Vidar Odinson (Earth-199999)
Ethan Chase
Real Name Vidar Odinson
Current Alias The "Lost Prince"
Alias(es) God of Strength
God of Silence
God of Revenge
Asgardian Elf
Alignment Good, Neutral
Universe Earth-199999
Gender Male
Height 5'11"
Eyes Stormy Blue-Gray
Hair Dark Brown
Unusual Features Eyes appear passionate and aglow, as though aflame

Vidar is the illegitimate son of Odin Borson and dubbed by Odin's inner circle as the "Lost Prince", Vidar's mother was the Jotun ambassador Grid however due to being born in Asgard and living his life in the paradise world of Alfheim very little of his Jotun attributes are shown, Vidar originally was the rival of Niflheim's Asgardian God of Death and Destruction: Holler, however he eventually gains feelings for the dark Asgardian.



  • The Warsword: Garm - Vidar wields the Warsword Garm, a powerful sword forged from Uru metal to crafted by legendary Norse weapons smith Völundr (Wayland the Smith) for Norse hero Sigmund and was later given to the Asgardians during the Asgardians defense of Earth from the Jotuns where it was improved by magic, it is powerful enough to match up to a fellow work of Völundr and Niflheim's demonic sword: Lævateinn.


  • Vidar is the Norse God that slayed the Wolf Fenris during Ragnarok, and survives the war.
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