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Hi-Finesse (Apex 3) - Ultimatum -OST Venom- (Original Comic-Con Trailer Music)

Hi-Finesse (Apex 3) - Ultimatum -OST Venom- (Original Comic-Con Trailer Music)

WRATH is an fan-made comic series that takes place in the universe, Earth-7777. The story is about a man named Christopher Thompson who finds an Symbiote attached to him, causing him to instantly get insane powers with some consequences...


The story is during when 19 year old, Christopher Thompson, when he encounters a symbiote during when he was hanging out with his friends. This resulted in him becoming a bond with one of the carnage symbiotes.


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  • In the Earth-7777 universe, it's established that Carnage did die in it due to the fact that a war between Venom and Spider-Man between Carnage and other symbiotes occured, resulting in Carnage's death, however, a clone symbiote that is the same symbiote as Carnage's.
  • Knull will be mentioned but will not make an appearance (physically) in any of the comics. The closest thing to an appearance is an flashback with the mention.


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