"You know what?, I hate spiders... I hate them with all my might, I will cut the spider, and leave my mark."- Vladimir to a psychiatrist.

Vladimir Kyrstof, Is a mutant and deranged serial killer. Vladimir, was born in Serbia, his homeland was ravaged by war, and political strife. His parents and sister were murdered by rebel forces. Shocked by this and his earlier service in the Serbian Army, he went AWOL and crazy. He then started a killing spree throughout central Europe and the Baltic States. He then discovered his mutant abilities when he was involved in a Train wreck. He discovered his superior strength, when he ripped off the door on his train car.

Vladimir is also known as the Anti-Spider, and the Mr.Death, mostly because of his obsession for Spider-man and Spider-girl, and Mr.Death for him surviving everything from a bus falling on him, to a massive super explosion.

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