Vibranium Vibrations
Season 1, Episode 7
07-Vibranium Vibrations
Airdate 9/6/2013
Written by Bridgetterocks
Directed by Bridgetterocks
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This chapter belongs to Assemble!'s Season One "Rescuing the Avengers" Arc

"Vibranium Vibrations" is the seventh episode of Assemble!.


-We are trying to read the signals – Jane Foster told Agent Coulson.

-And…? – Coulson replied.

-We will need some Vibranium to make them neater. – Dr. Selvig said.

-Captain, T'Challa, - Col. Nick Fury told the two Avengers on board of the Helicarrier. – We will need you two to go to Wakanda and get some Vibranium from the mines. –

-You mean, stealing? – Black Panther asked.

-No, you will decide together with the US Army and the Wakandan kingdom, which is you yourself. – Fury said.

-So we will negotiate? –

-Exactly, Colonel James Rhodes is waiting for you at the Air Force Base. –

-Who will get the Vibranium out though? – Rogers asked.

-You yourselves. I want this work done exclusively by Avengers-

-Yes, sir – T’Challa said and hopped into a V-130 Dropship, and immediately after, Steve did the same.

They flew to a US Air Force Base, where Colonel Rhodes was waiting for them.

-Captain, Black Panther – the Colonel said. –We want to make an official deal with the Wakandan government to decide how much Vibranium is gonna be taken from the mines. –

-Yes, colonel – T’Challa said.

-And the Wakandan government only accepts deals being made in their territory, so I’ll fly you to Wakanda, and there we can negotiate. –

-Understood Colonel – Rogers said and walked back inside the Dropship.

Rhodes flew to Wakanda, where Wakandan Warriors were waiting for them.

-Your Majesty, Captain, Colonel – One of them said.

-I am ready to negotiate. – Black Panther said, leading them to his Throne Room in his palace.

-We will need 40 pounds of Vibranium for the research. – Rhodes said. –But SHIELD would like to reforge their weapons so they want 100 pounds to be exact. –

-100 pounds? What would we get in exchange? –

-Protection from the US Army –

-We want no foreign soldiers in our territory. – T’Challa replied sternly.

-What about protection from S.H.I.E.L.D.? It’s an international organization. –

-That could actually work, but we hadn’t had an actual attack for the last 19 months –

Suddenly, the Throne Room’s door was opened by M'Baku, the Man-Ape.

-M’Baku? – T’Challa asked, standing up.

-I’m here to claim Wakanda’s Throne!!! – Man-Ape shouted.

-Throne which isn’t yours! –

-That’s why I’m asking the King for a duel. If I win, I get the Throne. –

-No way! – Black Panther shouted. –I won’t fight for what’s mine, my father was the previous King, I am the new King! –

-Are you afraid? –

-Avengers… Assemble – Captain America said.

Black Panther kicked Man-Ape in the chin and Steve threw his shield at M’Baku.

Man-Ape charged at both of them, but they could jump over the white gorilla’s body.

-Are you sure you don’t need S.H.I.E.L.D. now? – Rhodes raised an eyebrow at T’Challa.

-Ok, 100 pounds but bring in some help now! –

-Coulson, - Steven said through the SHIELD intercom. –We are gonna need support at Wakanda’s Palace. –

Black Panther punched Man-Ape in the face, and then charged at him using his Vibranium Daggers. M’Baku gave up, and as soon as the SHIELD agents arrived they took Man-Ape to one of the prisons.

-So, we have a deal? – Rhodes smirked.


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