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Real Name
Victor Cameron
Current Alias

Feather head



Young X-men

Miles Warbeck (Grandfather, Deceased), Deathbird (Possible Grandmother), Heather Cameron (Paternal Aunt), Neal Shaara (Uncle), Myra Shaara (Cousin), Neranami Royal Family (Possible Relative), Davis Cameron (Father), Unknown Mother


Base Of Operations





Unusual Features
Feathered hair, mammalian characteristics, Shi'ar eye markings


Marital Status

Adventurer; Formerly Surfer

High School

Mutant with Shi'ar heritage

Place of Birth

First appearance




Victor is the son of Davis Cameron, formerly known as Slipstream before his depowerment and an unknown woman. His father before him and his aunt, Victor was born in Australia. At first glance, Victor seemed like any normal child when he was born until his parents took a double take on his hair actually being feathers. This concerned Davis a little with recalling his own sister but seeing that was the only odd thing about Victor he didn't worry about it for a while.

In fact, Victor lived a mostly normal life. Much of his childhood was spent around the beaches close to Sydney where he grew up with both parents and began learning to surf much like his father. He was relatively doted upon by his mother and adoptive grandparents, all of which who didn't seem to mind the feathers he had rather then normal hair. Being carefree and energetic, Victor could never know what was about to happen to his life until the time he turned eight did Davis' fears begin to come true, most especially when it came to Victor having more pointed ears and beginning to gain purple skin.

At first, Victor failed to notice the concern from his parents as his skin began to fully change to the common purple among the Shi'ar and his eyes began to lack any signs of pupils. In fact, considering this as just part of his growing up it wouldn't be until his thirteenth birthday, where he had already gained his tail and claws by then among his other physical mutations and changes, did he begin to realize his parents acted differently. It seemed they were almost scared of him, as if not knowing how he would begin acting towards them.

Confused by their behavior, Victor tried to push this aside and live his life. But a few months after turning into a teenager he overheard his parents one night talking about his change, mishearing how he might be turning into a monster which caused him to decide to leave. Unknowingly, he misheard their words and didn't come to realize they had been saying more then that. Already though, he packed his things and ran away, living on the streets for a little while and either stealing or taking odd jobs just to survive until he could figure out what to do with his life.

New Purpose

But at the age of fourteen, Victor was visited by a duplicate of Chris Summers extending an invitation for the young man to join a new team of X-men. With having heard stories by his father about the team Victor accepted. But he was also directed by Chris to the Jean Grey school, using some of his savings to make a one way trip to New York where he enrolled and discovered he actually had family there at the mansion: his aunt and his cousin, Myra.

The reunion was a welcoming one and for once in a long while Victor felt welcomed for what he was. He eventually settled in and became close friends with Chatan soon enough. For the next few years, Victor would learn to properly use his powers and choose the name Throwback for himself considering what his aunt told him tales of the Shi'ar she herself had heard from the veteran X-men and her own experiences. When the time came though, once again Chris Summers approached the young Cameron and he accepted being a member of the new Young X-men.

Powers and Abilities


  • Shi'ar/Mutant Physiology:As a result of his Shi'ar and mutant heritage, Victor inherited many traits of the shi'ar. In particular, he inherited the more mammalian traits like that of his possible relative, Sharra Neranami, and has the hollow bones, superhuman strength and stamina, and feathered hair. He also has gained the following powers a result of his throwback genetics:
    • Retractable Claws:Victor has shown to have extremely sharp yet durable claws in which he can retract at will on the tips of his fingers. These claws can tear through flesh and bone or even scratch stone.
    • Keen Senses:Victor has greater vision, smell, and hearing beyond most humans. He can see with far greater clarity and notice things some might miss. HIs smell is also great enough he can smell a week old scent or catch a scent about 2 miles away. His hearing is also likewise incredibly sharp, being able to hear from 4 miles away, though possibly more so depending on the environment and allowing him to locate the source of the sounds.
    • Night Vision:Victor can see with great clarity in total darkness, almost as much as he can see if he were in light or day.
    • Weather Insulation:Victor can with stand extreme weather temperatures such as freezing temperatures or slightly extreme heat. He could easily survive in a place as harsh as the Antarctic with ill effects and survive far longer in a desert setting then most humans could.
    • Psionic Blade Creation:One primary mutation he does have that is more distinguished then his physiology is that Victor can create psionic blades of various shapes, sizes, and sharpness. These blades can attack the mind to giving it a stabbing or stinging pain of being slashed. With greater focus, he can make these blades do physical damage as well. The greatest weakness to this power is that Victor has to be able to picture the blades in his mind to properly make use of them and tends to stick towards swords he feels comfortable with more then anything.


  • Excellent Surfer:Trained by his father, Victor is a skilled surfer and has been doing this for most of his life.
  • Excellent Swimmer:As a result of living by the water, Victor has also become a strong swimmer much like his cousin.
  • Decent Thief:When living on the streets for a short while, Victor learned some tricks of the trade to steal and pickpocket, just enough so he could get by.

Strength level

Victor has strength three times that of a human his age, height, and weight


  • Victor suffers from a bit of low self-esteem, largely due to feeling some view him as nothing more then a monster and his appearance.
  • Unlike most feral based mutants, Victor does not have a healing factor.


Equipment: Wrist Communicator
Transportation: Chris' teleportation, X-jet
Weapons: His claws


  • Victor is an idea of what if Lifeguard's brother had a son and passed on Shi'ar traits to family.


  • Victor's appearance is partly based on Deathcry's from her more mammalian looks.

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