Venom was a horrible combination of human and symboite. He became Venom in the year 2026, and died in 202

Mark Mallow

Mark Mallow was a photographer, he covered the Spider Man Stories. He lived in an appartment and drove a broken down car. One day he was to cover a meteor shower from the park. He was at the park when he saw a meteor go down, he fallowed it to it's site. He found it and was soon combined with the symboite. He got up and found himself attached, he was shocked but loved the feeling. Soon the Symboite caused him to do bad things, after two days he had robbed a gas station. He was then confronted by Spider-Man, who became his sworn enemy.


As Venom, he was sworn to kill Sipder-man. He caused havok just to get Spider-Man to come to him. He fought and injured him but never killed him, Venom got stronger each time. Finnaly the final battle had come, the end for venom. The two enemies fought each other inside a giant web, and Venom was winning. Spider-Man made some loud noises and the symboite fell. Mark, loving the symboite jumped but his neck got tangled in the webs. He fell but was not strangled, instead, the web stopped breaking his neck.

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