Victoria Domashev is the Magnum Universe version of Dr Victor von Doom.


Birth and Early Life

Victoria Domashev was born to Emika and Sergey Domashev, members of Latveria’s Zefiro Gypsy population. Emika was a well known and powerful gypsy witch. Sergey was a guerrilla fighter, a veteran of anti Nazi resistance fighters.

Sometime before she was born, an alliance of Nazi holdouts led by Heinrich Zemo and Baron von Strucker escapes to Latveria and created a puppet government and once more tried to pursue the Aryan doctrine of racial superiority and world domination. After her birth, Emika infiltrated Zemo’s inner circle as his court witch and occult expert, claiming to be able to help him and his allies rule the world. In truth she would spy on him and the movements of his men, relaying the information to Sergey so he and his Latverian raiders would destabilize troop supplies and hopefully force them out.

As the years went on, Victoria grew up and was immersed in occult studies as well as some guerrilla tactics. She showed remarkable skill in sorcery and was being trained by her mother to harness her magical abilities.

One faithful night as she was honing her magical prowess, Sergey and Emika left the encampment with their troops ready to enact their endgame. Having earned Heinrich’s trust, Emika quietly allowed Sergey and his men to slip into their base of operations to sabotage their supplies and arms. Emika meanwhile crept into Heinrich’s quarters and smothered him in his sleep. Before she could escape she was corned by Heinrich’s young son Helmet Zemo. The two would engage in a fight, raising the alarm and causing a shootout between Sergey’s men and Baron Strucker’s forces. Sergey would be shot by Strucker as he led his men away.

Victoria, having secretly followed the group, witnessed the Latverian raiders escaping across the castle bridge with a wounded Emika covering their escape. Scared and enraged Victoria ran down to her, trying to help her escape. Emika used the last of her energy to shield Victoria before she was gunned down by Helmut Zemo.

Enraged, Victoria unleashed a torrent of fire, killing many of Zemo’s men as well as scarring his face before the surviving Latverians and Zefrio carried her away into the woods, crying vengeance against Zemo and his allies.

Leader of the Resistance

With her parents gone, the resistance was left without their most capable leaders. Victoria soon made her decision to lead her people in revolt, however not many were sure of her ability to lead as she seemed more interested in her studies than guerrilla warfare. Her parents closest comrades came to her defense, saying they would train her and when the time came, she would lead them against the Strucker/Zemo alliance.

She trained hard in the ways of magic. hand to hand combat, and insurgent tactics, learning to strike quick, disappear just as quickly, and to use fear against her enemies. To help bolster the ranks of her insurgency, she used her magic to create soldiers from the strongest trees in the Latverian forest. These wooden soldiers, the first of the Latverian Legionaries, were powered by magical energy and could learn very quickly by mimicking the motions of the resistance fighters.

Her first true test of leadership would be against Strucker and his forces. Intelligence gathering would determine he was both a vital pillar of the alliance, being it’s financier and also the weakest as he lacked the military acumen of Baron Zemo. She lead her forces in a daring raid against cash and food shipment for Strucker. Though they suffered casualties, the resistance was successful and retreated. Distraught with losing her men, she tried to bind their souls to her Legionaries to both keep them in the fight and hoping it'd make the Legionaries better fighters. While these new Legionaries could now speak and retained their knowledge whem they were alive, the shock of being in a body that could no longer feel or breathe had the side effect of driving the soul insane. After a few of these Legionaries went wild, she unbound the souls, heartbroken at having to let her comrades go but strengthening her resolve to end Strucker and Zemo. She would continue to use the soul binding trick however as a means of psychological terror against her enemies. By binding the recently deceased soul of Strucker or Zemo’s soldiers to a Legionnaire and setting the panicking creature loose amongst them, it would create terror and panic among them. These tactics would earn the Legionaries the nickname of Doombots and Victoria her hated moniker of Lady Doom.

As she grew so to did her ability of leadership, her powers and her reputation amongst Strucker and Zemo’s forces. Strucker and Zemo, who now wore a mask to hide his burned visage, places a multi-million dollar bounty on her and her men. Eventually she was wounded and captured while raiding one of Strucker’s supply lines. While held captive, Zemo personally comes to deal with her in vengeance for his fathers death and the scarring of his face. He tortured her for information on her troop movements and base of operations but she gives him nothing, merely spitting in his face. As retribution for his own scarring, her burned her face but before he could deliver a fatal blow, Latverian resistance fighters and her Legionaries busted in and rescue her, taking her back to their new base to heal her wounds. When she awoke she finds her face scarred. She at first tried to use her magic to heal the wounds but decides against it, instead wearing her scars proudly as her badge of honor.

After recovering, she would lead her men in brutal campaigns against Zemo and Strucker’s forces, sparring no one and razing their supplies. The war would ultimately come to its end when she personally dealt the final blows to both Strucker and Zemo, avenging both her parents murders and freeing Latveria from their control.

Becoming Queen

After Zemo and Strucker’s deaths and the dismantlement of their puppet government, the people of Latveria celebrated and through unanimous decision, made Victoria their queen, supported by her comrades and fellow Zefrio. Proud and determined to continue to aid her people, Victoria accepted. After her coronation ceremony, Victoria set to work on remaking Latveria as a constitutional monarchy. Her most loyal comrades and mentors during the war were made members of Latverian parliament.

Powers and Abilities

Victoria is a master of the mystical arts and a scientific genius, her intelligence equal to that of Toni Stark. She’s also a master of hand to hand combat and insurgency tactics.

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