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Real Name
Victor von Doom
Current Alias
Supreme Doom

Supremo, Doctor Doom, Lord Doom, Emperor Doom, Doom the Destroyer, Latverian Dictator, Master Doom, Doom, His Majesty, The Great Dictator, God Doom, Rabum Alal, The Supreme One, Victor Van Damme, The Prophet, Supreme Ruler of the Earth



United Nations (Security Council President), Kingdom of Latveria (monarch); formerly Movement Alliance (founder and leader; defunct), Ultimates (former situational ally): Fantastic Four
(on-and-off situational allies)

Vlad Dracula (ancestor; deceased), Werner von Doom (father; estranged), Cynthia von Doom (mother; deceased)


Base Of Operations





Unusual Features
Prior to the restoration of the multiverse, most of skin was completely mechanical in appearance, along with burnt scars on his whole face


Marital Status

Dictator, politician, Latverian monarch, billionaire, industrialist

College degrees in the sciences; self-educated to graduate level and beyond in most sciences; self-taught knowledge of the mystic arts of magic

Human mutate, mystic sorcerer

Place of Birth

First appearance

Marvelous Comics:
World War Doom Vol 1 1


Quote1 This world needs such mandatory correction, my correction, in order to save it. And as I have already done this with my beloved Latveria, I'm going to take every single error out of the equation. Once the has been applied and the expected outcomes has proven to be promising and prosperous, I will perhaps be effectively its rightful ruler, its supreme leader. Thus, there shall no more be a parasite in need of sanitation, for I, Doom has already purified this entire planet... Quote2
-- Supreme Doom

Early Years

Growing up, Victor von Doom spent much of his life studying both dark magic and science, simple alchemy. As the rightful heir of Latveria since his youth, Doom's rule is dealt with a heavy hand. Between his time platform (the first known time machine on Earth) and his Doombots (robotic replicas of himself with artificial intelligence), Doom is a brilliant inventor and scientist. While at the same time, he is one of the most powerful sorcerers in existence, making him easily amongst the most dangerous villains on Earth.

One day during a cosmic experiment gone wrong, the same accident that gave the members of the Fantastic Four also gave him powers. As the cosmic expedition within the Negative Zone went horribly wrong, the five were infused with several unique abilities by the cosmic rays exposure to the rays, which imbued Doom with a variety of energy-based powers, and along with it, an injury caused by a piece of irradiated shrapnel from the shields intended to protect the station steadily began to mutate his body into an organic metallic alloy hide (with a somewhat reduced ability to perceive tactile sensations and pain).

However, this destructive process deformed his face, so the worsening Doom furiously donned a slightly unfinished but efficient metallic mask of his own design in order to hide his already scarred face by the time they returned into the real world. After returning back to the prime reality, the four would later band together battling extraterrestrial-related threats coming from the anomalies of the Negative Zone, including Victor himself who now went insane and has gone obsessed with power after gaining superpowers as well, becoming the ultimate villain and later, the dictating ruler of the Kingdom of Latveria, known as the self-proclaimed Doctor Doom.

World War Doom

Doom Earth-64566

Emperor Doom began his one-man crusade to purify the planet, declaring a secret war against the modern world

Pretty much unmatched and unrivaled in most of every manner, the great Doctor Doom would have many conflicts with both earthly and cosmic super-beings across the greatest depths of the cosmos, although he would always be known as the never-ending nemesis, but sometimes the situational allies, of Reed Richards and the heroic Fantastic Four. However, as time went on, Doom eventually had himself a worthwhile time of introspection and mystical meditation within his home and kingdom in Latveria, rendering him to come up with a life-altering realization in his essence and purpose as the notorious Doctor Doom. In his realization, Doom have thought that his life seemed too unrealistic, recounting how many times he tried to achieve against the superheroes, he only ends up failing again and again, and despite the other times when he did win victorious against his adversaries, he could only gain continuous discontentment to himself since those times have only occurred whenever he reluctantly join alliances with his own enemies against a far greater foe.

Much to his fearful realization, he was slowly becoming just like them, a particular version of a hero he never wanted himself to become no matter the cost, something he deemed cowardly, and unable to make the greatest of risks to make the world a better place, at least in his own terms and image. As a result of his routine of mystical meditation, Doom slowly started becoming insane and desperate rather than making himself feel physically, mentally, and emotionally well than he was originally feeling before. Already tainted by his worsening ego, Doom eventually implanted his own self the delusion that all of his pain and misery would finally be over once he fulfills to make the Earth the "perfect paradise" that every single organism has always envisioned since the dawn of universe's creation. At the conclusion of his delusional introspection, Doom now sees himself to be the very evolutionary path and guidance to humanity's peak of enlightenment, to which he'd start by ruling the entire world on his own terms, using his own governance and armies to commence and enforce it. And thus, with his declaration of conflict against the current world by wishing to "purify" it, World War Doom has begun.

