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Gravity Effect

Real Name
Current Alias
Gravity Effect

Trevor Varrus (Disguise name), Genetic abomination, The New Graviton, Mr.Scales



Young Avengers, New Warriors Squad; Formerly Skrull Empire

Unknown Parents (Deceased), Hyacinth Calcite (Lover), Samson Ross (Paternal Half-brother), Talon (Paternal Brother)


Base Of Operations
Avengers Academy, Los Angeles California; Skrullos


6' 4" (Varies)


Blue, (Green in human guise) (Varies)

No Hair, (Black in human guise) (Varies)


Unusual Features
Can alter his appearance


Marital Status

Student, Fugitive; Formerly Skrull Warrior

Taught by Skrull tutors and instructors

Skrull Mutant

Place of Birth


First appearance




Where Veris and Talon came from is unknown, much less where they were born seems to be a mystery only the two are aware of. Regardless, what is known is that the two were orphaned and for much of their younger lives ran amuck in the streets of Skrullos where they stole for food, performed odd jobs, or lived a general criminal life to survive. This life was rough for both brothers, with Veris being the oldest between them and having to keep his brother in check, often in a violent way. Nevertheless, Veris still cared for his brother and tried to keep him out of trouble the best he could.

Unfortunately, things weren't made much better with the fact both young Skrulls were of K-class births, or mutants. Eventually the two were captured by soldiers of their home world and taken to prison, but where they were to rot one of the Commanding officers saw potential assets due to their abilities. So at the age of eleven and ten respectively, the two brothers were given an alternative to be raised in the Militia rather than rot in prison. Both accepting, they were immediately put into a program of rigorous, brutal training to mold them into proper soldiers. But this was a time that the two brothers began to grow competitive and drift apart, primarily because they each sought to be come the better soldier and to gain fortune that came with the higher ranks.

Whether the Skrull Gods showed favor for Veris or a chance of fate, Talon was eventually removed from training to undergo a much different process of experimentation. Caring little of what would become of his brother by this time, Veris instead focused all his time and energy into his training, especially self-training in using his gravity ability. Over the next few years Veris would climb the ranks in his unit to become a field Sub-commander in the Skrull Militia by the age of fifteen. During this same time Veris also took note of his Emperor's youngest daughter, roughly the same age as his own. She too showed interest in the genetic abomination many called him, the two being drawn together after a few passing glances.

Deciding to take the princess as his bridge, Veris secretly began courting her over the next few months until he reached the age of sixteen. Things were suddenly abruptly halted between them when Veris was suddenly running from his fellow military brothers, taking his now heavily altered brother along to escape Skrullos on a stolen cargo ship.

Fugitive to Student

Following their exile, Veris and Talon began to travel across the galaxy as wanted fugitives, for a time stealing and conning others to get by. At some point, the two came across Hyacinth Calcite by chance who was a fugitive herself running from the Shi'ar, mostly due to being an escaped slave. Curious and enamored with the Mephistoid, Veris welcomed her while ignoring the warnings of his brother who he dismissed as simply being jealous when Hyacinth seemed to return his feelings. Though he never fully gave the nature of why him and Talon were on the run he described it as being "something unforgiveable" in most places but expressed amusement about it.

After a year of being on the run the three eventually made contact with SWORD when they came across Earth. Interrogated for hours the three proved themselves to not be associated with enemy empires or factions, though not without heavy suspicion from the agents before they decided to release them in the custody of the Avengers. The veteran members, skeptical of the two Skrull brothers, agreed to take them and put them in the Academy with the other young heroes, hoping to maybe be wrong about the three and that some views of the hero side might help shape them.

Powers and Abilities


  • Shapeshifting:Like all Skrulls, Veris can cause his molecular structure to shift and change. This allows him to alter his skin and eye color, grow hair, and change his clothes at will. This can be something entirely made up or just impersonating someone, going so far as to possibly copy someone of the Hulk's size. But at the moment he cannot copy someone's powers unless he were to through the change of having his powers altered to copy them on a molecular level, which would include memories and powers.
  • Gravity Manipulation:A mutant of his kind, Veris has demonstrating in being able to affect gravity. That is, he can manipulate already existing gravity in multiple ways allowing him to affect a range of a 40-foot radius around him.
    • Concussive Blasts:He can manipulate the gravitational energy into concussive blasts. These are concentrated into "bolts" or beams that take a visible, semi-transparent purple state. Thus it is visible to the eye.
    • Gravity Shift:Veris has shown skill enough in his ability to alter the gravitational field within his limited range. He can easily make something heavier or lighter, making people or objects immobile or literally becoming weightless with having difficult to move in the air. This also simulates super speed and strength by affect his own body. He can also concentrate on one specific location or small area around people and objects to affect only then instead of the entire area.
    • Flight:By affect the gravitational field around himself, Veris can allow himself to fly for small periods of time.
    • Repel/Attract:Similar to Telekinesis Veris can cause objects to be attracted towards himself or repelled and redirected. Usually, this happens by creating a gravity field around himself, causing objects to usually orbit his body or be completely thrown in a different direction.
    • Force Field:He can also concentrate gravitational energy to create a visible force field, creating it in the same visible, semi-transparent energy as his concussive blasts. This energy gives him protection for a short time from physical and energy attacks, which usually bounce off, stopped in their tracks, or just pass harmlessly over it. This can also be worked in tandem with attracting and repelling objects.


  • Veris has shown to be a master hand-to-hand combatant, having been trained extensively in the fighting skills of the Skrull Empire.
  • He also has shown to be a master marksman, being able to use various firearms with near-perfect accuracy from several yards.
  • Veris also seems a skilled pilot, having piloted several of the Skrull airships throughout his life.
  • He also has shown to have high intellect and quite the mind for strategy.

Strength level

Veris has the average strength of a male Skrull his age and height. This could also vary if he ever were to go use his shape-shifting to a molecular level of copying other's super strength.


  • Veris must be able to be in a place where gravity exists, as he cannot generate his own gravitational field. He can only effect an existing field.
  • Veris cannot use another person's power when he copies their appearance, having so far only basic shape-shifting abilities.
    • It's also likely his genes haven't been altered to take on the memories and powers of individuals.
  • He has also shown to be somewhat mentally unstable and possibly prone to mental breakdowns.


Equipment: Sometimes various gadgets, Gravity Field Generator belt meant to help create a gravity field when one is lacking
Transportation: SHIELD vehicles, his own power
Weapons: Skrull energy weapons, various firearms


  • No special notes.


  • Unlike mutant Skrulls of the Mainstream reality, Veris has more of a tyrannical, wicked ideal and was never trained by anyone to use his power.
    • But like these Skrulls he has been rebuffed and sometimes ignored by his own kind.
  • Veris has also been known to occasionally do some infiltration missions during his training days and before he went into exile for an unspecified crime.
  • Veris seems unaware he has another brother of Earth origin, much less only recently became aware there are Skrulls half-breeds among the Avengers Academy student body.
  • It has been stated by some among the Empire that one of Veris' parents was an External Skrull, resulting in his mutant ability. But this is up for speculation and likely a way to have a justification to why he is different.

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