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Real Name
Victor Alvarez
Current Alias

The Living Weapon, Power Fist, Vic



Shades (Father),
Mariah Dillard (Mother),
Tilda Johnson (Sister)


Base Of Operations
Avengers Tower, Avengers Mansion





Human mutated by a radioactive explosion and embedded with shards of the Infinity Fractal.

First appearance



Early Life

Born in 2000, Victor Alvarez was a computer engineer. He was impressed by his father's shades and would play with them. Growing up, he was told that Luke Cage and Iron Fist were the "Bad Guys". He had a good relationship with his older sister, who excelled in chemistry. He did very well in school, skipping a grade. (Presumably it was the fifth grade, since he rarely mentions it.)

Meeting his heroes

One time in the third grade, he encountered the Hand. He was saved by the Heroes for Hire (Power Man/Luke Cage and Iron Fist). They were his childhood heroes. Secretly, he was trained by the two.

Training begins

When he was ten, his mother was killed, and his father was incarcerated. Not having a choice, he traveled to K'un-Lun and finished his training. Every summer, he would travel to Harlem and would receive training from Luke Cage.


When he was 17, he returned to New York and visited his dad at a restaurant. His dad brought his shades. An explosion sparked, and Victor was closest to the Shades and was hit by the radiation from the explosion. Apparently, the shades had an Infinity Fractal in them, the most powerful one. It was split into five pieces, which embedded in his chest, wrists, and feet. His father was distraught, thinking he was dead. It was revealed Victor was alive as he was glowing red and yellow. He returned to Danny and Cage for help. That's when he finished his training.

Becoming Power Man

When the year was 2019, he returned to home because his training was complete. Victor created glasses based on his computer skills and was inspired by War Machine as his glasses were similar to Iron Man's helmet's abilities. Danny further trained him, saying that Victor could access every ability and skill of every other Iron Fist that preceded him. Victor finally gained the abilities of the Iron Fist. Cage gave him a costume that resembled his old one. Victor created bracelets that could contain the power of the fractal. He received more training from both, so he was able to adapt to his enemies' fighting styles. Although it took him months, he finally took down Iron Fist in combat. He then was able to take down Luke Cage and Iron Fist together. His goggles also were able to make him look like anyone or anything he wanted. He was able to mimic weapons with his chi. He soon learned every ability of all the Iron Fists that came before him with the Infinity Fractals. Similar to Luke Cage, he named himself Power Man.

Powers and Abilities


Infinity Fractal/Human hybrid: The explosion that killed many gave him abilities similar to his father's glasses.

  • Enhanced Strength: Because of how powerful it is, it enhanced his strength. He had explosive kind of strength.
  • Enhanced Speed: He was able to escape to Luke Cage's place, which was miles away, in less than a minute.
  • Enhanced Stamina: He is able to run for miles without tiring, describing it as "just walking two steps."
  • Enhanced Durability and Skin: His skin is just as durable as Luke Cage's, if not more. Weapons break on contact with his skin. He is invulnerable and bulletproof. He says that the Judas Bullet, a device strong enough to incapacitate Luke, felt like "four people pinching you once".
  • Size Alteration: He can grow his fists, arms, legs, chest, and body, making him look similar to the Hulk. He can make his fist larger for even more power or to enhance his power. He can enhance the strength everywhere in his body.
  • Enhanced Intelligence: His brain is compared to a calculator. Because he was already intelligent, he became on par with Amadeus Cho.

Chi Manipulation: When he finally mastered his chi, and it combined with his Infinity Fractal abilities, he became one of the most powerful heroes known.