For the first few months since his personal delusional conquest began, Doom waged his war against the modern world starting from secretly setting up simple to catastrophic skirmishes within Latveria, publicly referring as the Latverian Civil Wars, immediately gaining major attention worldwide as soon as it reached broadcasts in every news outlet, including the Ultimates: which included the heroic Avengers, the mutant X-Men, the magical Masters of the Mystic Arts, the House of Agon, and even Doom's on-and-off archenemies and former situational enemies that was the Fantastic Four. By the moment they witness the Latverian skirmish ensuing and notice that Doom didn't have any statements nor announcements on his stance regarding the civil war, the following heroes went after the country of Doom as they find and confront him, and also question the ongoing situation there, figuring out whether they would help him stop the conflicts or do it on their own without his extreme methods as its dictator ruler, speaking from their own experience with Doom as a notorious supervillain.

A Disposable Alliance

Unbeknownst to them, Doom was already aware of the heroes' intentions to try and help him out first due to their heroic conscience, giving the Latverian another convenient advantage that that latter would use as part of his main secret goal to dominate the world, and most importantly rebuild it based on his own image afterwards. With his mission to eradicate most of Earth's mightiest heroes finally setting in motion, Doom started to deceive his situational allies into his own palms. In one of his first stages to fool his true adversaries, Doom had secretly allied with a few villainous figures in the form of a clandestine organization known as the Movement Alliance, which included the Master Planner, Magneto, Mister Sinister, and M.O.D.O.K., whom he deemed to trust before, although they were still considered as his disposable pawns despite their supreme intelligence, just in case they ended up betraying him at some point later on.

Doom assured himself that he would still be one step ahead over his fellow villains in such a plausible situation by discreetly implanting an undetectable device within the villains' body that would effectively shut down their entire nervous system with just a single thought conceived by Doom alone, which could either paralyze or kill them depending how he uses it. Nevertheless, Doom gave them chances as he still knew they would concur to follow his meticulous steps, which was to continuously reign fire and spread terror across Latveria for days until Doom would instruct them their next objectives against the heroes upon their arrival. As three days would follow, Doom expected what he had predicted, and by the time he witnessed his own villainous allies get slowly taken down by the Ultimates, Doom went with his next step, something that even the rest of the Movement Alliance weren't aware of.

D-Day: "Doom's Day"

Upon their defeat, Doom easily controlled the device within every villain he implanted a device on, giving them excruciating amounts of pain as Doom overloads them with different types of deadly energy, mostly nuclear, through the devices within them. Having the villains under Doom's control, he easily enforced them to fight the heroes without stopping until they would eventually explode within the capital city of Latveria, Doomstadt. As Doom had predicted, a nuclear explosion suddenly occurred within the city of Doomstadt, mainly triggered by a heavy lightning strike summoned by Thor's mystical hammer, the Mjolnir, to which he struck it at the unstable villains in an attempt to put an end towards their threat, only to trigger a city-wide blast. In the wake of the nuclear explosion, all of Doomstadt's residents were unfortunately wiped out in the ensuing blast. Moreover, most of the heroes and villains who were within the blast have also perished, such as most of the members among the Movement Alliance, and notable heroes which included Captain America, Thing, Storm, Colossus, Falcon, Mockingbird, Maria Hill, Quake, Thor, Daredevil, Agent Venom, Mystique, Wong, Beast, Wasp, Hank Pym, and even the speedster Quicksilver, who wasn't fast enough to run away from the fast, wide, and fatal blast.

The only known survivor of the now-infamous blast was the X-Man Wolverine, thanks to his remarkable healing factor and adamantium skeleton, although the impending blast rendered him into a coma, along with the misfortune circumstance that one of the cosmic energies released from the blast has temporarily slowed down his healing factor in the process. Doom himself was among who supposedly perished, or so did most thought at first. While the heroes and villains who were previously mentioned have truly perished, Doom later revealed his "miraculous" survival to the surviving heroes since the Doctor Doom who was in Doomstadt during the explosion was merely a Doombot. Heavily filled with dread and guilt for the heavy amount of losses among their comrades, the surviving heroes responded as if it was the end of the heroic age, but according to Doom himself, this "first act" of his was just the beginning of what was about to come.

