Doctor Doom

Victor VonDoom, also known as just Doom, is a Latverian monarch and notorious warlord. As a child, he belonged to a poor family in Latveria. Because of his scientific expertise, he soon became a rich and famous chemist. With all of his fame and fortune, he left his poor relatives behind, rising up to do research for the then-ruler of Latveria. When he mixed the wrong type of chemicals, he caused an accidental explosion, which killed the ruler of Latveria, and scarred Victor's face. Victor rose up to claim the throne of Latveria, as the then-ruler had no remaining relatives whatsoever. Victor soon became a feared dictator, and even waged war against the Americans, clashing with the Fantastic Four on multiple occasions. He went on to form the Frightful Four, and recruited the scientist/poacher Ulysses Klaw, the interdimensional ruler Annihilus, and the Kree militant Ronan.

Powers & Abilities

  • Intelligence - Victor worked hard all his life to learn and master science, especially chemistry, which he is very skilled in. Even his sworn enemy, Reed Richards, has respected Doom for his knowledge and expertise on more than one occasion.
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