Voltage entering the atmosphere to fight with galactus.

Info - Voltage is a super electrificated human his power dwarfs electro in every wa

Bio - a young man who has revealed to be one person who actualy wanted electro to beat spiderman becuase electro was his father. once he asked if he could join electro's ambition electro just said go away kid before i fry you and pushed him out of the way now. he told him ian your son and electro responed yea i doubt that. the boy filled with hatred left but fell into a pit of electric energy like his fathers but it also was filed with power cosmic. he soon found electro agian and asked him now will you notice me father.electro feeling no intrest blasted him with lightning. the young man said you no longer call be Jax now you call be Voltage. and Voltage killed electro in one blast and absorbed all his electric powers. then spiderman came to check out the disturbance and saw electro lying dead with now energy surrounding him.Voltage says ive been expecting you spiderman. spiderman tryed to web him proved useless , voltage told him his powers where truly beyond anything spiderman can do he even can control all atoms in ones body and could kill spiderman at any time but wanted to toy with him first he vaporized city after city ignoring spiderman constantly. just then silver surfer came in and attacked voltage , voltage turned around and blasted the surfer knocked him backwards and stated that now with the silver surfer around he might have some intertainment. both colided in a fury of power Voltage quickly gained the uperhand and blasted the silver surfer into the ground. surfer uses his telepathy to signal galactus that he is fighting someone who even threatens him and galactus. voltage seeing galactus standing right outside the solar system said finaly a worthy oponent. Galactus and Voltage meet face to face to Abstracts capable of ending the universe locked in battle.both fight evenly pushing each other back neither can gain any advantage whatsoever until spiderman shots one web blast at voltage both where so close to each other that that small web made a difference and Galactus landed the first major hit on voltage. voltage then erases the earth and call's it a mere liability.and then the real figh begins voltage starts absorbing electricity from other planets to gain more power and then fires a full power blast knocking galactus backwards. galactus charges up a blast of his own and knocks Voltage backwards to.eventualy Voltage is stripped of his powers by the council of the Living Tribunal , stating that his war aginst the universe is not the better intrest of the balance of the multiverse. so he is banished in a pocket universe but it is told he will return one day.

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