Presumption of Guilt

In the midst of tragedy, the surviving heroes were still having a unprogressive time trying to cope with their own losses, while Doom was already setting his next step in motion, framing the deceased Thor for being the sole perpetrator responsible for triggering the nuclear blast on Doomstadt. Knowing that the only witness was the currently-comatose Wolverine, Doom began to show fabricated footage on that fateful day, lying to the surviving heroes that he had gathered the following footage from the recorded vision of the Doombot who was with the Ultimates at Doomstadt on the day the nuclear blast had set off. In the footage, Thor was shown to be overwhelmed by the combined strength of the Movement Alliance, which unexpectedly causes the God of Thunder to unleash his berserk of a power, causing a massive explosion that eradicated the city of Doomstadt, making it look like it was a nuclear blast.

In reality, Doom used an advanced and modified version of Mysterio's equipment to bend the events to his own will and imagination, which mostly fooled the surviving Ultimates at first and even the authorities, although it would later leave some of the heroic intellectuals skeptic, including Doom's on-and-off rival Mister Fantastic, since they have yet to figure out whether Doom would be someone they could trust simply based on his testimonies, something that Doom had already expected for them to act since the moment he "allied" with the Ultimates. At first, the investigative intellectuals thought Doom's testimony was somewhat suspicious, but they eventually realized that the reason no one couldn't transmit any frequency from Doomstadt was due to M.O.D.O.K.'s presence at the time that made him a portable jammer across Latveria for a few days and that the Doombot was the only advanced enough to bypass Tarleton's blocker, but not strong enough to send it to anyone or anything else on that day except for Doom himself.

Security Over Freedom

As a result of their eventual failure, they couldn't prove the innocence of Thor posthumously to the law, much to Doom's satisfaction, and as a result, Doom's fabricated footage was used as a "fool-proof" evidence to strengthen the legal case that Thor was indeed responsible for the deaths of many, including several heroes, villains, and even innocent Latverians. In response to the ensuing attack on Doom's nation, the Latverian Accords was established by the United Nations and ratified by 166 nations, serving as a middle point between the Ultimates' desire to secure world peace and the international community's concern over the repercussions of the heroes' actions. Agreeing to sign the accords as well to blame the Ultimates further to what has happened back at Doomstadt, Doom publicly made a convincing facade by broadcasting an announcement worldwide, to which he successfully twisted most of the public's image against the heroes of Earth since the Latverian Civil Wars out of fear and hysteria towards the people they thought were once their protectors.

Unbeknownst to the Ultimates and everyone else, Doom then unleashed his supernatural powers through a specialized group of Doombots, which were modified to make them resemble the appearances and mimic the personalities of Loki and the Tricksters of Asgard, temporarily open up several ancient portals in Norway by using the Norn Stones, summoning a countless legion of monsters across the Nine Realms, such as trolls, giants and ferocious Asgardian wolves to cause death and destruction across European countries. In response to the sudden emergence of invaders, the European Defense Initiative tasked their super-soldiers, led by Captain Britain and Lionheart, to battle the extraterrestrial intruders and get them back to where they came from. Along with this, Doom also feigned several attacks on the hidden realm that was the Savage Land, wherein he opened several portals from the Negative Zone, unleashing the Annihilation Wave upon the land, turning the once paradise-like realm into a netherworld in a span of one and a half days, eradicating most of its inhabitants, including its selfless and courageous ruler & warrior Ka-Zar and his fiercer wife Shanna. To keep himself from exposing his true schemes and intentions, Doom already had a self-destruct sequence intended to close the portals but not before sucking the Annihilation Wave back to the portal itself and triggering an anti-matter explosives (which Doom also got from N-Zone's energy) to close the portals and kill the wave at the same time, due to the fatal explosions that would already kill them as they arrive at the N-Zone through the portal from Earth. In the following assaults Doom had already executed across the world, the latter was now close in eradicating most of the individuals who would start suspecting him and would eventually come into terms of retaliating against his dictatorial rule.

For the next following weeks, Victor almost pulled the strings on every person, including most of his heroic allies who were finally convinced of his ultimate redemption as a "hero", as they were his Latverian people, loyal and dependent to him and his orders, ideals, and promises. In doing so, Doom achieved the impossible, something not even A.I.M., Hand, or Hydra was able to accomplish throughout their lifetime, which was slowly making humanity surrender its freedom willingly in order to gain its security, something that Doom himself has offered protection worldwide by having his unbelievably advanced technology take over the whole planet's current technologies in only a span of five days, submitting the world to his will. Despite basically ruling most of the world in the palm of his hands within a week, Doom clarified that he was yet to be finished in his business, stating that he couldn't cure it yet until he has truly gotten rid of the plague that was still festering it: the surviving heroes, and some particular villains, who was still standing on his way from "curing" the earth.

