Vermilion has long, flowing black hair and dark eyes. He wears a spandex suit of red with a red and yellow belt and yellow buits, a dark blue circular emblem on his chest with a yellow bird with sharp, outstretched wings at the center. He has a muscular, well-fit build.


Fiery, outgoing, and eager to get into a scrap with villains, Vermilion channels his anger and ferocity in battle against his opponents but tries hard not to be put over-the-edge, unwilling to kill his foes but rather serve them up a heated punishment. His passion with his abilities makes them very powerful. He takes pride in his pyromechanical skill, perfectly willing to accept compliments on his abilities.

Powers and abilities

  • Super Strength: While not as physically brawny as his comrades, Vermilion can pack quite a punch, able to drive his fists through brick walls and send enemies flying with a single punch.
  • Heat Manipulation: Vermilion is able to generate and absorb heat, producing it with flames on his body while not harming himself at all. He can condense and launch these as projectiles, able to create and throw fireballs within seconds.
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