Wade Wilson, code-named Deadpool, is a Canadian assassin. Because of his skills, he was selected for the Weapon X group known as Team X. However, after being severely injured in the team's very first mission, he was experimented on repeatedly, and given an artificial healing factor. However, he was also permanently disfigured, and driven to insanity. He served the team for a while, but eventually left, along with teammates Wolverine, Maverick, and Sabretooth.

Powers & Abilities

  • Healing Factor - Wade was given an artificial healing factor superior to that of his teammate Wolverine.
  • Weapons Expert - Wade is an experienced assassin and soldier, having experience with various types of weapons.


  • Insanity - After months and months of Weapon X experimentation, Wade's mind was changed for the worst, and he is now insane, believing he lives in a comic book.
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