  • Energy Manipulation/Absorption/Emission: One of Victor's powers that is well known are his energy manipulation abilities. He can absorb strength, energy, speed, skill, etc. from others just by touching them. He can turn his whole body yellow to increase his strength with energy. He easily emits energy from his body. He can project more energy to avoid tiring himself out. He can absorb and redirect a lot of energy, though he rarely uses this ability. He can even weaken those around him. He can redirect kinetic energy similar to the Panther Habit, but can do it on command without needing energy. His entire body is nearly invulnerable, as it is charged with chi.
  • Energy Enhanced Strike: Charging his fist with chi can enhance his strength and can nearly cut through anything. His punches have enough force to knock back the Abomination. His chi has many different colors, ranging from yellow/orange to purple to red. When he's in his energy form, he can even use his feet to emit chi.
  • Nervous System Control: Alvarez has full control over his body, making himself immune to poisons, regenerate himself from the most deadliest attacks, drugs, or if he can't regenerate quick enough, he can limit his blood loss.
  • Hypnotism: Learning this from Danny, he learned how to create illusions and make his foes see what he wants them to see.
  • Mind Fusion: He can use his power to temporarily fuse his consciousness with another person, resulting in a sharing of knowledge, emotions, and memories.
  • Elemental Control: Similar to Junzo Muto, he has elemental control. When he uses his elemental control, his fist turns purple.
    • Water based attacks: This is his most useful ability. It helps him shapeshift his hand and body into objects or weapons and he can even stretch his body using this ability. He can even adapt underwater. He can make his weapons/projectiles look realistic as well.
    • Fire based attacks: He uses this ability to super heat objects or shoot flames from his purple energy based fist similar to a flamethrower.
    • Earth based attacks: This is one of his common abilities. He can make his body as hard as rock, create cracks in the ground by punching it, and can even make his punches hard as rock.
    • Lightning based attacks: This is one of his common abilities. He can super charge his body with electricity. A lot of times he'll shapeshift his fist into a weapon that shoots electricity or he can shoot electricity from his purple fist.
    • Ice Based attacks: This is something he can't control. When he uses his element control he mainly traps his enemies in yellow type ice instead of white.
    • Air based attacks: He uses this to shoot cyclones or sonic based attacks that shoots loud noises. He uses this ability to propel himself in the air.
    • Light bending: He can use the ability of light to cloak himself.
    • Gas Manipulation: He usually uses this to create a smoke screen to distract enemies.
    • Solar based attacks: This is his final and most powerful attack. He can shoot this blast as it ranges from intense heat to the heat of the sun. He can adapt in space because of this. He can shoot lasers, blind enemies, etc. This is the red blast that comes from him.
  • Photographic memory: While this may not be a power, this helps him predict his enemy's next move and he can use his chi to trace and read energy.
  • Dimensional Travel: Under certain circumstances, his chi can be focused to create nexus points between dimensions
  • Heightened awareness: Demonstrated the ability to detect a threat to his well-being in his immediate vicinity before they commit the action; and possesses enhanced intuition.
  • Enhanced Senses: Alvarez has unusually keen eyesight, but it is unclear if it extends to superhuman level. He can focus his hearing so intensely that he can hear sweat rolling down someone's face.
  • Empathy: Alvarez has the ability to sense and read the emotions/feelings/intentions of people and animals, can broadcast his own feelings in order to influence other people and/or animals emotions psionically.
  • Weapon Augmentation: Similar to the gun fu technique, he can shoot bullets from his bracelets/wrists. He can also touch weapons and empower them with chi. Every weapon he touches he is able to recreate, as shown in his fight with the Hand.

Red/Orange Iron Fist: This is very recent as he was able to absorb large amounts of chi energy as now that was his strength. He gained a new fist that that Red and orange colored surrounded with Purple energy. He gained new and different based elemental attacks.

    • 'Metal Mimicry:' He is able to make his fist as hard as any metal in the multiverse, even Vibranium and Adamantium. He's been shown to use this to create weapons and power them with his elements. He can even make himself as hard as any type of metal.
    • 'Chronokinesis:' A power he has barely any control over is the ability to use his fist to speed blitz enemies, freeze explosions and attacks, etc. He's able to manipulate time and to help him control this he usually uses his steel manipulation to transform his fist into blades that can handle his time based energy.
    • 'Gravity based Energy:' He is able to use his Iron Fist to move objects similarly to telekinesis to trap enemies or control their density. He's even been able to do it for himself.
    • 'Sound Manipulation:' An idea he got from Klaw was the ability to project sonic waves to stun enemies. He's even combined this with his gravity attacks to stun enemies while lifting them in the air or objects in the air and keep control over it.
    • 'Metallic Manipulation:' His final ability is to be able to manipulate metal and can even rival Magneto's ability to control metal.


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Strength level



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Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: Goggles: Given to him by Luke Cage and Iron Fist. He can download information into his brain and it helps him work like a computer. A lot of times, he can make it seem like Cyclops's visor so it can stay on easier. He can hack into anything, even Iron Man's suit (something which Doctor Doom, Tinkerer, Ultron, and Reed Richards couldn't even do). He uses it to copy the abilities and moves, like Iron Man's Omnibeam, Black Panther's energy daggers, Psylocke's sword, etc. He was even able to learn a few of Captain America's fighting skills.


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