" is good makes me feel alive!!!" Vladimir to Maria aka Spider Girl
Vladimir Bavarian, also known as the Crimson Blade, is a Russian serial killer and mutant. Vladimir, suffers from periodic bits insanity, and is believed to have a split personality. He is prone to talking to himself, and writing I'm not a serial killer on the walls, and drawing disturbing images everywhere he goes. He also writes in Russian Failure, Hopeless, Justice, Murder, and Life in his victims blood after he kills said victim.

Vladimir, came into first contact with the superheroine in training Maria Rodriguez aka Spider-Girl, while trying to kill former Daily Bugle owner and manger J.Jonah. Jamerson. Spider Girl had difficulty defeating him , due to Vladimir's unpredictable nature, his superior strength, and agility.

Though Maria escaped with Jamerson in hand, Vladimir threatened her with death, if they ran into each other again.

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