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Real Name
Vic, Junior, Kid Ultron, Victron, Small Wonder, Dorkbot, C-sleepy-O




Henry Pym ("paternal grandfather");

Ultron ("father");
Marianella Mancha (mother, deceased);
Vision (fellow creation, "brother");
Jocasta (fellow creation, "sister");
Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch) (sister in-law);
Thomas Maximoff ("nephew", deceased);
William Maximoff ("nephew", deceased);
Speed (reincarnation of "nephew");

Wiccan (reincarnation of "nephew")


Base Of Operations
Undisclosed location in/near Los Angeles, California; formerly Malibu House, Malibu, California; The Hostel, La Brea Tar Pits, California; Los Angeles, California



Green, glowing blue when powers are active


Unusual Features
Eyes and mouth occasionally glow blue and discharge sparks


Marital Status


High school dropout

Cyborg son of the killer robot Ultron

Place of Birth
Los Angeles, California


First appearance



Quote1.png My name is Victor Mancha and I am an android. Like father like son, sort of. He built me to infiltrate and kill all the Avengers. So that way, you could say I've been a great disappointment to him. I guess that makes us even. Quote2.png
-- Victor Mancha


Victor Mancha's origin is the same as that of his Earth-616's counterpart.

Powers and Abilities


Victor Mancha is a cyborg, created with DNA from Marinella Mancha and with the advanced cybernetic technology from Ultron. As such Victor possesses the following abilities:

  • Electromagnetokinesis: Victor has been shown capable of directing electricity outwards as damaging, high voltage electric blasts from his hands, as well as using his magnetic abilities to reshape and bend metallic objects to his will.
    • Self-Propelled Flight: Recently Victor has been able to manipulate magnetic fields granting himself flight. This is similar to his alternate future self, Victorious.
    • Force Field: Using his magnetic abilities, Victor is able to create protective force fields around himself.
  • Nanite Cybernetics: Ultron's nanite technology was so advanced that, over time, Victor's artificial robotics would become indistinguishable from his biologically human parts.
    • Automated Self-Repairing: His nanite physiology also allows for rapid self-reparation.
  • Advanced Intelligence: Victor has high levels of intelligence and can process information at an execrated speed.
  • Photographic Memory: Victor has a literal form of photographic memory.
  • Computer Interfacing: He has the ability to interface with other machines directly both with connective hardware and wirelessly.
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Durability
  • "Dragon Claw": Victor was recent installed new upgrades to his forearms allowing for launching projectiles and provide much greater control in directing his electronic discharge.


  • Polyglot: Victor is fluent in both English and Spanish, but with access to the internet, he can download and understand numerous other languages such as Russian.

Strength level



  • Omnipotence Paradoxes: The pages Chase stole from the Abstract outline three secret shutdown codes embedded in Victor's programming. These rhetorical questions create a logical paradox conflicting with Ultron's "super-logical" and "super-religious" programming. Once the question is posed, Victor's system shutdown temporarily for several hours, but each question is only effective once. Currently Nico is in possession of these pages.
    • "Could God make a sandwich so big, that even He couldn't finish it?" (The answer to which is "Yes, but then he'd go ahead and eat it anyway.")
    • Two unknown questions remain.


Equipment: None known.

  • Leapfrog and self-propelled flight

Weapons: None known.


  • Mancha is Spanish for stain, spot or mark.


  • Before learning the true identity of his father, the Runaways postured that Victor may be the son of Electro, Kingpin, the Leader, Norman Osborn, Magneto, Hitler and the Red Skull. Ultron also programmed a Doombot posing as Doctor Doom to make Victor and the others believe Doom was his father. He also claimed Victor was a mutant.
  • Although Victor appears to be in his mid to late teens, he is chronologically only a few years old.
  • Victor has had complicated relationships with many of the other Runaways:
    • With their similar sense of humor and intellect, Gertrude and Victor shared some chemistry. However, Gert and Chase's relationship and Gert's death prevent anything from progressing.
    • Chase was jealous of Victor's and Gert's chemistry, intimidated by Victor's intellect, and bore a grudge at him for Victorious murdering Heroine. Chase remained suspicious of Victor long after the other Runaways had accepted him. The pair eventually fell into a playfully contentious relationship as friends.
    • Nico and Victor had intercourse after Gert's death, but she was very reluctant to explore the possibility of an actual relationship. Their relationship officially ended when Victor became interested in Spieler.
    • Xavin looked down on Victor for being an inferiorly designed android and often made disparaging remarks towards him.
    • Molly trusted Victor easily, and the two were often paired together for outings because Molly is the only one who could take on Victor. Later, Victor began to be an older brother figure to both Molly and Klara.
  • It was Victor who first recognized Old Lace as a Deinonychus. Until then, all the other Runaways (including Gertrude) believed Old Lace was a Velociraptor.
  • Victor sleeps in the nude.
  • Victor's mother was devoutly Catholic, and "raised" Victor in that religious faith.
  • Victor has never had an official codename, but he's received several nicknames including: Static Cling Lad, Zapper, Calculator Kid, El Diablo Robotico, Man of La Mancha, Doom Junior, Amigo, Speak and Spell, Jinx, Señor Cyborg, Magnetic Man, Energizer Bunny, Cool Magneto, Tin Man, Victorious, Junior, Terminator, Small Wonder, etc.
    • Recently he's also tried out a few codenames including: Wolf-Swag, Devil Slayer, Wolf Bro, Skull Boss.

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