Foreign Chemical Resistance
    • Disease Immunity
    • Immortality
    • Telepathic Immunity
  • Possession Resistance
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Stamina
  • Superhuman Agility
  • Superhuman Reflexes
  • Superhuman Speed
Power Grid [1]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills*
* No need to ask how and why, sweetheart. You just have to believe.


  • Master Martial Artist
  • Master Assassin
  • Multilingual
  • Medium Awareness
  • Master Swordsman
  • Master Acrobat
  • Unpredictability (I am who I am... wait... that's not my line, is it?)

Strength level

Class 25+


  • Mental State
  • Immaturity (no, I'm not! ugh... hey, you wanna see my BronyDate account?)
  • Cure for Cancer (sadly, not even Wolvie's could completely cure my greatest enemy)
  • Disfigurement
  • Phobias
  • Mystical Curse



  • Deadpool's Suit
  • Image Inducer
  • Anything From My "Magic Bag" (definitely not a plot device)


  • Teleportation Device


  • Deadpool's Katanas
  • Other Weapons
    • Countless Guns
    • Grenades
    • Swords
    • Twin Sais
    • Knives
    • Exotic Weapons
      • Concussive Grenades
      • Taser Wires
      • Constricting Bolas
  • And a Lot F*ckin' More (if the plot deems it)


  • Despite being an assassin and mercenary, one of Wade's codes was to never kill children, believing they could still change for the better once they get to grow up. One of the reasons for this was that Wade and Vanessa once fantasized having a child, before the time he was diagnosed with cancer.
  • Similarly to his mainstream counterpart, Wade was confirmed to be a mutate powered by mutant essence (Wolverine's healing factor), rather than a mutant by nature. (Or am I?... Yeah... I'm not a mutant...)
  • Wade was initially disappointed when he couldn't be part of the Deadpool Corps thanks to the Unified Cosmos preventing him from crossing into the canon multiverse, though he understood why after most of them were slaughtered during Deadpool Killogy, leaving only his mainstream counterpart to be the last known living Deadpool after the event.
  • Wade is one of the only ones who is aware whenever a line in a particular dialogue or monologue is being censored, something that he often finds annoying since he rarely hears himself curse, (cause it really is, ya #^%$&@^&#%#*%#% *@^#& 0@ $*@&) but he could hear others when they do it, most of the time.
  1. Modern Comics: X-Men Vol 1 15


  • Due to his ability of medium awareness and the ability to break the fourth wall, Wade is aware of most, if not all, of the Deadpools across the multiverse, be it fanon or canon, and often compares himself with them based on his distinctions with his other versions.
  • Wade loves chimichangas and enchiladas, which is also a nod to his Earth-616 counterpart, though he genuinely loves the former more.

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