Facing Retaliation

Six months have passed since Doom set out his plan to "cure" the world from pain and suffering. Having to successfully drive most of society's trust toward the palm of his hand, Doctor Doom now pledges to bring an end to world hunger and disease within the 20th century, leading for the most of the world, in the form of the United Nations, basically followed his leadership from then on, with the UN collectively appointing him as the Security Council President of the organization, ensuring his eventual rule over the world. Everyone who resented and eventually thought of revolt were either imprisoned, exiled, or "publicly executed" as a result of having their rebellious actions be labeled as crimes against humanity, although the last punishment was just a part of Doom's political tactics to give a dangerous and traumatizing warning to everyone else who might plan to revolt against his reign.

To each and every rebel Doom had authoritatively arrested, he had always given them three levels of chances if they ever repeat their revolt: the first one would only be a sole warning, the second one leads to one's temporary imprisonment, the third one gives the prisoner full month of torment within Latveria (which reveals that the prisoner would be subjected into being "educated" the extreme ideologies of Doom as an act of last resort), and if the prisoner ends up resisting all three chances, one's fate would only either end up in his or her's lifetime of an exile to a random but deadly dimension, or his or her's "merciful" execution at the hands of advanced Latverian technology, merely comparing the latter to euthanasia. So far since this global policy was established, only 2.4% of the entire population ended up revolting against Doom's supreme rule through the United Nations, a percentage which includes the greatest threat Doom and his reign would ever face on planet Earth: his own Retaliators. Knowing the Supreme force of Doom as humanity's savior that he had claimed he was until now, Victor had grown such confident faith in his billions of followers just as he had always faith in himself.

Supreme Doom

For the next three to four years and ten months, Victor von Doom has successfully reigned supreme over the Earth under the rule of one world government, which was the formal facade that was still dubbed as the United Nations.

Powers and Abilities


Human Mutate Physiology: As a result of being exposed to the same cosmic storm that gave the Fantastic Four their unique powers, most of his body was transformed into an organic metallic substance, stronger than titanium or steel and harder than diamonds", and gained related and unrelated powers Doctor Doom was introduced to the mystic arts by his mother (who was of Romani and Latverian blood). He would further develop his already supreme abilities by traveling through time in rare cases and learning lost magical scriptures throughout history:

  • Organic Metallic Armor
    • Superhuman Strength
    • Superhuman Durability
  • Lightning/Electricity Control, Absorption & Generation
    • Electromagnetism
  • Cosmic Energy Absorption
    • Superhuman Senses
    • Superhuman Regeneration
  • Mystic Sorcery
    • Mystical Blasts
    • Mystical Force-Fields
    • Invoke Entities
    • Spell Casting
    • Spell Reversing
    • Summoning
    • Teleportation
    • Dimensional Travel
    • Mystical Ensnaring
    • Mystical Portals
    • Healing
    • Banishment
    • Chronokinesis
    • Power Absorption
    • Elemental Manipulation
  • Psionics
    • Mind Transference
    • Hypnotism
    • Technopathy
    • Telekinesis
    • Power Nullification
    • Enhanced Strength
    • Enhance Durability
    • Enhanced Senses
Power Grid [1]
Energy Projection*
Fighting Skills
* Heightened states represents Doom's potential power under the empowerment of enhancing factors and scenarios


  • Super-Genius Intelligence
  • Master of Deception
  • Master Tactician
  • Master Strategist
  • Mystical Knowledge
    • Atlantean Magic
    • Asgardian Magic
    • Eldritch Magic
    • Dark Dimension Magic
    • Darkhold Magic
  • Skilled Martial Artist
  • Peak Human Conditioning
  • Indomitable Will
  • Highly Influential Connections
  • Charismatic Leader
  • Expert Diplomat
  • Enthusiastic Artist
  • Expert Pianist
  • Master Swordsman

Strength level

Class 77+


  • Egotistical Personality
    • Overconfidence
    • Arrogance
  • Paranoia
  • Scarred Pasts



  • Technological Achievements
    • Doombots
    • Time Platform
  • Artificial Suit Enhancements
    • Video Communicator
    • Magnetic Polarity Controllers
    • Flight
    • Jet-Pack
    • Infrared Vision
    • Recycling System
    • Sensor Systems
    • Vacuum Resistance
    • Solar Energy Absorption
    • Thermal Units
    • Personal Adapters
    • Optional systems


  • Teleportation
  • Flight


  • Various advanced firearms
  • Various invented weapons
  • Various collected weapons


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  1. Modern Comics: Fantastic Four Vol 3 5


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