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"The Venom Symbiote originally bonded with Eddie Brock Jr., but It recently found new interest in Dell Adams...."

       --OSCORP Scientist Matt Jacobson

Venom (also known as Dell Adams) is the Main Antagonist in the Ultimate-Spiderman series. The symbiote found new interest in Tech-Expert Dell Adams, and left the former host Eddie Brock Jr; in order to bond with Dell.

Dell Adams Incident arc

The Venom Symbiote had left Eddie Brock Jr in December 2014, and found Dell in his New York apartment. The symbiote bonded with Dell, and Dell was in extreme pain. His spine nearly snapped, and he nearly went blind. But, Dell became Venom...

The Venom Symbiote turned Dell into the new Venom.

Instead of being able to control himself, all the anger and hatred in his mind became his new power. Venom went out of the apartment, and started attacking New York's citizens. He drained energy from half of them, and became more powerful by the second. The Police ambushed him, but he went berserk, knocking over cars and injuring officers. Spiderman tried to convince him to stop, and mistook him for Eddie.

An Enraged Venom chasing after Spiderman

Venom's face turned into Dell's face, and he grew enraged when he saw Spiderman. He turned back into Venom, and attacked Spiderman. He injured him, and forced him to run away...