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Voronia Amaqurlin aka Princess Siren is a member of the Inhumans Royal Family. She is the daughter of Black Bolt and Medusa as well as the princess of Attilan.


Voronia is a 10 year-old girl with long brown hair and blue eyes. Her costume is dark blue with billowing sleeves, a white stripe at the center and no pants that shows her legs quite nicely as she also wears silver bracelets and black boots.


Voronia is a mostly quiet and silent girl. Due to having the power to produce powerful soundwaves for her mouth, Ava doesn't speak unless if it's necessary to use her sonic scream. She loves her parents and cares for the rest of her people.


Voronia Amaquelin was born in Attilan to Black Bolt and Medusa and was destined to be the future ruler of Attilan.

Powers and Abilities

  • Inhuman Physiology - Due to being an Inhuman, Voronia possess many superhuman abilities.
    • Superhuman Strength - Due to her Inhuman physiology, Voronia can lift up and move heavy objects and can bend steel.
    • Superhuman Speed - Voronia can move faster in super speed.
    • Invulnerability - Voronia can resist any form of damage.
    • Super Hearing - Voronia has a better sense of hearing.
    • Heat Vision - Voronia can project beams of energy from her eyes.
    • Flight - Voronia has the ability to fly like her father.
    • Super Leap - Voronia can preform superhuman leaps than any normal human being.
    • Regeneration - Voronia can heal faster at superhuman levels.
    • Sonic Scream - Since her vocal chords her altered, Voronia can produce a powerful soundwave anytime she speaks, although it's not as strong as her father.


Voronia's main weaknesses is being in stress.


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